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Email Marketing in 2022: Trends and Useful Tools




Is email marketing still effective? Of course! 99% of users check their email every day, or even several times a day. Despite what you may think, people keep reading emails and are ready to interact with interesting content being shared with them. 

Sure, there is a widespread belief that social media and chatbots have pushed email marketing into the background. However, in reality, there is no full-fledged alternative to the power of email newsletters.

The situation is also influenced by the ever-evolving email industry. Marketers are regularly introducing new methods and email strategies that continue to push engagement and results, maintaining email marketing as the most reliable channel of communication with customers.

In this article, we’ll dive into new email marketing tools and trends so you can ensure 2022 starts off on the right foot. 

Trends to Develop and Optimize Your Email Campaigns 

Let’s analyze what email campaign methods will be relevant in 2022.

AI Technologies 

While artificial intelligence is developing, many experts are skeptical about it. Indeed, for all the promising nature of the technology, it shows rather modest results. However, AI already has an important area of its ​​application.

Data. There is so much that no person is able to process all the information. On the other hand, AI can do it. How can artificial intelligence be used in email marketing? Here are some ideas:

  • Conducting surveys, analyzing the results and preparing optimized reports
  • Performing analytical forecasts of results
  • Processing large amounts of customer data
  • Creating Email templates 
  • Optimizing email send times
  • List scrubbing and deleting spam accounts from your email list
  • Reorganizing campaigns

Using AI will increase the speed of working with data. Moreover, the system can be entrusted with all the routine and time-consuming tasks. However, do note that the technology can be expensive, making it less available to businesses without large budgets for marketing and software.

Optimization for All Platforms

Mobile optimization is extremely important for any email strategy. You need to make sure that all of your customers get the same email experience – no matter what gadgets, operating systems and email clients they have.


Ideally, mobile and desktop versions of emails should be identical. What matters is ease of access, readability, design uniformity, and the absence of technical errors in interaction. To achieve this result, you may need to contact a specialized company.

Artificial intelligence can also help in this matter. With the help of AI, you can personalize email content depending on various factors, modifying the content for specific recipients.

Design Simplification

Modern consumers don’t mind a minimalistic email appearance. There’s less clutter and less noise to sift through. Your message can remain clear and when your message is clear, your CTA is clear as well. 

If you’re worried that a simple email design will infringe on your creativity, then try incorporating infographics or decorative fonts. Both are a great way to walk the line between simple and engaging. 

Another solid tip is to maintain as much white space as possible between key elements. This helps readers to separate the visual parts of your email easier.

User Content

This is an easy and affordable way to increase organic traffic and attract new customers. All you need to do is include user-generated content in your emails. There is a good chance that customers will trust the brand more if they see recommendations from different groups of people that have already worked closely with you. 


User-generated content has a major advantage – it’s free and can be used for any marketing purpose. Increase audience confidence by including customer reviews, survey results, or photos of your customers in the process of using the product in your campaigns. 

Add a CTA button to your email to receive requests from interested customers that are willing to offer their experience with your brand. This will help you collect user-generated content for future mailings. You can also encourage customers through social media by having them share their photos and reviews using a particular hashtag. That way, you can easily find these posts and add them to your email marketing strategy. 

Maximum Personalization For Each Customer

Modern users do not want to feel like a cog in a wheel. They want to be appreciated. They expect this from their favorite brands too. Therefore, template, depersonalized automated mailing lists no longer work. Personalization comes first.

This is where complex personalization for email marketing comes in. 

You can use website forms to collect data about your customers, gathering key information so you can understand who they are better. Just make sure you obtain consent so that you align with GDPR guidelines

When analyzing data, take into account the habits of your users. Take note of their preferences regarding your goods and services, the percentage of email opens, and other email marketing metrics to help you determine your future strategy. 

For example, if part of your audience puts purchases in their cart but appears to be in no hurry to place an order, a personalized email offering a discount on the items in the cart could encourage them to complete the action.

However, for brands to stand out in 2022 hyper-personalization is key. Here is how this can be done in email marketing:

  • Recommend content or products to each individual segment of your audience
  • Generate individual messages for each of the segments
  • Recommend personal content or products to specific users based on product pages they’re visiting or actions they’re taking on your site
  • Reward user action with personalized bonuses, gifts and offers

Best Email-Marketing Tools

Dedicated email marketing software is much more than just email sending tools. They can be used for audience analysis, list building and segmentation, optimizing marketing channels, business development, and revenue growth. 

Here are some recommended tools:


Benchmark Email is one of the best multifunctional email marketing platforms. It provides features that are relevant to most types of business, but at the same time is easy to use. The advantages are:


This is an email template builder, with the ability to edit clean html code. The advantages are:

  • Automated email creation
  • Tools for creating interactive emails
  • Ready to use complex templates
  • High-quality customer support

The main disadvantage is a complex configuration that takes time to master. 


Litmus is a set of tools that allow users to organize and run a commercial email campaign with the ability to test and obtain data for further analysis. The advantages are:

  • The ability to edit html online
  • Flexible customization of templates
  • Conducting spam testing
  • Checking the IP and domain for blacklists
  • Demonstration of the number of opened/read letters
  • Geolocation and other tracking activities

The service is universal and recommended if you need to have a large selection of email templates with full access to the settings.


BenchmarkONE is software that ties marketing automation, lead generation, and CRM into a simple-to-use format. Advantages include:

  • Email marketing along with landing pages and popups to grow your list
  • The ability to track customer email and site engagement
  • Marketing and sales dashboards
  • Tracking the entire customer journey to purchase
  • Tagging capabilities for better list segmentation


This platform is called the ideal solution for content creators. The advantages are:

  • Ease of use
  • High level of automation
  • Integration with various services
  • Availability of a free trial version
  • Quality support

It does come with a higher price tag, as well as a lack of advanced customization of templates.


The key to email marketing is to run your campaigns in line with the upcoming trends. 2022 will be all about using technology to your advantage as well as hyper-personalization and user-generated content. Make sure you start mapping out your plan today! 

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Dmytro Leiba is a marketing specialist at Logaster, an online brand identity builder. He has hands-on experience in marketing and branding. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about business, marketing, branding, and sharing his knowledge with others. Find him on LinkedIn

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10 Brilliant Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Open Rates




Most people involved in email marketing know the importance of a brilliant email subject line. Seeing that you only get a few seconds to nail your email’s first impression, the subject line obsession is more than justified.

That is why crafting poor email subject lines is one of the biggest email marketing mistakes, regardless of how established your brand might already be.
Apart from nailing that first impression, your email subject line is the most decisive factor for recipients to open your email and engage with its content. Even worse, it’s what could get your email marked as spam and harm your sender’s reputation. 

The numbers seem ruthless, but we reassure you there is a way out. All you need is a talented marketing team and a bit of creativity. We know you already have the first part, so all we need to do is help you with the second part. Continue reading to discover how to create clever email subject lines that get noticed – and, most importantly, opened.

What Makes a Great Email Subject Line

Creating email subject lines that grab readers’ attention and serve your marketing objectives should be your top priority. To achieve that, there are certain elements that subject lines should have, no matter what. Let’s check them out:

  • Make it brief. Email subject lines are meant to be short and show the email’s value beforehand. That is even more important, seeing that many recipients will open your emails on mobile devices. Fortunately, most ESPs like AWeber and the most reliable AWeber alternatives allow you to preview how your emails look on different device types and check the components you must improve.
  • Get to the point. Email recipients are busy people looking for the benefits that come with the emails delivered to their inboxes. To stand out in such a crowded space, you need to share what valuable insights your emails have in store for them. So, if you can help your audience see outstanding results and want to spread the news, your email subject line is the appropriate place. 
  • Keep it relevant. Your email subject line could be clever, unique, and precise. But if it doesn’t match the email content, it will do more harm than good. Your subject lines should be aligned with your email objective so that readers know what to expect and if they are interested in reading more. The last thing you want is to make a promise you won’t keep and make them feel misled.
  • Personalize and conquer. Most subscribers have received tons of emails and have grown weary of emails without personalization elements. They need to feel special and that your brand has done its homework about who they are and what they want. Use the recipient data you have at your disposal to show them you care and give a human touch to your email promotions.
  • Avoid spammy tactics. Would you open an email with a subject line that is fully capitalized and includes spam-triggering words? Probably not, and neither will your subscribers. To stay away from spam, avoid too many special characters, excessive capitalization, and spammy words like “buy,”, “money,”, or “click”. 

Brilliant Email Subject Line Types That Get Opened

There are several approaches to catching your email recipients’ attention, from employing humor to piquing their curiosity. But putting in that creative spirit is a whole different matter, right? That’s why we compiled a list of the most brilliant email subject line examples to spark your inspiration and help you increase your open rates.

Generate urgency

When you include an element of urgency in your email subject lines, your recipients will open your emails in no time. Consumers tend to prioritize their purchase decisions based on the time sensitivity of the offer, and recipients are no different. Words like “now” or “limited time” can work wonders for your open rates, triggering subscribers to open and click through your email. So, if you have a time-sensitive offer, choose your marketing messaging wisely to highlight it in your email subject line. However, don’t overdo this type of promotion since receiving too many limited-time-only deals could get the opposite results and annoy your subscribers. 

Subject line: Limited-time offer: free premium wristband with any Steel HR purchase.

Resource: Nokia

Nokia is a brand that knows how to influence its subscribers to take the desired action and move down the sales funnel. This Valentine’s email promotion leverages time-sensitive language to create urgency. Not only that, but they made sure to include all the necessary information for readers to know what the deal is about. Recipients appreciate it when you save them time, and they can tell if they are interested in your promotion beforehand. 

Highlight your personality

Most experienced marketing professionals are aware of the benefits personalization brings to the table. But while tweaking email elements to the recipient’s preferences is of utmost importance, getting personal isn’t just about that. Subscribers love authenticity and unique marketing messages that stand out from the crowd. Your email subject lines must reflect your brand personality, no matter the email objective. But for this tip to work, you must establish your brand’s tone of voice. You can play it funny, witty, professional, or whatever characteristic fits your business objectives. So, get your creative juices flowing as long as you keep it relevant and consistent with your overall branding.

Subject line: Your cart is sobering up

Resource: Whisky Loot

Abandoned carts are an integral part of a successful e-commerce email marketing strategy, and it’s an excellent field to showcase your brand personality. From start to finish, the email copy is brilliant and reveals the personality behind the brand. Liquor Loot uses a clever pun in the subject line related to the product left behind. The email content is aligned with the subject line and the overall brand tone. Even if recipients don’t click on that “Treat yourself” CTA, they will open the email and relate the tone to the brand the next time they get an email from them. 

Show value

Email subject lines that announce exclusive deals, one-time offers, or special discounts are usually the ones with the highest open rates. That’s because they lead with the benefits, letting readers know what they can gain from opening and reading the email content. By being clear with your recipients from the start, you build a trusting relationship with them. When your email delivers on the promise in the subject line, you are one step closer to building customer loyalty. So, if your product or service solves an everyday challenge and helps them meet their goals, your email subject line should give readers a hint. To successfully follow this tip, make sure the language you use is actionable and precise, urging them to take action.

Subject line: Get a free handcrafted gift when you

Resource: Starbucks

This email subject line from Starbucks does much more than just mention a specific offer. They keep the recipient hanging on by stopping mid-sentence, almost forcing them to open the email and learn on what occasion they get the free drink. It’s straightforward, precise, and worth their while. From the benefits-oriented verb to the actionable email CTA, this email is about the reader taking the desired action within the specified time limit.

Ask a question

Posing questions is a popular content optimization strategy. Questions come with a double benefit: they increase recipients’ engagement and pique their curiosity. When subscribers come across a question in your subject line, it forces them to stop and think about the answer. To draw recipients into your email content, opt for intriguing questions that could open up a conversation rather than one with a simple yes or no answer. The sky is the limit here, but try to keep up with rising audience trends while staying on-brand. Their natural curiosity will be more than enough for them to want to learn more about it. 

Subject line: How much do you know about sleep?

Resource: Casper

Casper’s subject line isn’t just posing a question. The email subject line takes it one step further by giving them an idea of what the email is about. That way, recipients know exactly what’s in it for them and expect to find helpful information regarding their sleeping habits once they open the email. This email subject line example ticks all the boxes by combining an intriguing question that picks recipients’ interest and valuable content that addresses their pain points. 

Catchy Email Subject Line Examples

When it comes to email subject lines and the elements you could include to grab your readers’ attention, the sky is the limit. To stir your creative juices, we will present some of the most catchy email subject line examples that left us no choice but to open the emails.

  1. Subject line: Forget FOMO—see what’s waiting for you (Nike)

Looking for ways to leverage FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in a subject line to catch your recipient’s eye? FOMO is a psychological factor that many marketers rely on to motivate their target audience. Nike is our winner here. Readers know the email content addresses their needs just by reading the subject line. By asking recipients to forget about FOMO, Nike makes them feel included and that they are about to enter a world of exclusive deals and compelling product recommendations.

  1. Subject line: Get the story behind the brand (Drizly)

You can take one thing for granted: people love stories. Recipients have grown weary of companies going and on about their selling proposition. Sharing the story behind your brand adds a human touch to your emails. Your subscribers are curious about how everything started. Drizly’s subject line is attention-grabbing and straightforward. Email recipients appreciate knowing what they will read beforehand – in this case, inside information that makes them feel part of Drizly’s exciting journey.

  1. Subject line: Quiz: Which shower scent fits you best? (Harry’s)

Quizzes are among the most effective elements marketers can use to increase engagement. Even if a recipient isn’t interested in buying, the word quiz in an email subject line will make your email stand out in a stuffed inbox. That’s why Harry’s subject line highlights the quiz included and what it’s about. The quiz is related to the brand’s products, so recipients will be prompted to take it and find which shower scent matches their personality. And why not buy it, may we add.  

  1. Subject line: Your basket is having abandonment issues… 🙁 (Jack Wills)

Humor is, by definition, a crucial element to include in a catchy email subject line. Companies that employ it in their subject lines watch their open rates and recipient engagement increase. This email subject line from Jack Wills is clever and to the point. It puts a smile on the reader’s face and motivates them to open the email, go back to their abandoned items, and proceed with the purchase. 

  1. Subject line: You asked, we answered: What do I get as a member? (Thrive)

We can’t stress this enough; your audience loves knowing you care for them instead of just selling. Even more so when you hear them and are willing to address their concerns. This is precisely why this subject line from Thrive is so successful. It gives precise information on what readers will read in the email, meaning the benefits they gain as members. Subscribers always appreciate getting the answers they asked for, and “You asked, we answered” is as customer-centric as it gets.

  1. Subject line: Share your thoughts and get a chance at a $200 gift card! (Everlane)

Including surveys in your emails is highly recommended to increase recipients’ engagement. Surveys make customers feel their opinion matters and could shape your marketing strategy. In this email, Everlane isn’t limited to asking subscribers to answer the survey. The brand takes it one step further by adding a compelling incentive and highlighting it in the email subject line. Recipients are eager to offer feedback to a brand they have already interacted with. Even more so when it comes with a chance to win a $200 gift card.

Final Words

An email subject line is a critical component of every email promotion, giving marketers’ a headache each time they start crafting an email campaign. That’s because this tiny piece of content urges or discourages email recipients from opening an email. And seeing that they get tons of emails every day, you need to make that limited-character text count.

To do that, make sure to study your target audience and employ a brand tone that hits their soft spots. Create time-sensitive offers, ask questions they will be eager to answer, and always remember to show why your email marketing message is worth their while. Whatever you do, ensure you monitor how your email subject lines perform. 

All you need is reliable email marketing software with A/B testing capabilities that allow you to check what works and what doesn’t. Even if you discover your subject lines hit the target, don’t rest on your laurels and use those insights to continue tweaking your subject lines to drive long-term success. 

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