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How to Use YouTube’s Call-to-Action Overlay Ads



How to Use YouTube's Call-to-Action Overlay Ads

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day, and with that much traffic, it’s no wonder why marketers are extending their strategies to include YouTube ads.

Brands have the opportunity to link commercials back to the products they’re selling and potentially increase their conversion rate. In this post, we’ll help you achieve those goals by teaching you how to share YouTube overlay ads and give you tips on how to run them successfully.

Not all YouTube ads are short videos; overlay ads are a type of imagery that pops up on the video player as viewers watch their chosen content.

youtube overlay ad example on video platform

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They’re relatively small and inoffensive to the viewing experience and leave enough space to garner the attention of various potential customers. And making them isn’t a challenge, let’s get into it.

How to Create YouTube Overlay Ads

1. Create a banner that fits the dimensions of overlay ad specs.

how to create youtube overlay ads: create a banner that fits necessary dimensions

You can easily create a banner on graphic design platforms like Canva or Photoshop, choose from pre-existing templates, and customize it to reflect your brand identity. And for ideal sizing of the banner, make sure it follows these dimensions:

  • Image dimensions: 480×70
  • File type: Static .GIF, .PNG, .JPG
  • File size: 150 Kb

2. Begin a new campaign in Google Ads.

YouTube ads are created and managed through Google Ads.

how to create youtube overlay ads: begin a new campaign in Google Ads

3. Select “Display” campaign type.

You’re looking to advertise your overlay banner ad, meaning an image you want to be displayed on YouTube.

how to create youtube overlay ads: select display campaign type

4. Choose the type of audience you want to reach.

how to create youtube overlay ads: choose your target audience

When advertising on YouTube, you want to pay to reach the people who are most likely going to be interested in your offering. This means you need to choose your target audience or demographic carefully.

Along with plugging in those specifics, you can set up your ad:

  • Budget: Cost-per-click (CPC or PPC)
  • Duration: Start and end date
  • Content Exclusions: Type of devices to run on

5. Add in your overlay ad banner and run your campaign.

When you’ve finished adding specs to your overlay add, it’s time to run the campaign.

In the case that you want to edit the ad, you can use Google Ads Manager to make adjustments where seen fit.

Youtube Overlay Ads Best Practices

1. Keep your overlay simple and clear to read.

When using Google Ads, you need to adhere to image quality requirements to avoid the risk of having your campaign ended abruptly.

Policies aside, you only have so much space in your overlay ad to show prospects. If it’s hard to read and comprehend at first glance, viewers most likely will press X instead of wanting to learn more about your brand, product, or service.

2. Don’t over-promise in your overlay ad.

When you get your prospects’ attention and get them to your landing page, the last thing you want to do is underdeliver or mislead them, as it makes your brand look untrustworthy.

Use your YouTube overlay ad to familiarize your target audience with the type of solution you can meet, and they’ll have a much more pleasant experience and introduction to your company.

3. Use a compelling call to action.

A strong call-to-action can distinguish between a campaigning budget is well-spent or not.

Overlay ads have already been successful for non-profit organizations because, as blogger Ramya Raghavan reported, they “drive traffic to an off-YouTube web page, where they can collect signatures, email addresses or even donations.” Charity: water best demonstrates the success potential of the new YouTube feature. This non-profit raised $10,000 daily by using the Call-to-Action overlay ads.

4. Send viewers to a dedicated landing page.

Landing pages are uniquely powerful components of a business’s digital marketing strategy.


It’s your business’ opportunity to ask visitors for their contact information in exchange for something of value, otherwise known as an offer.

Make your landing page rich in:

  • Benefit-focused H2s
  • Compelling copy
  • Lead forms or relevant offers

You want prospects to feel like they’re gaining something of value made just for them, so make sure it’s a page worth visiting.

5. Experiment with different in-video overlay ad formats.

youtube overlay ads best practices: experiment with different formats

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You can run more than one campaign at the same time on YouTube. Google Ads lets users create multiple different ads for YouTube, so feel free to get creative. Alongside your overlay ad campaign, you can make other using formats like:

  • Skippable or non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

Catch Your Audience’s Attention with Overlay Ads

With YouTube overlay ads, you can meet your prospects where they are by targeting and gaining their interest in YouTube. We hope you found this post helpful and implemented some of these tactics into your marketing strategy.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 2009 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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7 Critical Factors You Must Consider When Choosing RPA Tools



7 Critical Factors You Must Consider When Choosing RPA Tools

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that makes it easy for businesses to build, deploy and manage bots that can replicate humans interacting with digital systems and software. These bots can perform structured and pre-defined tasks such as filling out a form, processing a financial transaction or sending messages.

The core purpose of robotic process automation is to automate mundane and repetitive tasks so that your employees don’t waste their time on those tasks and focus on more value-driven activities with automatic employee monitoring software. Yes, a human first has to define the workflow for a bot for it to work but once done, it can perform most tasks automatically.

Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

Here are some of the advantages of robotic process automation:

  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Save time
  • Reduces cost
  • Minimize errors
  • Increases business capacity

Disadvantages of Robotic Process Automation

Some of the disadvantages of robotic process automation are:

  • Requires monitoring and maintenance
  • Not capable to extract information from unstructured datasets
  • Can not automate complex tasks
  •  The time-consuming and costly setup process

In this article, you will learn about seven critical factors you must take into account when choosing robotic process automation tools for your business.

Before discussing factors you should consider when buying robotic process automation tools, it is important to understand that every robotic process automation tool has its own format and does not offer any kind of portability. This means that there are no standards so the one size fits all formula does not apply here.

Make sure that the robotic process automation software you are planning to buy has all the features you need along with some handy extras. Ask for proof of concept before rollout and only buy the software when you are sure that it is the right choice to meet your business needs.

7 Factors To Consider When Buying RPA Tools

Here are seven factors you must consider when buying a robotic process automation software

1.  Ease of bot setup

Setting up a robotic process automation software can be a daunting challenge for businesses as it can take a lot of time and resources. That is why it is imperative that enterprises invest in robotic process automation tools that are easy to set up and use.


It must also allow a level of customization and let businesses create custom bots for different buyer personas. Developers should be able to call the robotic process automation tool API when writing code for automation.

2.  Low-code capabilities

Gone are the days when only experienced developers could create websites and apps. With the advent of low code tools, anyone can now create an app even with little to no coding knowledge(accounting app, management app, etc.). Low code development lets you drag and drop ready-made components from the tool library and write small code snippets for functions that are not present in the tool library of the tool. Choose robotic process automation tools that offer these low code capabilities.

3.  Machine learning capabilities

As mentioned before, robotic process automation software struggles when it comes to extracting actionable insights from unstructured datasets. Since a major chunk of company data is in unstructured form, it makes robotic process automation tools useless.

That is where the machine learning capabilities of these robotic process automation tools come in handy. With these capabilities, it can parse through documents, find information and return it to users. This can enhance the user experience and boost customer loyalty. Some vendors might give this a fancy name but the functionality remains the same.

4.  Integration with enterprise applications

Another important factor you can not afford to ignore when buying robotic process automation software is compatibility with enterprise applications. At the end of the day, your robotic process automation software’s utility is highly dependent on how these tools can integrate with your existing business application. This is about your data integration with supermetric alternatives and so on.

Its capability to extract data from your existing business applications matters most. Does your robotic process automation tool offer plugins to seamlessly connect it with your database, accounting systems, HR systems, appointment setting services and ERP systems? If yes, then you should certainly consider it as an option if it fulfills all your requirements.

5.  Orchestration and administration

Before these bots can take care of mundane tasks, you will have to first configure them and feed them with the right information as well as a secure credential. This secure credential is usually stored in a credential store. If you want other users to use your bots, you will first have to authorize and authenticate them.

You should also allocate resources for certain bots which trigger when a special event occurs. Once you have set it up, now you have to monitor it so it can work without human involvement. You will have to constantly improve its machine learning capabilities so it does not need human support when performing tasks.


6.  Process and task discovery and mining

Identifying business processes you want to automate and prioritizing them is critical for the success of your robotic process automation implementation. Unfortunately, it is also the most time-consuming part of the process as well.

The more your robotic process automation software lets you mine for processes from system log and construct task flows by observations, the easier it will be for you to implement it and automate your business processes. Look for robotic process automation tools that make task discovery and mining painless.

7.  Scalability

If you are planning to implement robotic process automation throughout the organization, you will bump into scalability issues. The best way to resolve these scalability issues is to implement them in the cloud, in containers or via virtual machines. If the orchestration component can allocate extra bots when needed, solving the scalability problem is not a problem.

At the end of the day, the success and failure of your robotic process automation rest on identifying the best tasks and processes to be automated. Make sure to document every step involved in the process. Never cut corners in testing cycles because it can lead to some missing links in your robotic process automation systems.

What factors do you consider when selecting a robotic process automation software? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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