Uses and Importance of Instagram Hashtags for your business.

Tips and trends to boost Instagram reach.

We all are on Instagram these days, and we all want maximum reach for our business accounts for Instagram. Use of hashtags can help you reach Instagram organic reach. Instagram hashtags in social media marketing are considered as an important aspect for the success of a business account.

You must have observed that Instagram search has a limited reach. But when you want to search for a particular figure, product or news, use of a particular hashtag can directly lead to recent and most liked / viewed source page. This is how hashtags work.

Where you can search using hashtags

Instagram is a platform where you can search on three different features that is there on Instagram, which you must be aware of – Instagram Reels, Instagram IGTV, Instagram feed post.

Use of hashtags is open and you can use relevant source while posting it. But there is a limited number of hashtags that you can use in your posts.

Following is the limitation that is there for the IGTV, Reels and Feed post –

·         For feed post you can use up to 30 hashtags for a particular posting. You can use these hashtags in your caption or in your comment section. More than 30 hashtags will not show up, if you post more than that.

·         For Instagram stories, you can use up to three hashtags precisely, in this you can also make use of and post from Instagram stickers at least one and post it on the story.

·         When you are posting an IGTV video, you can in your video description can post up to 30 hashtags. Posting more than that will just disappear.

Where you should post your Instagram hashtags?

Everyone uses hashtags to outreach to maximum number of people, Hashtags can be posted in a caption or in a comment section as well but as per your choice.

There is both the caption and comment section where you can post your hashtags and there is no difference in their functionality.

The difference here is people tend to either click on more, while reading your Instagram caption or they will look for comments to comment something or read comments. You can plan out strategically according to your content that what people will mostly click on. Your attractive caption or comment section in case of opinions, polls etc. It will not make any difference in how it will function.  

Make use of popular and in trend hashtags

To maximize your reach, always search for trending hashtags which are in use in recent. Make use of it and post it in your content. Posting popular and in trend hashtags will follow and help you boost your post.

Out of 30 hashtags that is the limit, you can make use of 4-5 such popular hashtags in your post. This can help you get some quick likes and reach. This can help people to reach your account and they even may like your content and become your follower. So, making use of trending hashtags will always have a use and help boost your posts.

Why are Instagram Hashtags important?

Now that you understand how you can make use of Instagram hashtags, here are a few key points on importance of Instagram.

·         Using relevant targeted hashtags on your posts and stories is considered one of the best practice ways to discover and attract new audience. This can help you gain more engagement, more followers and customers for your business.

·         Instagram hashtags works by organizing and categorizing content, photos according to the post you are posting.

·         Use of right hashtags can put you in front, and target the right audience even if they are not connected to your account and never have reached you.

·         You can post and make use of Instagram hashtags only when you have a public account. So if you have a business and want to grow your business make your business account public.

·         Instagram hashtags are best way to grow and engage your audience, use of Instagram hashtags can help you for this growth.

How to know your hashtags are working?

Using hashtags on your posts is by using relevant and trending hashtags. Checking your Instagram hashtags are working or not is the next step you would want to check upon.

To check whether people found your content, one of the ways is to review the insight for the post that you posted. When you have a business account, after posting your content, there is an option of view insight below your photo post. Tap and view the insight section. There you can see multiple useful things for your account like – likes on that post, comments, how many people saved that post, how many people sent that post to others, how many reach through hashtags, profile visits, website clicks.

These are the simple features, Instagram will give you handy to make use of this and check the insight of your post. You just have to click on the option.  

In other words, Instagram hashtags for business is an important part for social media marketing and it is in a very popular use by every social media management campaigns as it helps in growing and maximizing reach of your Instagram account.

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