Revcontent releases Zip Code and DMA Targeting for advertisers

Revcontent yesterday released Zip Code and DMA Targeting for advertisers, the company announced. Revcontent says that with Zip Code Targeting, advertisers now have the opportunity to connect users in hyper-local markets with the most relevant content, offers and products.

“Advertisers have access to a whole new level of granularity with hyperlocal targeting capabilities, said Sharon Lyon, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Revcontent. “They’re able to capitalize on markets worth more to their brand and adjust costs accordingly.”

According to Revcontent, local businesses and brick-and-mortar stores are now able to utilize native traffic to reach users within a certain distance from their locations. For brands with geo-specific offers, they can target large metro regions, helping them spend their budget wisely.

“As Comscore reports an 89 percent increase in the consumption of local news, we know it’s more important than ever to offer this level of granular targeting within our platform. We’re thrilled to launch Zip Code and DMA Targeting and help brands make intelligent, relevant buying decisions,” said Richard Marques, CEO of Revcontent.

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