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Study Says 10 Reviews Gives You A Ranking Boost In The Google Local Results



Google Local Reviews Going Missing Over The Past Week?

Joy Hawkins and her team published another local ranking study, this one says that hitting ten reviews on your local listing will result in a ranking boost in the Google local results. But getting more than ten reviews does not help you rank better in Google Maps or the Google local pack.

Last week’s study said that keywords in reviews don’t matter for rankings, although the study size was pretty small. It seems the sample size with this new study is the same, so please review those details.

They tested it on a client that had only 3 reviews and that listing went from 3 reviews to 16 reviews, and then from 16 to 31 and the results are shown below in this chart:

click for full size

Joy said “There does appear to be a ranking boost once a listing has ten reviews. So, it is important for a listing to get a minimum of ten reviews. However, continuing to get more and more reviews does not seem to yield the same ranking boost.” But reviews are still important she said, they do build trust and help with conversions, Joy explained.

I will say, there being a specific number or any kind, such as 10, is very un-Google-like.

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Jeremy Meindl On CRM Targeting To Get A Girl (He Married Her) & For Marketing



Jeremy Meindl

Part one and part two with Jeremy Meindl was more on black hat SEO stuff and now in part three, we get into more white hat topics. We start with CRM targeting and how he got into CRM targeting. It started with him trying to get a date with a girl he liked. He photoshopped his face into ads that this girl would see and now he is married to her with two kids. This CRM targeting strategy worked well for him.

Jeremy Meindl then spoke about how to use CRM targeting for digital marketing. They targeted a specific client’s product and her connections and pummeled those ads and it ended up getting them the meeting they wanted with the client. It was clever and it worked.

He gave more tips on what to do with the PII restrictions and how to go around them. So his company, Target IQ does that and you can get a free t-shirt if you reach out to him.

You can learn more about Jeremy Meindl by Googling him.

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