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Best Plugins for WordPress Designers, Developers & Newbies



Best Plugins for WordPress Designers Developers Beginners 2023

Are you looking for this year’s best plugins for WordPress, but not sure where to look? Stay tuned into this featured post, because we will cover the best plugins for all WP web designers, developers, and beginners.

If you use the platform for your website-building projects, you already know you’re on the right track. Nevertheless, incorporating certain features or functionality you would like to have in a website is often easier said than done. As to do so may require design or coding skills you simply don’t possess.


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Fortunately, there are software add-ons. More commonly known as plugins. They are exactly what you need to add those custom features or functionalities without programming knowledge. In addition, WordPress plugins can be used to optimize website SEO, boost speed, and performance, and more.

Check out these 9 best WordPress plugins for your website projects in 2023. One or more of them might not only have what you need but could far exceed your expectations.

9 Best Plugins for WordPress Designers, Developers & Beginners

1. Brizy – Best Website Builder Plugin for Non-techies

Brizy - Best Website Builder Plugin for Non-techies Pin

Here we have Brizy, a cloud-based website builder that can be used to customize a website or to build your own from scratch. Brizy is free to download (a Pro version is available) and you don’t have to be a techie or proficient at programming to use it.

  • Brizy theme builder makes it as easy as it gets to improve any page or section of an existing website.
  • With the help of the builder’s dynamic elements (shortcodes, sidebar, breadcrumbs, post info, etc.) you can create dynamic templates for special pages, headers, and footers, and even repeating header and footer blocks.
  • 150+ high-converting pre-made templates are ready to put to use together with a selection of dynamic elements (posts elements, breadcrumbs, shortcodes, sidebar, etc.).
  • If you select the 100% White Label option, you can brand the builder as your own.
  • WooCommerce integration is included for building or customizing an online store.

Click on the banner to learn more about this cloud-based WordPress theme builder.

2. WpDataTables – WordPress Tables Plugin

WpDataTables - WordPress Tables Plugin Pin

Although you may be quite capable of creating an attractive and informative table or chart that viewers will appreciate, creating one that is interactive, responsive, and user-editable could involve more than you may want to take on.

wpDataTables is a premium WordPress table plugin that can make such a task relatively quick and easy. Over 66,000 companies and individuals working with huge amounts and various types of complex data have enjoyed great success using wpDataTables with its –

  • Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js, and Apex Charts chart-building engines
  • ability to process huge amounts of complex data from multiple sources and in various formats
  • ability to create responsive, informative, and editable tables
  • ability to highlight key information.

 Click on the banner to learn more about how this WordPress plugin can make those scary-looking tasks fun and easy to complete.

3. Amelia – WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia - WordPress Booking Plugin Pin

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin designed to streamline manual or semi-automated appointment booking operations. As such, it is an ideal choice for client-beauty salons, spas, health and fitness centers, consulting operations, and other heavily client-driven businesses.

Amelia –

  • enables clients to book appointments online 24/7
  • manages group and package bookings, ticket sales, and events bookings
  • easily manages unlimited appointments at multiple locations, and does so from a single platform and dashboard
  • sends notifications and reminders to clients via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp
  • brand matches booking forms and fields
  • supports WooCommerce and accepts bookings payments via PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and Razor.

Click on the banner to find out more about how Amelia could help to save your business time and money and keep your clients satisfied.

4. TheDock – Ship Solid Websites

TheDock – Ship Solid Websites Pin

TheDock is a team-oriented WordPress theme builder/visual editor that encourages the collaboration that is often needed to create websites faster and more efficiently. Theme editing happens in the cloud enabling easy communication among designers and developers.

  • TheDock’s templating system gives designers complete control over their themes’ designs.
  • Global UI style and Global Modules enable rapid assignment to any post in WordPress.
  • The Layout Editor allows visual editing of templates while TheDock writes the code.

5. Slider Revolution (more than a WordPress slider plugin)

Slider Revolution - WordPress slider plugin Pin

More than just a slider plugin, Slider Revolution’s role in your design toolkit has expanded to assist you in adding healthy doses of spice and flair to your website that will impress your visitors or customers.

It does so with:

  • innovative website animation effects.
  • A selection of 250+ carefully crafted website and slider templates designed to engage and impress.

Slider Revolution is trusted by over 9 million users around the world.

6. LayerSlider – Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

LayerSlider - Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin Pin

Take the best WordPress Slider plugin on the market, and give new or existing websites a modern look and feel that will impress your clients and visitors alike.

  • LayerSlider has all the tools to help you spice up and add a touch of pizzazz to an otherwise run-of-the-mill website.
  • LayerSlider will support any WordPress theme and page builder
  • LayerSlider’s 210+ customizable website, slider, and popup templates are excellent starting points for new projects.

7. Download Monitor – Best WordPress Download Manager

Download Monitor – Best WordPress Download Manager Pin

With the “Download Monitor” WordPress plugin, you can streamline and safeguard your business operations by enabling your staff to better track and protect their file downloads. Over 100,000 people currently use Download Monitor.

This WordPress downloads manager can:

  • track all standard types of file downloads (ZIP, PPT, XSLX, PDF, etc.).
  • give staff members access to file download statistics.
  • Set advanced access rules based on user roles, download quota, and integrations with other plugins.

8. Essential Grid – Best WordPress Grid Plugin

Essential Grid - Best WordPress Grid Plugin Pin

You want your gallery to be the focal point of your website, but if you don’t go about it correctly it could end up as just another page.

Essential Grid is the best WordPress grid plugin you could choose to avoid that situation due to its –

  • 50+ professionally crafted and customizable grid templates.
  • eye-catching layout options that include boxed, full-width, and full-screen layouts combined with even, masonry, and cobble grid items.
  • responsive designs that enable you to control grid appearances on different devices.

9. Ads Pro – WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

Ads Pro - WordPress Ad Manager Plugin Pin

The Ads Pro WordPress advertising plugin is easy to install and use, providing an exceptional capacity of promotional, advertising, display, sales, and management possibilities to work with including:

  • user panels for admin and frontend along with front-end order form, all designed to assist you in managing and selling ads effectively and efficiently.
  • 20+ ad display choices such as display options for Facebook
  • 25+ customizable ad templates, 4 payment, and 3 billing functions.

Best Plugins for WordPress Designers, Developers & Newbies in 2023 Summary

One or more of the 9 best WordPress plugins for 2023 featured in this article could give your websites extra needed functionality. Or maybe extra flair and spice would make them more engaging. The right WordPress plugin could even take your business to the next level in a given situation.

Check out these 9 awesome WordPress plugins for your website projects in 2023. One or more of them might not only have what you need, but as I already mentioned, it could far exceed your expectations!

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Work with us as a publishing assistant – Like the Wind Magazine



EDIT: Applications now closed.

Like the Wind is unique in the world of running magazines: it’s a title that, since its first quarterly issue more than nine years ago, has focused on long-form storytelling – enhanced by high-quality photography and illustration – to explore the culture of running. Initially a labour of love for founding husband-and-wife team Julie and Simon Freeman, the magazine was for many years propelled forward by volunteers who saw the same potential in its transformative power as the co-founders did in February 2014.

The vision was always to go beyond the magazine and into the community with events and products. With limited-edition prints, T-shirts and accessories, sold-out film nights, street art running tours in Europe and our yearly UTMB after-party, we’re keen to keep the momentum going and do much, much more. Alongside Julie and Simon, the team has grown to include a co-editor (Imogen, UK), a production manager (Laura, USA), a designer (Alex, Australia), and ad-hoc freelance marketing support.

With many exciting projects in store for 2023-2024, the magazine needs more hands and fresh energy to get to the next step. In March 2023, we’re recruiting:

Publishing assistant – part-time, remote

About the position:

We’re looking for a publishing assistant to support our editorial team and our operations. The role covers customer support, reporting, orders and supplier management – but also more creative work such as publishing content, supporting events, liaising with our contributors and helping with our merchandising. We also work with external clients, such as parkrun, The North Face and On, and those projects also regularly require support.

Currently the role is 8-12 hours per week, depending on the workload/projects/magazine schedule. To start with, we are looking for someone who can offer at least three hours, three times a week (during GMT/CET working hours), with some flexibility week on week, depending on workload.

This is what the role looks like right now, supporting our current projects and team members, but there is the scope for it to be extended.

  • Day-to-day order management (processing customer orders, liaising with our suppliers and international distributors, processing refunds, answering customer questions)
  • E-commerce management: updating and creating new products in our shops (WooCommerce, WooSubscriptions, Gelato, FB/IG)
  • Customer enquiries (e-mail, Mailchimp, social channels)
  • Monthly VAT returns and sales reporting (if you can create a new reporting dashboard for us, that’d be great!)
  • Contributor management (keeping track of writers, photographers and illustrators), including payments
  • Support for our editorial team: researching topics, organising interviews, co-ordinating sign-offs, liaison with contributors
  • Content management: re-purposing magazine content for our blog, newsletter and social channels
  • Occasional, ad-hoc work – which may include:
    • Managing our royalties and affiliate programmes
    • Support with events co-ordination
    • Support with market research
    • Support with merchandising (yearly subscriber gifts, new apparel/prints/merch, new brands/artists collaborations etc)
    • Support with client projects (we undertake publishing work for other brands, such as parkrun)

This position is open to people with varying levels of experience and the potential pay reflects this, ranging from £11.50 per hour for someone new to this work to £19.50 per hour for someone with a higher level of experience. LtW is committed to correcting industry pay disparities and providing opportunities for people from groups who are currently under-represented within the publishing industry. We will not ask for your current or expected salary during the initial application process. Instead, we will work with shortlisted candidates to reach an understanding of what is appropriate compensation based on their experience and training requirements.

About you:

This role is equally suited to someone at the start of their career looking to get a start in a sports business as it is to someone with experience, looking for a longer-term job. It is location-independent, but we do ask that you mostly work during CET (ideally afternoon) working hours, as we collaborate on Slack a lot as a team 🙂 Salary will be tailored to experience.

  • You’re a runner 🙂 It doesn’t matter how (far or fast) you run, but we’ll definitely ask you why you run.
  • You’re proactive and curious – you like looking for solutions
  • You’re super-organised (we’ll occasionally need you to remind the rest of the team to do stuff!)
  • You’re fluent in English and have impeccable spelling and grammar
  • You’re passionate about attention to detail, you love numbers and you have a good command of Excel
  • You’re experienced in online and e-mail support in a direct-to-consumer business
  • You have experience in online content management (blog, socials)
  • If you also have these skills, that would be a plus (but they’re not a deal-breaker):
    • Experience with WooCommerce
    • Experience with Mailchimp and Klaviyo

How to apply:

Please fill in this form by 8 March. But don’t delay… we will start organising interviews as soon as we receive the first responses.

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