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TikTok Publishes New Report on the Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging



TikTok Publishes New Report on the Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging

Yes, digital platforms are where everyone is consuming media these days, with more people spending more and more of their time using social apps to stay connected and entertained at all hours of the day.

But that doesn’t mean that traditional TV is dead.

As noted by TikTok:

Despite viewers having more options, Linear TV (or traditional TV) remains extremely influential within entertainment and will continue to be a marketing tentpole. But as consumer attention spreads across new platforms, so should marketing strategies.

Despite rising focus on various apps, and despite video becoming the most popular content type across all of them, traditional TV still plays a key role in our connective process. Our homes are virtually built around the TV set as the central engagement device, and as such, it’s important to consider the potential of TV to communicate your marketing messages, even as you look to shift more focus to digital platforms.

Which is what TikTok’s latest report is all about. Looking at the merging of online and TV viewing, TikTok has provided a range of stats and data points to assist in campaign planning.

As per TikTok:


Not only are consumers spending less time watching linear TV, but 90% of them are typically multitasking while watching, and 53% are multitasking every time or almost every time they watch TV. The reality of TV and streaming services is that consumers can’t actively engage with them, leaving them to turn their attention elsewhere.

Modern consumers are now accustomed to being in control of their time, by skipping forward or changing their preferences, or simply sharing their thoughts, then and there, whenever something happens. How often do you find yourself grabbing your phone during an ad break, or even during a movie, looking up and actors’ name or some other detail?

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As such, people are engaging in a different way. Which you can use to your advantage.

Linear TV, TikTok, and streaming services all provide marketing opportunities. But our research suggests that brands can compound success by combining these channels into a fluid video marketing strategy. Participants in this study who were primed by TikTok paid more attention to brand cues like product shots or branding when they saw them later on TV or streaming services.

TikTok TV integration report

TikTok also notes that it found similar effects in reverse, with campaign indicators increasing after people had been exposed to an ad on TV, then saw a follow up on TikTok.

TikTok TV integration report

Of course, not every business can afford to run a TV ad campaign. But with more affordable options like YouTube’s Connected TV offerings now on the rise, and seeing more traction with increased adoption of digital TV viewing on home TV sets, there are increasing opportunities to build more comprehensive outreach strategies that incorporate various elements to reinforce branding.

Which is what TikTok recommends:  

As consumer attention continues to expand across platforms, brands that embrace reflective multimedia strategies are seeing big results. Traditional TV and streaming services can be effective at introducing new content and informing culture. But platforms like TikTok are able to build a consistent stream of interaction and engagement that allows consumers to participate in these conversations and cultural moments.

Interaction is the key term here – providing a means to both entertain and facilitate community, via interactive elements, is critical to a modern media approach. It takes more time, more planning, and likely more investment, but the basic principle is that the way that people engage with media has changed, and they want to have the option to participate, not just consume.

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Feeding into that, however, you can, can help to boost brand messaging.


There’s more insight and case study examples in TikTok’s full report here.

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Twitter Launches New ‘Twitter Create’ Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators



Twitter Launches New 'Twitter Create' Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators

Creators are the new currency for social media networks, with every platform now working to sweeten its deal in order to keep the top creative talent posting to their apps, and keep their fans coming back to check in on the latest.

And today, Twitter’s taking its latest step in working to boost its creator appeal, with the launch of a new Twitter Create mini-site, which will host a range of tips, insights and examples designed to help creators maximize their Twitter presence.

The new site, which you can check out here, includes specific sections for creators in different verticals to help guide them on how to maximize their Twitter presence.

Tap on ‘Podcasters’, for example, and you’re taken to a dedicated page of tips for how to promote your show, including notes on which specific Twitter products you can utilize.

Twitter Create

Obviously, given the focus on monetization, Twitter’s newer offerings, like Super Follows and Spaces are the main push, with each providing new ways to make money from what you do in the app.

Scroll down further in any topic stream and you’ll find case studies, notes, and other blog posts that can help to guide you in the right direction.

Twitter Create

The site provides a good overview of Twitter’s various monetization avenues, in nine different categories, while there’s also a range of blog posts and notes that can help to guide your tweet approach.

Twitter’s monetization tools, thus far, haven’t really caught on, with Twitter Blue not yet becoming a key contributor to the platform’s revenue, and other offerings also, based on Twitter’s most recent performance update, failing to drive any significant income for the company.


But they do offer opportunity, and there are some users that are indeed driving significant benefit from these additions. The trick for Twitter now is to help creators maximize take-up, and build their own offerings to better incentivize people to pay for content, which is not a habitual behavior in the app.

That’s been a key challenge for its creator monetization tools thus far – people have always been able to read your tweets for free, why would they start paying for the privilege now? That hesitation seems to be a key tipping point that Twitter needs to overcome, and up till now, it’s been reliant on the creators themselves to come up with more compelling subscription offerings, in order to add value to their platform presence.

This new platform aims to provide more specific guidance on this element, which could make it a valuable resource for those considering their add-on options to incentivize subscribers, while newer additions like Super Follower Only Spaces provide more, simple add-on tools that can push creators in the right direction as to how they can enhance their Twitter presence for a paying audience.

Which is really what needs to happen. People aren’t going to pay for your tweets, no matter how witty you may think you are, but they will pay for exclusives and additional engagement offerings that can make them more aligned to your presence.

Up till now, Twitter hasn’t been great at articulating this, hence the low take-up of these tools. But this new platform provides more direct guidance, which could provide a boost for its monetization tools.

You can check out the new Twitter Create mini-site here.

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