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Instagram Fixes Bug Causing Service Outages



Instagram Fixes Bug Causing Service Outages

Instagram fixed a bug causing a service outage that impacted users to varying degrees, as people reported disabled accounts and repeated app crashes.

Instagram officially acknowledged the issue today at 10:14 AM Eastern time, sending out the following tweet:

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, sent out a tweet four hours later to confirm they’re still working on it:

The problem persisted for roughly eight hours. However, not all users were affected by it, and those affected reported various issues.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the outage.

Instagram Outage – What’s Going On?

Reports started circulating on Twitter around 10:00 AM this morning that users were losing thousands of followers in an apparent purge of Instagram accounts.

The sudden decline in follower count is likely related to another ongoing issue. Some users logged in to see lost followers, but others were told their account was disabled.

Thousands of disabled accounts could equate to thousands of lost followers. However, people who could access their accounts had a hard time doing so.

While following the # instagramdown hashtag, the most frequent complaint I noticed was that the app crashed or couldn’t be used at all.

Although it was a trending topic on Twitter all day, we’re uncertain how widespread the problem is.

We ran a poll on LinkedIn, which currently has 425 votes, asking people if the Instagram outage impacted them.

Only 20% of respondents said they were affected:

This is consistent with the poll we ran on Twitter asking the same question, though with a smaller sample size.

On Twitter, 24% of respondents said they were affected, and a third of respondents weren’t even aware of a problem.

SEO professional Alan Muther replied, saying he was on the receiving end of an account suspension as well:

Instagram Outage – Now Fixed

At 6:00 PM Eastern time on Monday evening, Instagram confirmed it fixed the bug, stating:

“We’ve resolved this bug now – it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in number of followers. Sorry! 😵‍💫”

Is it resolved, though?

Looking at the replies on Twitter, users continue having trouble accessing their accounts.

We’ll continue following this story and update this article with more information when it becomes available.

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Elon Musk Hires Prolific Hacker George Hotz To Fix Twitter Search



Elon Musk Hires Prolific Hacker George Hotz To Fix Twitter Search

Twitter CEO Elon Musk sets his sights on improving the website’s search functionality, enlisting the help of prolific hacker and long-time critic George Hotz.

In the span of a 12-week internship, Hotz promises to “fix” Twitter search and introduce all-new features, such as the ability to search within liked tweets.

As the first person in the world to jailbreak the iPhone, Hotz is no stranger to bringing new capabilities to existing platforms.

However, what’s most notable about Hotz joining Twitter is his prior criticism of Musk, refusing to work for Musk at Tesla, claiming he could develop a better self-driving car system.

It appears the two are putting their differences aside out of a mutual interest in building a better Twitter search engine.

Hotz volunteered his services in exchange for the cost of living in San Francisco, and Musk seemingly took him up on the offer:

Now, Hotz is documenting the journey of implementing long-requested features that are commonplace in other search engines.

Like what?

For one, the ability to deliver relevant results that don’t contain the exact words used in a query.

Additionally, Hotz is crowdsourcing ideas for delivering more contextual autocomplete results when users type “from:” in the search box:

Hotz is enthusiastic about removing the sign-up prompt that appears when logged-out users scroll through search results.

After removing the popup, Hotz plans to implement a way for users to search within liked tweets:

Hotz also mentioned that Twitter’s advanced search feature should be featured more promptly, though he’s not in charge of UI updates.

Beyond those changes, what Hotz will do to “fix” Twitter search is mainly unknown. We’ll likely learn more as the days and weeks go on.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news on Musk’s Twitter with our continuously updated timeline of events.

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