What Benefits Prestashop One Page checkout offers to the online users

Prestashop one-page checkout module is a fully-featured module offered by knowband that offers single page checkout option to the consumers.

Admin can show a single page for checkout on their eCommerce website for ease of customers. The online merchant can reduce multiple checkout steps and show all the checkout fields on a single page.

This Prestashop fast checkout plugin is highly functional and the admin can customize it as per the requirement.

Features offered by Prestashop single page checkout module:

1. Admin can use testing mode for checking the final settings before implementation and can view the settings using the testing URL.

2. There is an option to show a free shipping banner to online users. He just needs to enter a minimum amount for offering free shipping.

3. Prestashop simplified checkout module allows admin to show google login, PayPal login and Facebook login options.

4. There is an option to configure Mailchimp, SandinBlue and klaviyo for saving the email id details for future use.

5. Admin can set the payment method, delivery method from the admin interface of Prestashop simplified checkout module.

6. The online merchant can also add custom fields from the admin interface of the Prestashop Quick checkout addon.

7. Admin can select the elements which he wants to show/hide using the cart settings.

8. This Prestashop single-page checkout plugin is fully compatible with GDPR.

9. Admin can also set the design of one-page checkout from the admin interface of the Prestashop fast checkout module.

10. The online merchant can now create multiple customers profile and set the desired input fields as per the requirements.

Customer benefits of One Page Checkout Prestashop Module:

1. Clients can get faster and safer One-page Checkout choice on the store. 

2. One Page Checkout Prestashop addon gives In-constructed Facebook, Google, or PayPal Login. 

3. The online clients can check item pictures in the truck area 

4. Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers a choice to apply coupon code from the checkout page 

5. Prestashop simplified checkout module gives a choice to change item amount in the truck 

6. Quick checkout addon Prestashop permits the clients to eliminate any item from the truck 

7. Online clients can likewise get similar provisions while utilizing cell phones. 

8. This Prestashop simplified checkout module is viable with all programs 

9. Clients get an alternative to send a custom gift message alongside their item on the off chance that they wish to do as such. 

10. The Prestashop one-page checkout addon is exceptionally helpful for the clients as it offers a lot more straightforward checkout measures. 

11. The online clients can see the entire truck synopsis at the checkout page, and also adjust the truck and apply the coupon too. 

12. Enrolled clients can without much of a stretch refresh or erase the saved location from the one-page checkout page.

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