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Snapchat Launches ‘Dynamic Travel Ads’ to Help Travel Marketers Reach Interested Audiences



Snapchat Launches 'Dynamic Travel Ads' to Help Travel Marketers Reach Interested Audiences

With travel back on the cards in many regions, Snapchat’s looking to help travel advertisers reach its captive audience with new Dynamic Travel Ads.

As it sounds, Snap’s Dynamic Travel Ads match offers from a business’ product catalog in order to serve travel destinations relevant to each user, based on places they’ve visited and products they’ve previously viewed.

As explained by Snap:

“Dynamically retarget users who have been to your site or app before with hotel properties, destinations or flight routes that are most interesting to them.”

The ads utilize Snap’s pixel tracking to match user behaviors, along with Snapchat’s internal data and activity tracking.

And with visitor data on 49 million unique places listed in the Snap Map, Snap’s also able to offer advanced, locally-relevant campaign delivery to serve hotels, airlines, destinations, and tours based on popularity.

An updated ad creation process also includes improved catalog setup for travel brands, with additional product feed attributes that are specific to travel businesses. That provides more customization options, enabling advanced targeting opportunities to ensure the most relevant ads are displayed to each user.


In beta testing, which has been underway over the past six months, Snap says that Dynamic Travel Ads have delivered improved results for and Etihad Airways.

“Etihad was able to reduce their cost per flight search by 4x with Dynamic Travel Ads. Additionally, they saw a 307% increase in ROAS and a 76% decrease in cost per purchases, compared to their non-dynamic campaigns.”

In addition to this, Snap says that it’s also adding a new ‘Location Aware’ catalogs option for all of its Dynamic Ad options.

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“For many businesses, price, availability, or messaging may differ greatly by region. Our “location-aware” catalog support allows advertisers to include a latitude/longitude in their catalogs, so whether they are a Retailer, Auto Dealership, Hotel Chain, or Food Delivery service, their message or offer will be tailored to wherever their customer is in the world.”

Some of this data is subject to Apple’s ATT tracking prompts, which Snap recently noted have had an impact on its results.

In Q4 last year, Snap said that Apple’s iOS privacy-related changes had impacted ad partners ‘who prefer to leverage lower-funnel goals, such as in-app purchases’, though advertisers who optimize via web-based goal-based bids saw less impact, given that many of them had adopted the Snap Pixel.

Ultimately, first party integrations allow us to build out measurement solutions based on advertiser input and directly connect to how our formats and targeting work, so that businesses have the most accurate view of ROI. These allow us to preserve the privacy of our community while helping advertisers weather the disruption from platform changes.”

Most of the data used to power Dynamic Travel Ads would fall into the latter category, but there would be variable levels of impact on different brands and developers based on whether users choose to opt-out of tracking.


Even so, the option will provide new opportunities for travel brands, and as more look to boost their efforts in the wake of pandemic restrictions, it could be a valuable consideration.

Dynamic Travel Ads are available in all regions from today. You can learn more about how to set up Dynamic Travel campaigns here.

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YouTube Tests Disappearing Community Posts, Expands Access to Membership Gifting



YouTube Tests Disappearing Community Posts, Expands Access to Membership Gifting

YouTube is testing out a new post type within its Community Posts element, while it’s also expanding access to ‘Membership Gifting’, which provides another way for creators to boost their audience in the app.

First off, on disappearing posts – YouTube’s running a new experiment that will enable selected creators to set a time limit on their Community Posts in the app, which will see those updates disappear after 24 or 72 hours.

As you can see in this example, the new option will enable you to set an expiration date for a Community Post, which will then see it automatically erased from view after that time.

YouTube says that creators have been seeking more ways to enhance engagement within the Community Posts element:

“We’ve heard from creators that they would like the ability to share content that is only available for a short period of time – for example, a special time-limited discount on merch or a special message for fans that manage to catch it before it expires.”

YouTube’s Community Posts, which it opened up to all channels with over 500 subscribers in September last year (down from 1,000 subs previously), enable creators to share text-based posts – which can include polls, GIFs, images, and video – within their Community tab.

YouTube Community Posts

That provides another way to extend your community-building efforts beyond video content and subsequent comments, which is more aligned with the engagement that you’ll find on in other social apps.

And soon, you’ll also be able to share disappearing posts too – though the initial test is only running with selected creators on Android devices to begin with.


“Viewers will be able to see that a post will expire in x hours at the top of the post in the community tab, and creators will see their expired posts in the ‘Community’ tab under the ‘Archived’ chip once it has expired. Creators can’t re-share expired posts, but we are planning on adding that functionality in the future.”

On another front, YouTube’s also expanding access to its ‘Membership Gifting’ option, which enables Channel members to purchase gift memberships, which are then distributed to other viewers who are not subscribed to the channel.

YouTube Membership Gifting

Which may seem a little odd, but the idea is that this is a support measure for creators, not a gift for friends, as such, providing a means to both give the creator revenue (as they get the usual cut from gifted memberships), while also helping them to boost their audience in the app.

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“Up until now, gifting memberships was in a limited beta stage only, and only accessible by a small number of creators. But with this launch, we’re expanding the number of creators that have access to gifting memberships. And as a creator, you can buy gift memberships for your community without becoming a member yourself.”

To be eligible for the program, Channels need to have memberships enabled at a level of $4.99. Viewers also need to opt in to receive gifts during a stream, which they can do by tapping on the ‘Allow Gifts’ prompt in the chat on an eligible broadcast. 

It could be a handy option for building community in the app, and with many YouTubers inspiring legions of passionate fans, you can imagine that some will be more than happy to participate in helping to grow their favorite creators’ following.

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