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Reddit Shares New Insights into the Potential of Reddit Ads [Infographic]



Reddit Shares New Insights into the Potential of Reddit Ads [Infographic]

While it may not be a key consideration for all marketers as yet, Reddit’s ad offerings are evolving, and Reddit’s audience is receptive to marketing approaches, when they’re presented in the right way.

As explained by Reddit:

Redditors aren’t like other consumers. They seek to be engaged, not just doom-scroll. Our users are hungry for trusted perspectives on brands, products and topics that they love. As a matter of fact, 90% trust the platform for recommendations and information about new trends.”

Reddit has always hosted a range of highly engaged communities, where like-minded people can connect on a broad range of niche interests. And now, its ad tools offer new ways to connect, which could be worth at the least taking a longer look into as you allocate your marketing budget.

To provide some more perspective on this, Reddit has created this new infographic which outlines the benefits and potential of Reddit ads.

You can read more about Reddit’s ad options here.

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Facebook Launches New ‘Creator Collaborations’ Option to Help Boost Creator Exposure in the App



Facebook Launches New 'Creator Collaborations' Option to Help Boost Creator Exposure in the App

As it looks to add more ways to help creators to build their presence, and monetize their work in the app, Facebook is launching a new ‘Creator Collaborations’ feature, which will enable creators to collaborate with others on content to expand their reach.

As you can see in this example, Creator Collaborations will enable multiple creators to be listed on a single Facebook post, providing both additional brand awareness, through the tag, and expanded reach to the combined audience of both collaborators.

As explained by Facebook:

“With this tool, a creator can invite a second creator to publish a single piece of video content together. If the second creator accepts, the post will publish on both collaborator’s pages. Collaborators will share the same distribution for the content, and be able to view shared insights, such as reach and engagement, within Creator Studio.”

It’s much like Facebook’s existing Branded Content Tags, which enable brands to tag collaborating businesses in a single post to boost their promotional efforts.

And it could be a great way for more established stars to help up-and-comers get more exposure, by showcasing their work to a wider audience, and enabling viewers to tap through on their profile for more info.

Though it is fairly limited right now.


Facebook says that the option is currently only available for video posts, though more creation options are in development, while it’s also only available to those managing a Creator profile in the app.

But it could provide more capacity for building a presence in the app, which could also make Meta’s tools a bigger part of your community building, and ultimately, monetization efforts.

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Meta has also added ads for short-form video and live-streams, a new Creator Marketplace on Instagram, an expansion of its Reels Play Bonus program, and more, which all provide additional pathways for discovery and monetization for creative efforts in its apps.

Luring the top talent is a key battleground for social apps, with every platform now offering incentive programs and deals to sweeten their offerings, and keep the most talented creators posting regularly, which in turn keeps users coming back for the latest updates.

Indeed, just this week, YouTube signed a new exclusive content deal with one of Brazil’s most popular gaming creators, and it’s these types of direct publishing deals that will likely become increasingly common as YouTube and Meta, in particular, look to combat the TikTok threat.

Starve competitors of content, and you’ll drive audience back to your apps, which is a more expensive, and potentially risky path to take. But it could be how Meta eventually wins more users back to its apps.

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