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Google Adds New Elements to its Performance Max Campaigns



Google Adds New Elements to its Performance Max Campaigns

Google has announced some new updates for its Performance Max campaigns, including new insights and manual checking options, a new customer acquisition goal, and improvements for existing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns.

Performance Max is primarily designed to drive conversion, with Google’s automated system working to optimize ad performance in real-time, and across channels, using Smart Bidding. The process essentially enables Google’s automated bidding, budget optimization, audiences and creative elements to work together to optimize for the best results in your campaigns, reducing manual workload in focusing your ad performance.

As part of its latest update, Google’s launching a new Insights element for Performance Max, which will provide more info on the specific elements being factored into your campaign, and the levers that you can use to improve your results

Google’s adding two new elements here – first off, there’s ‘asset insights’, which will provide data on how your text, image and video assets are resonating with specific customer segments.

“For example, if you’re an outdoor retailer running a campaign for bikes, you may find that exercise enthusiasts engage more with images of people mountain biking, rather than product images of the bike itself. Using these insights, you can tailor your creative and influence your broader marketing strategy.”

Consumer interest insights, meanwhile, will uncover the top search query themes that are relevant to your campaigns.

Google Performance Max insights

In addition to this, Google’s also adding a new customer acquisition goal in Performance Max, designed to optimize for leads and sales.

“This was previously available for retailers using Smart Shopping campaigns and is now expanding to more advertiser goals in Performance Max. This goal will allow you to either bid more for new customers compared to existing customers, or focus your optimizations on new customers only while maintaining your cost efficiency.”


Advertisers will also be able to use their own Customer Match lists to maximize the performance of their campaigns.

Finally, Google’s also now alerting relevant ad accounts when they can upgrade to Performance Max campaigns in the Ad Manager app.

Google Performance Max prompt

As you can see here, advertisers running Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will soon be prompted to upgrade to Performance Max, which will provide additional access placements and formats across YouTube, Search text ads and Discover.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see a notification in your Google Ads account when the “one-click” upgrade tool is ready for your Smart Shopping campaigns. You’ll also be able to access the tool from the Recommendations page and the Campaigns page. You can start upgrading your Local campaigns in June.”

Google’s main aim is to have all of these options in place for advertisers so they can test and plan ahead of the holiday period, and it could be a valuable consideration for brands looking for ways to maximize their Google Ads campaigns based on its ever-improving automation tools.

But it will take testing, so it’s good to see Google looking to push the launch of these new tools well ahead of the end of year push.

They could be worth exploring – you can check out a video tutorial on Performance Max, along with a best practices guide to help set up your campaigns.

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Op-Ed: ‘Armed rebellion’ and ‘civil war’ calls get massively unimpressed response on Twitter



Local law enforcement officers are seen in front of the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on August 9, 2022

Local law enforcement officers are seen in front of the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on August 9, 2022 – Copyright AFP/File Aleksey Filippov

Social media does turn out to be good for something, after all. Much raging online about Trump’s Mar-A-Lago raid isn’t going over. Maybe the endless tantrums are getting a bit stale. A virtual tide of Twitter responses isn’t buying it on any level.

One Tweet pointed out Trump said “they raided my home” before it was actually raided. Trump lawyers, meanwhile, said he wasn’t notified…? Generally speaking,  warrants are not carried out on an RSVP basis. You don’t ask the crack house when would be a good time to call, for example.

You may (or may not) also be interested to know that “Trump civil war” is now an auto search cue. The headlines for that search on Google News are really something else. The unimpressed response isn’t getting any coverage, hence this article. The picture is very different.

The adult news sticks to the point – Violation of the Espionage Act, Presidential Records Act; you know, law. Much of this media, understandably, focuses on “what next?”.

“Other” news is all about QAnon-like conspiracies. (If you’ve got no facts, fiction is your only real option.) Trump’s playing along with it as usual. Trump is seen doing a Mussolini salute, an actual Fascist fist, in various styles on multiple occasions. It looks more like a trained move. He wasn’t doing that previously, and he’s not good at it. Presumably, it means “defiance”, but it looks awkward and rehearsed.

Of course, the image has a role in anything to do with Trump. Trump is pumping the pity buttons in public. The GOP and MAGA are pushing the extreme rhetoric. As a marketing exercise, it’s selling sand to people living in deserts. The problem is that it doesn’t sell to anyone else.


These thunderous noises also don’t quite gel with the fact that Trump lawyers, who requested documents regarding the warrant, haven’t yet agreed to make them public. As mixed messages go, it’s about what you’d expect from anything associated with Trump. Is there a problem with making them public? Could be.

Rebellion against what?

There’s a bit of a practical issue with “Trump civil war”, too. Any such thing would be total coast-to-coast carnage. Sandy Hooks and Uvaldes all round, no doubt. Does America, already so happily living among the gangs and mass shootings, really want a civil war?

Maybe not?

You’ll need to answer that question. …Because over half the country didn’t vote for that and they might get really ticked off about it.


The opinions expressed in this Op-Ed are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Digital Journal or its members.


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