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How Partiful has become the hot invitation app for startup founders



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Since The New York Times has called it the “least cringe” invite platform of 2022, Partiful has taken off among young tech workers — and now, e-commerce founders. 

Founded in 2020, Partiful describes itself as “Facebook events for hot people,” and has a bold, graphic Gen Z-friendly aesthetic. First adopted by tech employees, it’s also been referred to as the Eventbrite for Generation Z.  

Partiful has become popular for hosting birthdays, happy hours and other private events. Once users have RSVP’d, they’re also able to see other people’s profiles and react to their attendance status using emojis. In the past year, Partiful has also quietly become the RSVP app du jour among CPG founders and startup employees, who like its simple features like attendee profiles and calendar reminders. According to several founders and retail industry folks, social distancing hindered industry gatherings — and Partiful creates a quick and seamless way to bring people together again. While the platform still lacks some key features, some people are considering eventually using it for official brand events and popups.

Currently, the invite tools are open and free for anyone to use regardless of event size. 

Partiful did not respond to a request for insight on the platform’s future business model. But the company currently has job postings for product designers and mobile engineers, which could mean an app is coming soon. In November, Partiful also closed a $20 million Series A series led by Andreessen Horowitz. Even still, the startup’s snarky social media accounts have made it clear the founders are in no rush to make money from the platform.

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So for now, people in retail startup circles are taking advantage of Partiful’s tools to find each other and network — albeit with more of a “party” sense. 

Over the past few months, Omsom co-founder Kim Pham has been hosting “quarterly bored meetings” using Partiful. The series invites founders and adjacent retail industry people to casually mingle over drinks, at a private location that’s only visible to attendees.

Networking is important for many CPG startup founders, who are constantly looking for growth opportunities such as brand collaborations and potential investments. “But for a lot of us who launched our businesses during Covid, we’ve felt more alone,” Pham said. She added that during the first year of building Omsom, which launched in 2020, she and co-founder Vanessa Pham “were pretty much building it solo” without much in-person support.

“It may seem silly, but a lot of those events aren’t just for professional networking,” Pham said. “They help create connections to other founders who could become close confidants, mentors or even friends.” 

That said, young founders like Pham aren’t rushing to attend stiff networking happy hours. In February Pham and friend Azora Zoe, the founder of sustainable homeware brand Goldune, organized a Partiful invite for the aforementioned quarterly bored meetings. 

Pham said the ease of setup and room for creativity are the two biggest draws for startup people. The platform’s UX also allows for a lot of personality with a fairly low lift, she added. Since Partiful exclusively uses SMS for communication, there are no emails that potentially end up in spam folders. 

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Other industry people like Partiful’s instant reach, especially when putting out a call for colleagues to meet up in cities like New York or San Francisco.

CPG consultant Nate Rosen, who is currently working on launching a beverage brand, said that Partiful’s mantra “feels very unapologetic” about creating a fun and casual atmosphere. 

The site also helps fill a niche digital invite void.

“Since people stopped using Facebook, there hasn’t really been a good option to organize and host industry events,” Rosen said. For the most part, Rosen and CPG startup colleagues were organizing events using a mixture of email, texts and calendar invites.

Once in-person events resumed, Rosen and a few colleagues began organizing a monthly “CPG happy hour” in New York City using Partiful. “We can easily throw up an invite page at the last minute and send it to a wide range of people,” Rosen said.

For recurring events like the monthly happy hours and Rosen’s newly-launched quarterly brand panel event, Partiful’s archived events data also help.

“It shows who went to what event, which is helpful because I don’t always remember to invite everyone,” Rosen said. Partiful has also proven useful for organizing meetups at trade shows and conferences while traveling, he added.

In January, Rosen began using Partiful to co-host a panel called “the consumer council,” which has attracted executives from brands like Belgian Boys and men’s skincare startup Huron. “We’ve already had founders of brands like Lunar seltzer and Myvino attend, so we’re going to try to do it once a month,” Rosen said.

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For now, Partiful is mainly being used for internal gatherings and industry networking. 

However, CPG incubator The Naked Market is experimenting with Partiful for official branded events. The company used the site to host a private DJ set with Joe Jonas for his brand, Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, at Expo West earlier this month; The Naked Market has a joint venture with Rob’s Backstage Popcorn. 

Harrison Fugman, co-founder and CEO of The Naked Market, said the incubator launched at the end of 2019 right before the pandemic and it wasn’t until the past few months that they started doing physical events.

“We wanted the event to be jovial and celebratory, and turning the first night of the show into a dance party was the perfect recipe for networking with the rest of the CPG community,” Fugman said. The Naked Market got a lot of feedback that Partiful’s reminder feature was helpful for Expo West attendees. “It was great being able to push out real-time updates so everyone could make sure they were there during the DJ set,” Fugman said.

That said, Partiful not being a full-fledged invitation platform poses limitations. For example, attendees aren’t able to automatically download event invites to their calendar. 

“I will absolutely be considering using the platform for Omsom events,” Pham said. But first, she’d like more customization options for the landing page to be able to integrate a more branded experience.

Similarly, Fugman said that when it comes to corporate events, Partiful “definitely has some shortcomings compared to competitors, but it did the trick.” 

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Bride erupts at pregnant bridesmaid because she didn’t want ‘dress fitting stress’ at her wedding



Forgetful moment: Bride is missing part of her wedding dress

An anonymous bride reportedly turned to a wedding-focused Facebook group to ask if she was “being unreasonable” for becoming angry at one of her bridesmaids for getting pregnant after the bride explicitly asked all of her wedding participants to refrain from doing so ahead of her big day.

The bride’s inquiry was shown in a screenshot and shared on the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit, a 535,400-member Reddit forum where anonymous users shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, guests and vendors for controversial plans and behavior.

“Bride is upset when she can’t control the family planning of her party,” a Reddit user captioned the Facebook post on Saturday, June 3 — which to date has received more than 970 upvotes and a “Bridezilla/Groomzilla” label.


The anonymous bride wrote that she knows she “can’t stop anyone from becoming pregnant” — but even so, she said she still doesn’t want any pregnant women at her wedding.

“From the very beginning, several times before, I even asked my girls if they were OK with waiting to have babies or another baby until after the wedding,” the bride wrote. “I just wanted no stress on dealing with if dresses fit correctly and what not.”

An anonymous bride in a private Facebook group (not pictured) asked others if she was “being unreasonable” for getting angry at one of her bridesmaids for becoming pregnant and hiding her pregnancy — when the bride instead wanted a wedding free of “baby bumps.” (iStock)

“One of my bridesmaids hid it from me for a few weeks before she ever said anything and my wedding is a few months away,” the bride continued. 

“Am I wrong to be upset because she’s making me feel like I am? I’m happy for her but I just wish she didn’t keep it from me and lie to me & expect me to still have her.”

The Reddit post has generated over 100 comments — and nearly all the commenters believe the bride is being unreasonable and has overstepped. 

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A Reddit user who claims to be a member of the same wedding group wrote that the anonymous bride “was called entitled, selfish [and a] bad friend.”


Similar thoughts were shared on Reddit with various written diatribes.

“My sister-in-law was SO nervous to tell me she had gotten pregnant like six months before my wedding, because of b——- like this,” one Reddit user wrote. “I was thrilled and her bump is a great addition to all the photos.”

Pregnant bridesmaid wears periwinkle floral dress while holding a bouquet.

A bridesmaid has gotten pregnant even though a bride asked the women in her wedding party to hold off on having babies because she didn’t want to deal with the “stress” of bridesmaid dress fittings ahead of her wedding, according to a Facebook post that has gone viral on Reddit. (iStock)

“Ewwww. You don’t have your friends in your wedding party for aesthetics,” another user wrote. “You have them there because they’re who you want by your side on one of the best days of your life. No matter what. The attitude of some brides stink.”

Said another user, “She’s basically upset because she won’t get the photos she wants because of how someone looks. Would she also be mad if someone broke their arm or leg & had a cast?”


“Brides pick a date years in the future and expect you to follow terms for a meaningless position,” one Reddit user quipped.

“Right? If you don’t want anyone to be pregnant at your wedding then get married quickly when no one is pregnant,” another user replied. “You can’t plan even months ahead and expect everyone to put their lives on hold for you!”

Full wedding party poses outside with bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Several Reddit users wrote that they weren’t bothered at all by wedding party members being pregnant at weddings — and were even overjoyed to have people expecting babies in their wedding parties and as guests. (iStock)

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Several Reddit users wrote that they weren’t bothered and were even overjoyed to have pregnant bridesmaids and guests at their weddings.

However, some people noted that they only became concerned when pregnant guests attended weddings despite doctors advising them not to do so.


Other Reddit commenters pointed out that wedding party drama is a big reason they decline bridesmaid proposals or celebrate when couples decide to not have bridesmaids or groomsmen.

“For the original story, I think it is very telling that the bridesmaid hid her pregnancy as long as she could because she knew her friend would react that way,” one Reddit user wrote.

Cautious parents-to-be generally wait until the end of the first trimester to announce a pregnancy, according to Healthline, an online health information provider.

Man and woman show off baby sonogram on phone.

While some couples announce pregnancies right away, others may choose to wait until the end of the first trimester before they tell family and friends. (iStock)

“I’d pretend I was pregnant even if I wasn’t, just to get out of being her bridesmaid,” one Reddit user commented.

Said another, “The bride gives the whole, ‘It’s my birthday month,’ ‘It’s my wedding year’ vibes. Like grow up, please. It’s possible to be happy for others and yourself at the same time and it is still your day.”


The Reddit post also received sarcastic responses from social media users who wanted to illustrate other unreasonable requests that can be asked by future brides and grooms. 

“Make a deal. You won’t be pregnant in her bridal party as long as she doesn’t steal your thunder by ever having a baby,” one Reddit user wrote.

Two women have a serious conversation while sitting in a restaurant.

Some Reddit users wrote that they think that women who want bridesmaids at their wedding should be understanding that the people they invite into their wedding party have their own lives before they ask for such a big favor. (iStock)

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“I’ll also make sure to tell my [sister-in-law] she better get in shape quick, too, because she’s having a baby like two months before our wedding. But not tooooooo in shape. I need all my bridesmaids to look hot but not too hot,” said another user. 

Very few Reddit users showed understanding toward the anonymous bride, but the meager responses that are present in the comment thread appear to be leveled.


“She can’t expect women to plan their pregnancy around her wedding, but she has the right to choose not to include pregnant women in her bridal party,” one Reddit user wrote, which received downvotes from the group.

“Trying to control who can get pregnant is absurd,” another user wrote. “However, if the friend knows the bride is like this, then why agree to be a bridesmaid then not be honest that she’s expecting?”

Tailor drapes blue fabric on woman.

Other Reddit users argued that getting a bridesmaid’s gown tailored isn’t that hard of a fix. Some disagreed with that. (iStock)

“I mean … I can kind of understand this. A lot of planning goes into a wedding,” a Reddit user wrote. “Then add in tailoring a bridesmaid dress?”


The Reddit user continued, “But, at the same time, trying to keep your bridesmaids from getting pregnant is not something you can control. People will get pregnant with or without the bride or groom’s permission. Don’t be a jerk about it.”


Said another commenter, “If someone in your wedding party is pregnant, suck it up and deal with it. At the very least, if you’ve bought an expensive dress for her that has to be altered or exchanged because of her pregnancy, sit down and discuss it with her like adults.”

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57 Memes About ‘Cringeposting On LinkedIn’ Collected By This Facebook Group



57 Memes About 'Cringeposting On LinkedIn' Collected By This Facebook Group

LinkedIn has recently found itself at the center of a growing debate over its evolving nature, leading some to believe that it is entering a cringe era. The platform serves various purposes, functioning as a work-centered social media platform, a tool for job seeking, and a way to track former classmates’ success. However, it is difficult to deny that recently, many people have noticed the platform becoming a bit cringy.

Popular trends such as the hustle and motivation culture, which gained significant traction in recent years, have also found their way onto LinkedIn. This has even given rise to online communities like the Facebook group “LinkedIn Memes For Go Getter Teens,” which curates and shares the most cringe-worthy aspects of this culture in the form of memes.

Here is the list of the best and most cringy posts shared by the group we selected to present to you today.

Bored Panda has reached out to Victoria Zhong, the admin of the “LinkedIn Memes for Go Getter Teens” Facebook group. We asked a couple of questions related to the community connected to share the most cringy posts on the social media platform. First, we wanted to know the origins of the group and what inspired Victoria to create it. She told us: “I was scrolling on LinkedIn and noticed that many posts there seemed to follow a formula—especially those by large LinkedIn influencers. Many of these posts were self-aggrandizing and felt very out of touch with regular, everyday people. I thought the posts were especially funny where people tried to spin mundane events into fables with some lessons.”

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The group description states: “LinkedIn related cringeposting”, and at the moment it counts nearly 50k members. We were wondering if there is any mission that connects this huge community. Victoria Zhong explained: “There’s no real mission of the group. It’s just a place where people can use humor to discuss or vent about frustrations they have about work or finding work.”

Having this many active contributors, the posts on “LinkedIn Memes for Go Getter Teens” are published daily. The page was created 2 years ago, and only last month it published 337 new posts. We asked Victoria if she could think of any instances where the memes shared within the group have ignited engaging conversations or debates among the members, but Zhong shortly mentioned that she does not have any specific examples.

Finally, we wanted the Facebook group’s admin to provide us with her insights into the curation process. We wanted to find out what specific criteria Victoria considers when handpicking the memes to share with this vibrant community. Zhong told us: “For myself, it would usually be posts that haven’t been previously posted or classic memes that haven’t been posted in a while (like ‘I stopped to help a dog and was late to a job interview and the interviewer turned out to be the dog’). For others, it would be relevant posts that aren’t recent reposts. I personally prefer image posts but do allow videos every so often.”

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I Found Out My Amazing Ex Was Pregnant … On Facebook | Larry Michel




My breakup did not go smoothly, and being connected with her on Facebook didn’t help. Yes, I still loved her. Yes, I still wanted her in my life. Yes, I missed holding, laughing, cooking, exercising, talking to, and making love with her, but she needed something else that I could not offer. That sucked, but it was undeniably true.

But geez, letting go was like having my limbs pulled out in all four directions and strangling my heart all at once.

Seeing her on Facebook made it worse. I could not look at pictures of us without going into the pain of withdrawals. So I took them down. Yes, all of them. I had that “tipping point” moment where I was holding on way too tight and had to go the opposite extreme — erasure.

I was getting all kinds of advice, such as “no communication of any kind for at least a year” (wow, that seemed severe!), “no showing up at the same parties” (how do I do that when we are in the same community with so many of the same friends?), or “un-friend her on Facebook” (big ouch — I stilled love her and at the very least wanted her friendship. ‘Besides, I promised her I would always remain her friend!).

I had to figure out how to move on … without un-friending her.

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