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Google Hotel Listings Can Add Free Or Discounted Accommodations For Ukraine Attributes



Google Hotel Listings Can Add Free Or Discounted Accommodations For Ukraine Attributes

Google has added a new attribute for some hotel listings to specify if they offer free or discounted accommodations for people displaced from Ukraine. This is a special attribute titles “accommodation for Ukraine” in the Google hotel listings.

This was spotted by Contenido SEO on Twitter, which seems to be based in Spain but he said he saw it for hotels in Spain, Portugal and Italy. A Local Search Forum thread said this is at least in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria regions.

The screenshot shared says “free or highly discounted accommodation for people displaced from Ukraine. Please only select when you’re actively offering this population free or discounted accommodation.”

The options include free or significantly discounted, here is that screenshot:

click for full size

Forum discussion at Twitter and Local Search Forum.

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Google Does Not Rotate Its Search Index



Here is a bizarre question that was asked on the Google office hours video asking if Google rotates its index. The question kind of makes sense, because the SEO who asked said on one day they see their page indexed, the next it is gone, then it comes back – is there an index rotation?

The answer is no, Google does not rotate its index.

Here was the question “Is it true that Google rotates indexed pages? Because the site I’m working on is rotating on indexed pages. Like for example, page A is indexed on Monday through Thursday, but not indexed Friday through Sunday.”

Lizzi from Google said “Okay. So the answer is real quick. No, this is not true. We are not rotating the index based off of days of the week.”

They don’t rotate the index based off of anything, even day of week actually.

This was asked at the 9:56 mark:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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