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New Report For Indexed Videos



New Report For Indexed Videos

At day two of Google’s annual I/O conference the company previewed new reports coming to Search Console that will provide more data about videos.

To make video indexing easier to track and diagnose, Google will soon be adding new sets of data to Search Console.

Currently, Google Search Console only reports on videos as it relates to structured data.

If you publish videos on your site, and mark them up with structured data, you can use Search Console to check if the markup is valid and how many impressions a video received.

Soon you can use Search Console to check the indexing status of videos and the landing pages they appear on.

Video Page Indexing Report

The first step to indexing videos is indexing the landing page where the video appears.

Then Google has to recognize there’s a video prominently located on the page, and extract key information about it.


A new Video Page Indexing report in Search Console will show a summary of all indexed pages Google found with video on them.

At a glance you’ll see in how many landing pages a video was detected, and whether Google was able to index the videos it found.

The report will provide details such as affected video pages’ URLs. You’ll be able to download a list of examples and double check them.

With this, you could narrow down the details and understand what’s happening and how to resolve issues.

Like other Search Console reports, this report will have a Validate Fix button to notify Google that an issue has been resolved.

Check Video Indexing Status

You’ll be able to check the indexing status of a video by entering the URL of the landing page into the URL Inspection tool.

This will show you the current status of the URL, as well as the video indexing status of the page. You’ll see whether Google detected a video on the page and if it was able to index the video.

Note that Google only indexes one video per page even if there are multiple videos on the page.


In Summary

With the new report you’ll be able to:

  • See how many video landing pages Google discovered and in how many of them a video was indexed.
  • Examine reasons for unindexed videos in video landing pages.
  • Use the list of affected video pages URLs to debug and fix issues.
  • Validate fix to initiate re-crawling of known URLs affected.
  • Check the video indexing status of a specific video page using the URL Inspection tool.

Source: Google Search Central

Featured Image: Screenshot from, May 2022.


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Google Ads Rolls Out Diagnostic Insights



Google Ads Rolls Out Diagnostic Insights

Google Ads is rolling out a new data set to the Insights page highlighting any issues found during diagnostic checks.

Diagnostic insights will help you identify problems preventing campaigns from showing, causing low engagement, making it hard to measure conversions, and more.

This data can be found on the Insights and Overview page for Performance Max campaigns, allowing you to troubleshoot issues as soon as they’re detected.

Google Ads will provide a detailed breakdown of the following insights:

  • Account status
  • Billing status
  • Policy review
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign budget
  • Bid strategy target
  • Campaign status
  • Ad strength

Tailored recommendations will take the guesswork out of fixing the issues Google finds, so you can get your campaign back to performing optimally in no time.

Diagnostic insights in Google Ads were previewed in May with an announcement they’d be rolling out soon. Two months later, the launch is now underway.

Google Ads Diagnostic Insights

Diagnostic insights only show when a campaign has not received traffic or conversions.

If your campaign is running and people are seeing the ads and clicking on them, then there will be no diagnostic issues to report.


Keep in mind Google hasn’t given everyone access to the Insights page yet, as it’s currently in beta.

Google is gradually rolling out each insight type to randomly chosen people, which means you may have the Insights page with limited data.

Currently, diagnostic insights are available for Performance Max campaigns. The new dataset will expand to other campaign types over the next few months.

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured Image: PixieMe/Shutterstock

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