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The Most User-Friendly Click Tracking Tool in 2023?



The Most User-Friendly Click Tracking Tool in 2023?

Whether you’re running ads for a product you sell, or using affiliate links in your blog content, knowing exactly which links are getting the most clicks—and, more importantly, which links are actually converting—is key to maximizing your ROI. ClickMagick is a link-tracking tool that accurately tracks clicks and conversions so that you can optimize your marketing and scale your business. In this ClickMagick review, we’re taking a deep dive into what makes ClickMagick stand out from other similar tools in the market, including its pros and cons, so that you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

In a rush? Don’t worry! Here’s a quick TL;DR.

If you’re looking to increase your conversions, ClickMagick is a must-have tool. It gives you accurate click data on your ads and marketing campaigns to see what’s working and isn’t.

It works with all advertising and social media platforms; best of all, it’s super easy to use. This tool is a no-brainer if you want to increase ad ROI.

Want to know more? Keep reading the full ClickMagick review for everything you need to know about this powerful tool.

ClickMagick Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Stability

  • Customer Service

  • Price


ClickMagick is one of the most user-friendly click-tracking tools around. It offers accurate data on all your tracked links, allowing you to optimize your ads and maximize your profits. ClickMagick offers a free 14-day trial, so you can test it out before making a decision.


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time mobile updates, notifications, and metrics
  • Tracks iOS users
  • Very reliable with little downtime
  • Integrates with Google ads
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Phone and offline sales tracking
  • Automatic bot filtering
  • Easy integration for Google Analytics and other SEO tools
  • Excellent customer support


  • There’s a learning curve at first
  • You’ll need to enter your card details for access to the free trial

ClickMagick Review: Key Features

ClickMagick enables you to easily monitor and optimize your campaigns’ performance by using accurate data to make the right decisions.

It basically helps you identify which ads are working well so you can double down on your efforts. More importantly, it also highlights any ads that aren’t working so that you can stop wasting time and money on them.

Here’s a closer look at the ClickMagick features on offer.

Whatever line of business you’re in, if you’re looking to share links to make money, then having data surrounding them is essential.

It’s all well and good creating links you think people will want to click on, but everything becomes guesswork without the analytics to back this up.

ClickMagick offers a range of link management and link tracking features. This means that you can track your entire sales funnel and always be in control of exactly how your landing pages, blog posts, and sidebar adverts are performing.

ClickMagick can track:

  • Opt-ins
  • Sales
  • Items added to cart
  • Email clicks
  • Button clicks

And any other types of links you want to include in your content.

It can also track offline conversions. So even if your customer calls and makes a purchase over the phone, you know exactly which ad it was that converted them.

You can set up ClickMagick to track individual links or whole campaigns. This will give you access to a whole host of analytics and data that can help you tweak any advertising campaigns to ensure they’re working as well for you as possible.

Setting up a tracking link is easy. Once you’ve created an account, simply click ‘Create new link’ and fill in the details as directed. Here you can add tracking pixels, traffic cost (to help you calculate your net profit) and adjust your geotargeting preferences.

Screenshot of adding a tracking link with Clickmagick

Click fraud protection

If you’ve ever been the victim of click fraud or malicious bot traffic, you will know how frustrating it is.

The good news is that ClickMagick provides the tools you need to ensure that your campaigns work as efficiently as possible. This includes several features designed specifically to assist you with combating bot traffic and click fraud and monitoring traffic quality.

It uses self-learning AI to ignore and isolate 99.9% of bot traffic to ensure that it can’t generate fraudulent clicks. On top of this, Click Shield allows you to deal with any bots that slip through the net and anyone who may be clicking on your links for less than genuine reasons.

Ad optimization

ClickMagick’s ad optimization tools give you accurate real-time data for every ad you run.

You can view:

  • Clicks
  • Conversion rate
  • Profit
  • AOV
  • ROAS

And once you’ve got this data, you can use it to tweak your ads to optimize your conversion rates. You can also quickly turn off any ads that aren’t profitable and double down on the successful ones, maximizing your ROI from ads.

ClickMagick Review: Affiliate Marketing

ClickMagick has a range of affiliate tracking tools designed specifically to help affiliate marketers make more money from their links.

One of the best features is the Affiliate URL Builder, which enables you to create tracked affiliate links in seconds.

You must enter your affiliate link into the URL builder and the associated affiliate network. You can then use the tracking link it generates within your content and ads, safely knowing that every conversion will be accurately tracked.

This is a game-changer for affiliate marketers, as it allows you to double down on the type of content producing the highest conversions.

You can even use ClickMagick to create dynamic affiliate links, so if you dislike the landing page for the affiliate product you are promoting, you can create a new landing page of your own and send traffic to that instead.

Another great feature ClickMagick includes is Postbacks, which is server-to-server tracking. This is undoubtedly the most accurate way to track affiliate conversions and can give you a huge edge over your competitors.

Who is ClickMagick Best For?

ClickMagick’s click-tracking software is suitable for anyone looking to optimize their conversions online.

This includes:

  • E-commerce business owners
  • Service providers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Lead generation experts

With the ability to track entire sales funnels through the ClickMagick dashboard, it really is suitable for online marketers at all stages of their journey.

Is ClickMagick Easy to Use?

Yes, overall, ClickMagick is refreshingly easy to use. Most users agree that it isn’t hard to get to grips with because a lot of what it offers is so intuitive.

However, if you are struggling, then ClickMagick has a comprehensive ‘Knowledgebase‘ on its website. Here, you will find a number of the common queries they have and detailed answers to them.

ClickMagick is also known for having a super helpful customer support team. So if you can’t find what you need in the knowledgebase, you can get in touch with a support team member who will guide you through what you need to do to solve your issue.

This is great news for anyone new to software of this nature because it means they can feel confident that they will be supported through the whole process.

That being said, just like any other software you use for the first time, there is a learning curve. However, it’s all about practice and getting to grips with what different features do.

ClickMagick Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time mobile updates, notifications, and metrics
  • Tracks iOS users
  • Very reliable with little downtime
  • Integrates with Google ads
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Phone and offline sales tracking
  • Automatic bot filtering
  • Easy integration for Google Analytics and other SEO tools
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free 14-day trial


  • There’s a learning curve at first
  • You’ll need to enter your card details for access to the free trial

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick Review: Screenshot of the pricing page

ClickMagick’s plans are generally based on how many clicks you want to track each month. However, each plan has slightly different features too.

The great news is that every plan has a 14-day free trial that you can take advantage of, so trying ClickMagick and ensuring it is the right option for you is easy.

  • Starter – $37/month. Up to 10,000 clicks per month, 1 team member, and one funnel tracking project across two customer tracking domains. Data is retained for six months. This plan includes basic online support.
  • Standard – $97/month. Up to 1000,000 clicks per month, 3 team members, and five funnel tracking projects across ten custom tracking domains. Data is retained for 12 months.
  • Pro – $197/month. Unlimited clicks, as well as unlimited team members and unlimited custom tracking domains. Data is retained for 24 months.

You’ll need either the Standard or Pro plan if you want to access features such as:

  • Audience optimization
  • Mobile app
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Offline and phone sales tracking
  • Click Shield for PPC
  • Auto cost updates
  • Live chat and zoom/phone support

ClickMagick Review – The Verdict: Is it Worth The Money?

Overall, ClickMagick offers outstanding value for money. It’s easily one of the best (if not THE best) click-tracking tools around—primarily because of its accurate data, user-friendly interface, and super helpful support staff.

Although $97/month may seem like a lot for small businesses, if used properly, this software has the potential to skyrocket your conversions. So as long as your website is generating a good amount of traffic, to begin with, you should see a decent ROI pretty quickly.

ClickMagick Alternatives

Hopefully, this ClickMagick review has helped you decide whether or not ClickMagick is the tool for you. However, if you’re still undecided, you will be pleased to know that when it comes to link tracking software there are a couple of other good options to look at.

It’s always worth taking advantage of the free trials that most tools offer. That way, you can be confident that you have made the best choice for you and your business needs.


1674576822 625 The Most User Friendly Click Tracking Tool in 2023

ClickMeter is a popular link tracking tool that allows you to monitor all your links in one place. Similarly to the ClickMagick tracking software, you can generate tracking links in seconds to use in your ads and content and monitor them in real-time from your dashboard. It also includes an A/B split testing rotator on all plans.

It doesn’t have as many features as ClickMagick, and it’s not as user-friendly. However, it does offer excellent value for money, so it’s a great option for anyone on a budget.


1674576822 823 The Most User Friendly Click Tracking Tool in 2023

When it comes to tracking links, ClickMagick and Voluum are the two tools that are probably the most similar. Voluum is packed full of useful features, including a mobile app that is available on all plans. It has great team collaboration features and includes live support.

It is slightly more expensive than ClickMagick, but overall it’s a great choice for larger businesses.

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Beware of These Risky Sales Tactics That Are Doomed to Fail or Backfire



Beware of These Risky Sales Tactics That Are Doomed to Fail or Backfire

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

True story: Recently, my daughter was at a major brand car dealership with her boyfriend, intending to purchase a pre-owned car. Note I made up the numbers for the sake of my daughter’s financial privacy, but the takeaways are still the same.

The dealership asked for, let’s say, $26,000 “all in” for the car, but my daughter had already decided that $20,000 was the most she would pay. There was a lot of ground to cover to actually make a deal happen. After some discussion, the salesperson did his best, dropping the price to $25,000. But that still left a big gap, so he told her, “Let me go check with my manager and see if he has any ideas.”

After five minutes, the salesperson and his manager entered the room together. The manager explained that at $25,000, this was a great price; it was already well below their MSRP, and the deal was “very thin” as it was for him. He then used the famous line, “Okay, here’s what I’m going to do to get you into this car today.” The manager pulled out a piece of paper with revised numbers that showed his price now at $23,995. He explained to my daughter that this was the absolute best possible price. He was “all in;” this was his “best offer,” and he told her to take it or leave it. For the grand finale — keeping in mind that this is a 100% true story — the manager took out a big red ink stamp and smacked it down on the paper. The stamp read “FINAL” in bold red ink. $23,995. FINAL.

My daughter responded, “Thanks, but I’m sorry; it looks like it’s not going to work out.” Without hesitation, he immediately blurted out, “How about $22,500?”

When my daughter told me the story, I had a wonderful laugh. After the big show, the manager held his price for a full six seconds. And the idea of the red final stamp just made the story even better. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there’s actually quite a lot to unpack here regarding sales tactics, psychology and effectiveness.

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I’m not in the car business, and I’ve never sold cars, but I can see some familiar sales tactics (and mistakes) playing out here:

Playing the waiting game

All this went down after my daughter had spent hours on the lot. It was getting late in the day on a Saturday, and the manager knew she was hoping to get it done. At some level, the manager was wearing her down and playing out the clock, playing the “waiting game.” It didn’t work in this case, but often, this notion of using time as a weapon can be very effective. Utilizing time as a strategic element in the negotiation process can be effective, but it must be used carefully and respectfully. Pushing too hard on time constraints can backfire.

Closing the deal by changing the sales lineup

When the salesperson reached his personal negotiation line or felt he would lose her, he brought in his manager. In addition to adding some time to the clock, this step created a new opportunity for a new dynamic. The dealership never really wants a potential buyer to walk out the door, so if one person doesn’t get the job done, it’s always worth trying someone else. Involving a manager or company administrator in the negotiation process can create new dynamics and opportunities for closing a deal.

Proposing your best and final offer

Although I laughed hysterically when I heard about the red stamp, I soon realized it was actually a smart move. Once upon a time, I’m guessing some sales and marketing people sat in a room, and someone said, “I have an idea — let’s make a red stamp that says final and use that during negotiations.” Everyone probably laughed, and they would have said, “No, I’m serious!” And then everyone thought about it and agreed, as funny of an idea as it was, it actually made sense. It’s one thing to tell someone something verbally, but when it’s “official” and in red ink on paper, it’s human nature to believe it and take it as indisputable. Using psychological sales tactics to create a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect, such as a “Final Offer” stamp, can be effective in conveying seriousness and finality, but you have to honor your word, or you will likely lose credibility.

All the tactics I outlined above were smart, but here’s where I think the dealership dropped the ball:

Trying a shutdown move too soon

The manager came in cold, and rather than take some time (again, time is on their side) to talk about the value, create some alignment, and build some rapport, he went straight for the kill. That tactic may work, but I felt it was too aggressive. He would have been better off discussing the pain points and goals concerning the product, coming up with some extra incentives, etc. Understanding the customer’s needs, discussing the product’s value and building rapport and trust can be crucial in successful sales.

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Putting an out-of-reach offer on the table

The manager decided to go for the close in a fairly aggressive way. In some cases, that tactic makes sense. But he played it all wrong with the numbers. He knew they were a full $5,000 or 20% off, and he decided to put it all on the line at $23,995. Obviously, given how fast he dropped another thousand, he had plenty more room. If he was going for the hard close and “FINAL” offer, he should have made it more compelling. By putting on the big show and then immediately dropping his price, he completely lost credibility and lowered the odds of closing. In this case, he lost my daughter’s trust and the sale. In negotiation, it’s important to understand the other party’s budget and limits before making an offer. Being aware of their constraints will increase the likelihood of closing a deal.

Saying your offer is “final” when it’s not

If you offer something of value at a good price and tell them it’s “final” (which I personally don’t recommend as a sales tactic), then stand by it and mean it. Your word has to mean something. Once he realized his “final” price was not going to work, rather than lower it, he could have thrown in some additional valuable incentive, perhaps some amount of free service or some kind of special financing. If a “final offer” is presented, standing by it as your final word is essential. If adjustments are needed, they should include additional incentives or value to maintain trust and credibility.

Sales is an art, no doubt about that. A great salesperson builds a relationship, asks questions and listens, understands the client’s pain points, is honest and transparent, and operates with integrity. Of course, strategies, techniques, incentives, and a lot of human emotion and psychology are at play, but all of them can happen successfully without losing your credibility.

So, the overall moral of my story? Choose wisely before using the big red stamp!

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Why Morgan Stanley Analysts Doubled Apple iPhone Predictions



Why Morgan Stanley Analysts Doubled Apple iPhone Predictions

Apple entered the AI game last month with Apple Intelligence, a suite of new features designed to bring AI straight to iPhone, iPad, and Mac screens. Apple’s AI has a catch though: it only works on the newest iPhones and it could be the reason why millions of iPhone users with older models seriously think about upgrading, say Morgan Stanley analysts.

Morgan Stanley analysts named Apple a top-pick stock on Monday, after which Apple shares jumped to an all-time high, per Bloomberg. Apple Intelligence is a “clear catalyst” for iPhone upgrades and will enable Apple to sell nearly half a billion iPhones in the next two years, analyst Eric Woodring stated.

Apple Intelligence is expected to come out this fall for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max — older iPhones will not have access to Apple’s AI. The update offers AI-generated emojis, a smarter Siri, and direct access to ChatGPT, though some anticipated Siri AI upgrades may arrive next year.

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“We believe that there is record level of pent-up demand entering the iPhone 16 cycle later this year,” Woodring noted, adding that Apple Intelligence delivers “unique-to-the-Apple-ecosystem” value.

Morgan Stanley previously forecasted that Apple would sell around 230 million iPhones in the same time frame, making the new prediction more than double the previous one.

Apple is also uniquely positioned to be the AI “base camp” for its customers, “just as it has done for digital content (iPod) and social media (iPhone),” wrote Morgan Stanley analyst Ananda Baruah.

Apple CEO Tim Cook waves to customers before they enter Apple’s 5th Avenue store. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Other analysts at different firms have made similar predictions. Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives told Reuters in June that more than 15% of existing iPhone users could buy the new iPhone Apple is expected to release this fall.

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Ives estimated that 270 million iPhone users have not bought a new model in the past four years.

More than half of Apple’s overall revenue in the second quarter of 2024 came from iPhones; Apple has the majority of the market share for smartphones in the U.S.

At the time of writing, Apple was the largest company in the world with a $3.584 trillion market cap. Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, and Amazon followed.

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How to Start a Business This Weekend: AppSumo CEO Noah Kagan



How to Start a Business This Weekend: AppSumo CEO Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan shared how he started AppSumo, a “Groupon for software,” in one weekend in a new podcast episode. The startup cost was $60; AppSumo earned $80 million last year and Kagan is still its CEO.

In 2010, Kagan was 28 years old and had already experienced what it was like to be the 30th employee at Facebook and the fourth employee at personal finance app Mint.

“I think I just felt insecure at some of these places,” Kagan told fellow entrepreneur Jeff Berman in a June episode of the “Masters of Scale” podcast.

Kagan was fired after nine months at Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg and later fired from Mint, too. He realized that dedicating his time to his day job carried a risk — another person could decide to let him go at any time.

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“I think I wanted to prove that I’m smart or prove that I’m successful or prove that Facebook when they fired me, and then when Mint fired me, [that] I can do it,” Kagan said.

The idea for AppSumo, a marketplace of software deals for small business owners or solopreneurs, was born when Kagan thought there was a way to promote software tools and also get paid for it. He saw that the site MacHeist gave Apple users discounts on software bundles and wanted to try making the same type of discounts available to a broader audience.

“My interest was letting the geniuses create software, and my skill and my excitement is promotion,” Kagain said.

The business came together in about 60 hours. First, Kagan found software he wanted to sell: the image-sharing service Imgur. He cold-emailed Imgur’s founder on Reddit and got approval to sell a discounted version in exchange for a cut of sales.

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The next piece was meeting with Reddit’s founding engineer to ask for free advertising. He got that too.

The final part was paying a developer to create a website with a PayPal button and purchasing the domain name.

What was the total cost to launch the business? $60 and one weekend of his time.

AppSumo made $300,000 in the first year, and $3 million in the second, Kagan said in the podcast. It brought in $80 million in revenue last year.

Kagan now has a net worth of $36 million.

Kagan said that the crucial part of business was being invested in the problem and getting excited about it.

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“I think that’s the thing in business people are kind of missing out,” Kagan said. “They’re chasing AI now or chasing being an influencer. I think find areas [where] you’re like, I don’t know if I’m going to ever get tired of this.”

Starting a side hustle or finding an extra source of income has an upside — according to Kagan, you have more control over your future.

“If you can just give up 30 minutes a week, if you can just give up one Netflix show a week, if you can give up one thing a week, and you keep doing it weekly, eventually you can have that business,” he said.

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