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Microsoft Ads And The Future Of Ad Exchanges [Podcast]



Microsoft Ads And The Future Of Ad Exchanges [Podcast]

Constantly looking for ways to optimize your ad spend?

Dreaming of a high-ROI paid advertising future?

We’ve got great news — the future is now.

Big changes are on the horizon, and we know how to amplify your ad potential into high-quality leads.

John Lee, Microsoft Ads’ Head of Evangelism, will talk about the future of ad exchanges and their ability to supercharge your potential to thrive with high-performance and low-resource programmatic advertising as he joins me on the SEJ Show at 3 p.m. ET on March 1, 2022.

You can watch live on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube or download the episode on your favorite podcast app.

John Lee, Head Of Evangelism At Microsoft On The SEJ Show

John Lee knows how to make the most of digital advertising.

As an online marketing veteran, he has worked on display ads, SEO, and social media since 2006.

Currently, he works for Microsoft, where he manages relationships with industry influencers and contributes SEO expertise through blogging and speaking at events, among other things.

Lee has been a significant contributor to the marketing community with his writing and speaking skills.

He has been a part of Hanapin Marketing, Wordstream, Clix Marketing, and helped launch the famous blog PPC Hero.

In addition to all that? You may not know it, but if there’s one thing this guy isn’t short on – it’s hustle!

Lee will share his insights of ad exchanges on the Search Engine Show at 3 p.m. ET on March 1, 2022.

Have questions? Ask below and be sure to catch it live on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

Have Questions For John Lee? Ask Below

We’ll post a recap and link the video and podcast here after the show.

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Google Shares New Info About Vulnerabilities Found In Chrome



Google Shares New Info About Vulnerabilities Found In Chrome

Google security researchers are sharing new information about vulnerabilities detected in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows.

In a blog post, Google and Threat Analysis Group (TAG) detail steps taken since discovering a commercial spyware operation with ties to Variston IT.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Variston IT claims to provide custom security solutions. However, the company is connected to an exploitation framework called “Heliconia.”

Heliconia works in three ways:

  • It exploits a Chrome renderer bug to run malware on a user’s operating system.
  • It deploys a malicious PDF document containing an exploit for Windows Defender.
  • It utilizes a set of Firefox exploits for Windows and Linux machines.

The Heliconia exploit was used as early as December 2018 with the release of Firefox 64.

New information released by Google reveals Heliconia was likely used in the wild as a zero-day exploit.

Heliconia poses no risk to users today, as Google says it cannot detect active exploitation. Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft fixed the bugs in early 2021 and 2022.

Although Heliconia is patched, commercial spyware is a growing problem, Google says:

“TAG’s research underscores that the commercial surveillance industry is thriving and has expanded significantly in recent years, creating risk for Internet users around the globe. Commercial spyware puts advanced surveillance capabilities in the hands of governments who use them to spy on journalists, human rights activists, political opposition and dissidents.”

To protect yourself against Heliconia and other exploits like it, it’s essential to keep your internet browsers and operating system up to date.

TAG’s research into Heliconia is available in Google’s new blog post, which Google is publishing to raise awareness about the threat of commercial spyware.

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Featured Image: tomfallen/Shutterstock

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