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7 Tips to Rev Up Your Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2022



7 Tips to Rev Up Your Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2022


Instagram has swiftly become everyone’s favorite social platform because of its capacity to create influencers, galleries for the user’s favorite posts, introduce stories, reels, shopping carts, and many other features.

As a result, an Instagram marketing strategy has become an integral part of a brand’s marketing strategy. You must’ve come across an increasing number of brands experimenting with gifs, memes, video marketing, reels, creative carousels and so on.

How to Develop an Instagram Marketing Strategy?

When planning your Instagram marketing strategy for 2022, there are numerous factors to consider. It’s not like Instagram didn’t already have various types of Instagram marketing tools like stories, IGTV and Instagram Live before Reels was announced.

90% of Instagram’s 1 billion active users are following a business on Instagram. It’s only logical that your business would have a presence on the platform with those numbers.

That said, there are numerous methods to use Instagram to market your business.

Instagram Marketing Strategies to Make Your Brand Shine on Instagram in 2022

#1. The Rise of Reels

Instagram reels, the platform’s newest feature, should be of particular interest to advertisers among the types of Instagram marketing.

A quick rundown: Instagram reels allow users to make and publish short video clips, ranging from three seconds to one minute, synced to music or other sounds. It’s comparable to TikTok’s short-video technique for viral success. Brands such as Netflix and Apply have already adopted reels to improve their Instagram presence.


Reels can help marketers improve audience engagement, increase brand exposure, and can even make your brand go viral on the platform itself.

Exploring Instagram reels trends has become important because:

  • Creators that use IG Reels and its tools and features have been rewarded with top-of-the-discovery-page visibility.
  • Instagram reels are a great way to capitalize on new interest and show how your product works using innovative video tactics.
  • It is a great method to reach closer to your target audience personally. Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look is a great approach to help them feel more connected to your brand.
  • You can keep your audience engaged for weeks on end with recurring content like podcasts, YouTube videos, and Instagram TV series, to name a few. Instagram reels can be used to preview new content and get your followers excited.
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#2. Shopping made Easy

Instagram’s shopping feature is now being used by both large and small businesses alike as one of the types of Instagram marketing strategy. More businesses will be able to use the tool once it is made available in more countries by the platform.

Just since 70% of buyers already use Instagram as a source of inspiration, it only follows that Instagram is making it even easier for users to shop without having to leave the platform.

Instagram in-app shopping is how the future of e-commerce looks because:

  • Customers can tap on the product tags to get more information. Your feed, stories, reels and life can all feature up to five goods from your catalog that you’ve chosen.
  • Instagram carousel photos are a great way to make your feed more shoppable. Similar to a standard carousel post, the images can hold up to 20 products that have been tagged.
  • As a result of their enormous sway in the market, Instagram influencers can significantly boost sales for your e-commerce store. The future of Instagram influencer marketing seems promising with such high demand.
  • Want to advertise user-generated content? Ask customers to share photos of your products when they’re using them. User-generated content adds more credibility to your brand.

#3. Going Live Brings your Marketing to Life

Companies quickly realize that Instagram Live is one of the best creative Instagram marketing ideas and suggest a new way to sell their products and services. As long as your audience perceives that they benefit from your broadcast, they are more tolerant of your mistakes than you might think.

Instagram Live is a powerful tool for attracting new users, fostering conversation and even promoting your products.

Instagram Live, however, does not allow for retakes, so planning is key.

  • Instagram Live is one of the most participatory video platforms on Instagram since it allows viewers to post comments and queries in real-time.
  • When the prospective users check what’s trending on Instagram this week, you are more likely to get viewership.
  • To keep your live broadcast on your Instagram page, you can post it to IGTV. As a result, anyone who missed it can return to watch it at any time within the 24-hour window.
  • When you’re on Instagram Live, you will be visible to all your Instagram followers who open their app when your broadcast is live.
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#4. Instagram Video – the Never-Dying Marketing Tool

In the same way that a picture is equivalent to a thousand words in written form, a video can convey even more information as one of the most creative Instagram marketing trends in 2022. Video is a powerful medium for showcasing your brand’s personality and the stories behind it.

Instagram trends for 2022 have brought about a new video format, Instagram Video, a combination of IGTV and feed videos. For these videos, creators can add filters, location, captions, or tags just like they would for images.

  • Select a good cover photo: The cover photo chosen to represent your video will be the first thing a user sees when browsing through their feed. It has the potential to impact whether or not they view the video
  • Involve captions: One of the reasons we enjoy seeing videos with captions in our feed is because it enables us to watch videos even without sound in certain social situations. It grabs people’s attention faster and conveys your message even without music.

#5. The Power of User-Generated Content

Original, brand-specific content developed by customers and distributed on social media or other channels is known as user-generated content (also known as UGC or consumer-generated content). Images, videos, reviews, a testimonial, or even a podcast are all examples of user-generated content and creative Instagram marketing ideas.

Companies should use consumer-sourced Instagram marketing content since:

  • A large majority of consumers believe authenticity to be a critical component when picking which brands to support.
  • Geotags, also known as location tags, are pinned geo-coordinates displaying your information on a map. When Instagrammers share content, they employ location tags, and you should include them in your social media posts.
  • Simply ask a question and urge your followers to share and tag you in a post. People, after all, appreciate being the center of attention and feeling exceptional.
  • Are you collecting feedback? Put them to good use! Share them in the post’s copy or, for extra impact, make an image or video.
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#6. Authentic Content is Always Valuable

Authenticity may be an overused marketing cliché, but it’s one of the most successful methods to develop real relationships with your online audience.

Whether you have 500 or 500,000 followers, staying true to your brand will resonate with your audience and help you expand. Instagram marketing tools will help you boost engagement.

Authenticity requires honesty to use our language accurately. Your target demographic can smell deception or a brand trying to cash in on a trend a mile away. To analyze the performance of your brand’s social media marketing strategy, you can use Hootsuite alternatives to collect the data in a centralized location and evaluate what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

#7. Instagram Story Ads

Ads in Instagram Stories can reach a massive audience of over 500 million people per day. Businesses account for a third of the most popular Stories, and 60 percent of users report finding new products as a result of their use of the site. This showcases the effect of Instagram story trends 2022.

With those kinds of figures, it’s tempting to throw up a random Stories Ad and wait for the clicks to pour in. However, given the amount of ad content already on the app, converting ad views into sales can be difficult for brands. Creating the most popular content on Instagram has become a little tricky. Hence, you must choose a goal for your project.

What are you hoping to achieve with your advertising campaign? Reach, brand exposure, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation and conversions are all achievable goals for Instagram Story ads.


Marketers who haven’t taken advantage of Instagram business marketing miss out on a huge opportunity. Whether you are a small business, startup, or even a large corporation, tap into Instagram and make it a part of your digital marketing strategy.

With more than 800 million users on Instagram, this platform needs to be a part of your social media strategy arsenal.

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Excellent Tips To Optimize Your Sales Funnel With The Help Of Heatmap Tools



Excellent Tips To Optimize Your Sales Funnel With The Help Of Heatmap Tools

The lives of enterprises are growing increasingly tough as people’s lifestyles change. People are increasingly turning to internet retailers to meet their needs, resulting in increased market rivalry.

Continuous conversion funnel and conversion rate optimization have become critical for the successful functioning of online enterprises, which is no longer as simple as it may appear.

Don’t worry, you can learn how to perform this optimization procedure quickly and easily with the help of heatmap tools in the sections below.

A few words about the conversion funnel

The conversion funnel depicts the journey from a casual visitor to a paying customer. Consider it a funnel or filter through which all of your visitors pass, with just the consumers emerging at the other end.

It’s vital to remember that just 4-9% of your visitors will make it to the end of the funnel on average, so don’t be alarmed if your measures reveal that you have considerably fewer customers than visitors. This is very normal.

There are three parts of the conversion funnel:

However, various tactics must be used in each part. It makes no difference whether you use a top-down or bottom-up marketing strategy or analytic procedure.


If you don’t take these factors into consideration, you’ve already committed the most basic mistake in the optimization process.

You can find a different segment in each stage.

Simple visitors are found in the top funnel. They may have arrived with the goal of making a purchase, but they could also want to read your blog post. Of course, even if they didn’t mean to, you want them to purchase from you.

Because this stage comprises a huge number of people, you must pay special care to pique their interest and establish confidence. You risk failing at the first hurdle if you don’t examine these variables.

People that are interested in your goods and are familiar with you and your purpose are generally present in the middle part. This is one of the most difficult assignments since it has the highest chance of failure.

Information retrieval is frequently the most important aspect of this stage of the conversion funnel. Your prospective clients will compare you to your competition and seek reviews and information.

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People that wish to buy your goods are in the bottom funnel. They have already made a choice, nevertheless, a terrible action might cause them to reconsider.

Here, strive for genuineness. You must structure everything so that potential purchasers are not put off from making a purchase.


But how you can optimize these stages? What analytics tool do you have to use and how?

Let’s see the answer.

Heatmap tools in the optimization process

Let’s take a look at how it works in practice now that we’ve gone over the basic components and functionalities.

Continuous measuring is a necessary aspect of the procedure. Unfortunately, the procedure cannot be carried out successfully without it.

When you think about analytics, you probably think of a big chart or a lot of statistics, but you’ll need a far more creative and efficient approach here. Heatmaps are a good way to do this.

Heatmap analysis is a method for determining how effective a website is. You may use heatmaps to see how your visitors interact with your website, which subpages they visit, and which buttons they click.

Warm colors indicate high-performing areas of your website, whereas cold colors indicate low-performing elements. If you want to optimize your conversion funnel, you’ll need this information.


But, because you’re probably curious about how heatmap tools may be used in the optimization process, let’s get right in.

Upper funnel part

You must reach three elements at the top of the funnel:

  • A structure that is visible
  • Content of high quality
  • Personal information

Let’s get this party started. You must offer your website a clear structure in order for your visitors to spend more time on it and not depart after a few seconds.

We suggest that you examine the most popular portions of your website with heatmaps and then put each of the key subpages accordingly. This is significant because you may post them in a location where your visitors will be likely to locate them.

Also, keep in mind that these visitors will most likely arrive at your landing page first. You must only list subpages that are relevant to the upper funnel group.

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Using heatmaps to discover these might also be a useful approach to do so since the analysis will reveal which pages you visit frequently. You can rely on this information.

You should disclose as much information about yourself as possible at this point of the conversion funnel. You should be able to tell who you are, what your aim is, and what you’re dealing with right away on the landing page.

By doing so, you establish trust and assist your visitors in becoming prospective clients from the start. But where should you store this data?

Don’t worry, a heatmap will tell you all you need to know.


When it comes to optimizing your upper funnel, one last thing to think about is displaying high-quality content. Based on the facts you provide, visitors may figure out what you’re doing and how you evaluate your items. But how can they be sure it’s true?

Share some blog post data about you and your items on your landing page to give your visitors the impression that you’re speaking the truth.

If you don’t want this to happen, create a subpage on your blog where your readers may find these articles.

Feel free to utilize a heatmap to assist you to put this as well, since this will allow you to place your blog’s subpage in the best possible location.

As you can see, improving the top of your conversion funnel is a quite involved procedure. However, don’t panic you’ve already completed the most difficult of the three sections.

Middle funnel part

The deeper down the conversion funnel you go, the more specialized work you’ll have to undertake. This implies that while the number of jobs you have will reduce, you will have to cope with an increasing number of them.

Visitors have already turned into prospective consumers by the time they reach the middle stage. In this step, the most crucial thing is to persuade them to buy your goods.

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In this instance, there are two little things you should keep in mind:

  • Your products’ location
  • Building a foundation of trust

Use heatmap tools to make some basic analysis before you cut into it.

Determine which of your items is the most popular. Put these items or services near the top of your subpage so that potential purchasers don’t have to scroll too far to locate them.

We have the items and have been provided everything we need to purchase them. What may the issue be?

The danger. When making purchases, keep in mind that this influence is constantly there.

Make a scroll heatmap analysis of your website and put customer reviews depending on the measurement to remove this.

The scroll heatmap displays how long customers spend scrolling across your website, allowing you to strategically post reviews. This will lower the perceived risk and make it easier for your goods to be added to the cart.

Lower funnel part

Your product is already in the cart at the bottom of the funnel. The only thing that separates a potential buyer from being a buyer is this one stage. What kind of issue might arise?

If a potential buyer refuses to buy or cannot pay, the response is straightforward.

In the study of the cart, the use of heatmap tools is quite important. Examine how your customers utilize your cart, where they frequently click, and what they do.


Based on this data, you can set the payment CTA in the appropriate location and provide a clear, safe structure to your cart. If you want your conversion funnel to be well-optimized, these criteria are critical.

Also, make sure to include cash-on-delivery, as some consumers are still wary of online payment methods.


Heatmap tools are used throughout the conversion funnel optimization process, as you can see. Do not begin the procedure in any way unless you have this tool.

Other measuring methods, such as session replays, can, of course, be used in addition to a heatmap. This can also improve process efficiency.

We hope we can help.

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