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10 Quick Ways To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate



Every business struggles to gain traction, thus indulge in building different strategies for it. Is gaining traction sufficient for your business to flourish, or should endeavor for more?

Brand visibility is the first step for any conversion business. But, the journey from brand visibility to conversion is a challenging task. Organizations tend to fail to encourage their visitors to take action when visiting their site. Your great deal of efforts become meaningless if your users aren’t buying or signing up for your email list or reach out through your contact form. 

Thus, if you are still worried about how to increase the conversion rate of your visits, you should follow these simple ways.

10 Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rate

1. Make the Content of Page Flowing

The content of the text on your website should be easily readable and flows to make continuous engagement. Above that, the headline or the title of the content must summarize the entire blog or article. Your user must be able to judge the content from the main headings.

Users tend to have a low span of interest and want to read less. So using informative titles, bullet points, and plenty of relatable images to help gain more traction. You can also shorten the paragraphs for the user. This will help encourage continuous reading and less bounce rate. 

2. Make Website Responsive to Mobile 

Google recently announced about penalizing those websites which aren’t mobile-responsive. Thus this announcement has forced websites to be mobile-friendly. The reason behind encouraging websites to become responsive to mobile devices is the increasing rate of phone users. 

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In 2017, it was surveyed that 252.7 million people use the internet on their phones, the rate increased to 262.4 million in 2018, and in 2019 it was 269.6 million. Thus you can evaluate the number of audiences you can cover through these handheld devices. So if you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, now is the time.

3. Optimize You Every Page 

Optimizing every page means using the right keywords. The terms that user types on the search engine and help them connect to your page. So when a user searches for a specific keyword on Google, they must land to your page instead of the competitor’s page.


In order to search engine refer our website for a particular search term, your page must be optimized. 

When the user lands to your site, you must ensure they do not abandon it within seconds. Your content must be able to deliver the answers to the question the user has been looking for. Focusing on the user intent and satisfying him will enhance your conversion rate, instead of bounce rates.

4. Ingrain CTA to Every Page

One of the aspects for any website to rank on search engines is CTA. Hubspot surveyed that personalized CTAs can convert 202% better where 330,000 CTAs were analyzed. 

Another proof that shows CTAs are a real deal-breaker – Facebook pages with call to actions saw the click-through rate by 285%. Similarly, Emails with a call to action messages were able to increases clicks by 371% and enhance sales by 1617%.

These data prove that when you guide your visitor to perform a task, they are likely to perform, instead of figuring out themselves, and you know this guidance can also drastically improve website conversion.

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5. Instead of Links Add Buttons

The best form of CTA is through buttons. Buttons can boost clicks by 45%. Moreover, you can add animation to the buttons in order to make it appealing. You can give a 3D effect to pop out on-page. You can add extra features such as changing color or font when clicked. Lastly, your message delivery must be clear and neat on the button. The clarity will guide users to take actions that help in conversion.

6. Readable CTAs for Users

We have been talking about how efficient a Call to Action can be. Every content written on the site must come to a valuable end, and it comes through CTA.

To help the customer take the necessary steps, you must keep everything on your website clear. Another aspect to keep in mind for increasing the conversion rate is by reducing the number of choices. You should be clear and straightforward to avoid possible confusion in the customer to make decisions.


7. Test Everything 

Testing is necessary to ensure everything is working as planned. The color of the website is appealing, the videos are placed well and are functional, the images added are relevant to the brand and can build an emotional connection with the user, every page design is consistent, and the font is readable. All these aspects are also vital for a great user experience. And a great user experience encourages conversions.

8. Include Testimonials and Reviews

In order to build trust, brands add testimonials. The reviews and testimonials are the experiences of the customers, which brands use to enhance recommendations. A survey found that 91% of consumers between ages 18-34 trust reviews as much as recommendations. Another study reveals, 93% of participants said, reading reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions. Testimonials and reviews are great influencers that can enhance conversion rates too. 

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9. Encourage a Polite Gesture

Polite gestures are another form of ingraining CTA. When you receive a success in converting a user into a loyal customer, offer a warm and gentle gesture, such as “Thank You”. 

Other than that, you can encourage your users to buy your other products and services at a substantial discount. This practice can either push the user for further purchases or recommendations. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

10. Run PPC Ads for Better Visibility

Ads and PPC is a way to make your brand visible to maximum. Social media plays a vital role in running PPC ads. Thus, it is equally essential you create a landing page that is consistent with ad copy for the users to visit. You must also educate the user as to what would happen when they click through your site.

In the Nutshell

Leveraging the power SEO Service Providers can help you imply all the aspects aforementioned to your website for conversions. You can either hire a dedicated SEO expert to analyze and monitor your website and optimize it for generating more traffic. 

Sprink Digital is a full-service online marketing agency primarily committed to the arena of Digital marketing exclusively. We consistently deliver outstanding results – and our philosophy ‘digital brand engagement’ permeates everything we do.



How SEO Works in Digital Marketing




Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing.

SEO helps with brand discoverability. When done right, SEO can create the most consistent and by far the highest-quality traffic source which doesn’t require on-going maintenance.

Yet, SEO is usually the most isolated part of the marketing. Whether it is an in-house team or a third-party service that’s delivering your SEO campaigns, it usually exists on its own without really communicating goals, progress or results to the whole company.

This creates silos that can lead to poor results and even reputation crises.

How does SEO work in digital marketing and how can a business make it work better?

What is SEO?

SEO is a collection of tactics (content, technical, link building, even website security and usability) that ensures that your website is easy to understand for search engines.

Basically, it ensures a machine knows that your page will be easy to find to a human being who is looking to solve a related problem.

Search engine traffic is one of the highest-quality traffic for many reasons:

  • Unlike PPC (paid) traffic, it doesn’t require an ongoing investment to keep coming
  • Unlike social media traffic,  it doesn’t require an ongoing work to keep coming
  • Unlike social media traffic, you are not interrupting people’s browsing. Instead you give them what they were actually searching for.

In other words, it is consistent and it converts well. No other digital marketing tactic beats that.

Apart from driving direct traffic, search engine optimization helps build brand awareness by increasing your brand’s organic findability.


Keep Your Whole Team Aware of Why SEO is Important

The great thing about today is that everyone understands the value of ranking high on Google! Sadly, however, many folks only know that they “need SEO” without having really understood what that means. 

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SEO these days is too hard for a digital marketer to do alone. Many SEOs find themselves in situations where an executive will simply come down and go “Why are we not ranking well for ‘dingwobble’?” 

Keep working hard with teams for them to understand how they contribute to the SEO process:

  • Product Marketers who are responsible for the business, personas and messaging understand that SEO is critical to driving the bottom line revenue numbers they are looking at. Part of the persona developing process should be the development of the “digital persona” – what websites and search terms are these people looking for? This helps the product marketer when it comes time to develop messaging, as that is going to be critical for developing the content, so the right search terms better be there!
  • Field Marketers responsible for the campaigns need to know how SEO fits within their campaign, how it in fact is core to our demand generation, and how to make sure to keep the campaigns integrated.
  • Marketing Communications is creating the content, so SEO should very well be top of mind for them, as the content itself will be critical in impacting how successful SEO will be.
  • But that’s not all! Often, other groups are creating content (Press Releases, Blog Posts, Presentations, etc.) that also end up on the web and impact SEO. Whether it’s Corporate Communications, Investor Relations or even Legal teams, working with them is critical.
  • IT manages the infrastructure and can be very critical to the technical aspects of SEO.
  • Sales and customer support teams are at the forefront of marketing talking to your future and current customers, so they need to be involved in the SEO strategy. Creating relevant content goes beyond keywords. It needs to address real problems and answer actual people’s questions, and your client-facing teams will be your best source of inspiration here.  
  • Executives also care! While they can’t often influence the day-to-day of SEO, they will care a lot about the bottom line, to which SEO contributes.
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Educating all of these people about SEO helps empower them, as well as position yourself, the SEO, as the subject matter expert who is not just someone back-office who gives very little visibility into the black box of SEO, but someone who is actively educating and contributing to the organization’s success.

Review and discuss common KPIs early and often to make sure everyone knows what victory looks like to the team.

Additionally, SEO should be a solid part of any project launch as it impacts every stage of product positioning. From choosing a business name to choosing a website builder, your initial efforts should be driven by SEO best practices.

What is the key to SEO success in a constantly changing environment?

As a practitioner of SEO, I believe that you need to look to ensure you are looking at both developing yourself in both depth and breadth of knowledge. A key danger in the name of being informed or being a part of the SEO community is spending all your time debating tactics and practices rather than testing them. 

Additionally, SEOs as with all employees need to look outside their field to stretch and learn how to be more well rounded. This could mean learning to code, or educating yourself in some other area of the business you work for.  This will expose you to ideas others may not have.

As a manager of people, success is really about diversity of expertise. Who you hire and the kind of people you hire will be far more valuable than much of what people invest in with regards to SEO programs. You have to have people who can roll with the punches and develop a skill for self-management and personal growth. 


Finally, I think knowing what your real goals are in having an SEO program are the key to long term success. The reality is you may get more traffic, but if that traffic is not from qualified leads and generates real revenue then the benefit may be very little. Having well defined goals and metrics will also help you avoid chasing algorithm changes and focus on the big picture.

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SEO is the most essential long-term digital marketing strategy but to make it really effective, you need a knowledge team that is well-integrated into the company’s life. Good luck!

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the brand NINJA at Internet Marketing Ninjas as well as the founder of numerous startups including MyBlogGuest, MyBlogU, ViralContentBee, TwChat and many more.

Ann Smarty has been an online marketing consultant for 10 years providing high-quality digital marketing consulting through her services and courses (both free and paid).

Ann Smarty’s content marketing ideas have been featured in NYtimes, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Land and many more. She is known for her indepth tool reviews, innovative content marketing advice and actionable digital marketing ideas.

Source: Ann Smarty

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