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Wix vs WordPress? Mueller Says Solve Content Issues



Wix vs WordPress

Someone tweeted their intention to build a Wix site to test how well it ranks for local search compared to WordPress. John Mueller responded with a series of helpful suggestions, emphasizing that platforms that take care of the technical are ideal for small business owners.

Wix Versus WordPress

The initial tweet was about creating a test between Wix and WordPress.

Rob May (@robinlmay) tweeted:

“Going to get and build a @Wix site and see if I can get it ranking in some local city (here) for #SEO related services (as a test against WordPress) – just to see if it will work. Will take all appropriate steps/measures for best practices. Huh. Wonder how that will go?”

Tests Can Be Misleading

One of the things about SEO tests is that they are subject to interpretation. In other words, the meaning of the result cannot ever be known because the conclusions reached are only guesses about what is going on at Google.

Without a complete understanding of how Google ranks a site, the conclusions reached are strictly limited by the amount of understanding the person interpreting the results has.

Data is objective. The interpretation of that data is subjective.

Mueller alluded to this in his response:

“Test sites can be hard to use as… tests. Put the same effort in as you would with a real site.”

Rob May agreed, tweeting:

“Absolutely John. Absolutely! Think I’m looking at it from “clients side”. New business/idea. Do they need full out WordPress 10K build if they are testing a business idea? Perhaps a less expensive option to start and help budgets along on the marketing. Would Wix be that option?”

Mueller responded that the technical side of SEO is increasingly less important than the content side of it.

He tweeted:

“The more small business sites I see, the fewer I see with technical SEO issues, and the more the issues lie with the content (stale, duplicated across multiple sites, incorrect, low-quality, etc). CMSs tend to get most technical things right (or “right enough”) nowadays.”

John Mueller followed that tweet with this observation:

“What I recommend to small businesses is: never self-host, avoid plugins, buy your domain name, use a simple & reliable platform, use 2-factor authentication, have 2+ people internally who can update your site’s content, get local SEO help.”

Uncomplicated and Reliable

Simplicity is always the stumbling block for many small businesses. A chef cannot be expected to also be a WordPress expert. During a pandemic the restaurants that are surviving are the ones that can take orders online.

Taking the complexity out of the online presence is super important for small businesses who can’t always afford to have an IT person on staff.

WordPress Versus Wix

The challenge in the original tweet was WordPress versus Wix. Which platform is ideally suited for small businesses?

WordPress for Small Business?

WordPress is slowly working toward becoming a platform that allows publishers to focus on content and less on code. Their Gutenberg publishing technology, currently still in development, is designed with non-coding publishers in mind.

But Gutenberg is still a work in progress. Full Site Editing (FSE) capability is scheduled to be released on June 2021.

The version of Gutenberg to be released in June is what is known as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP is a release that has all the features necessary to be useful but not in a complete state.

The development of the different WordPress Gutenberg features is split between different groups working on the different projects.

According to WordPress:

“Knitting each project together creates a vision of the minimum viable product (MVP) for FSE. Together they outline an architecture that allows the expression of a full theme using blocks and an editor capable of customizing that theme.

The MVP should make it possible to build a version of the Twenty Twenty-One theme, using only blocks, without any coding knowledge.”

Clearly, WordPress is not an out of the box solution. A small business owner must think about structured data, hosting, updating the WordPress software including plugins and themes.

Wix Handles the Technology

Wix, on the other hand is expressly designed to take the hurt out of creating a web presence for local businesses.

I asked Mordy Oberstein (@MordyOberstein) , the Wix Liaison to the SEO community why Wix might be ideally suited for small businesses.

He answered:

“Wix does a lot in order to provide its users with the proper defaults so that our site owners can focus on running their businesses and growing their online presence.

This takes the form of anything from not allowing multiple canonicals for the same URL to converting images to WebP automatically (when appropriate) to providing out-of-the-box markup for various page types. The latter is a perfect example.”

Self-serve or Managed

For web hosting there are thousands of different options. But out of all the options they are actually just two kinds. Self-managed and managed.

Self-managed is cheaper because the customer updates the server software, uploads new software and so on.

In a managed environment the customer pays extra so that the hosting company takes care of all the little details that come with managing a hosting environment.

Creating a web presence has not yet reached the same level as managed or self-managed. In most cases, particularly with WordPress, a small business owner is looking at self-managed solutions.

That quality of self-managed is what Rob May was looking for from Wix, in addition to seeing if it could rank well.

He related that his agency deals primarily with WordPress but he wanted to test if Wix could handle the technical parts of a web presence in order to create a more frictionless experience.

When someone asked Rob if he was against WordPress he answered no.

He tweeted:

“Not against it. Our agency operates in WordPress primarily (and Shopify). I just want to see if I can get a basic Wix site ranking – easier without dev help, plugins, – keeping it simple, light and hopefully fast/mobile responsive and what that timeline and outcome will look like”

Structured Data

An increasingly important aspect of ranking well in Google, particularly for small businesses is structured data. Structured data communicates a great deal of information that can result in rich results.

I asked Mordy about how Wix handled structured data and he explained:

“When Google updated their requirements for Event Structured Data to include the offers.priceCurrency property there was nothing Wix users needed to do, we already included this property in our out-of-the-box markup.

As such, Wix business owners running paid events could focus on the business of running paid events without having to worry about their appearance on the SERP as a rich result.

In terms of Structured Data, Wix users can add custom markup, in JSON-LD, to any of their static pages with ease. We automatically create out-of-the-box markup for dynamic pages related to products, events, bookings, and beyond.

Currently, the out-of-the-box markup we create can be overridden by using our recently renamed development tool, Velo, so that SEOs who want to add custom properties can.”

Rob May was optimistic about his test. Wix has a lot to offer in a fairly managed web platform. Anything that can handle the technology side will free the small business owner to focus on their business.

Rob tweeted:

“Yep. Will be giving it a go, but the test will revolve around speed and load time, mainly for images as Ecomm sites usually have many that impact across various plugins which impact rendering and load time. Still need to work out some details. Want a real site to give it a go!”

Keep an Open Mind

In all things it’s important to keep an open mind. There’s a lot to recommend about WordPress. It’s the top choice for building an online presence. It has a huge ecosystem of paid and free options that can make most any online business a reality.

Wix on the other hand frees the small business person to focus building a business as opposed to building a website.

Looking forward to seeing the results of Rob’s test.


Read the original discussion here.

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Facebook Faces Yet Another Outage: Platform Encounters Technical Issues Again




Facebook Problem Again

Uppdated: It seems that today’s issues with Facebook haven’t affected as many users as the last time. A smaller group of people appears to be impacted this time around, which is a relief compared to the larger incident before. Nevertheless, it’s still frustrating for those affected, and hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon by the Facebook team.

Facebook had another problem today (March 20, 2024). According to Downdetector, a website that shows when other websites are not working, many people had trouble using Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has had issues. Just a little while ago, there was another problem that stopped people from using the site. Today, when people tried to use Facebook, it didn’t work like it should. People couldn’t see their friends’ posts, and sometimes the website wouldn’t even load.

Downdetector, which watches out for problems on websites, showed that lots of people were having trouble with Facebook. People from all over the world said they couldn’t use the site, and they were not happy about it.

When websites like Facebook have problems, it affects a lot of people. It’s not just about not being able to see posts or chat with friends. It can also impact businesses that use Facebook to reach customers.

Since Facebook owns Messenger and Instagram, the problems with Facebook also meant that people had trouble using these apps. It made the situation even more frustrating for many users, who rely on these apps to stay connected with others.

During this recent problem, one thing is obvious: the internet is always changing, and even big websites like Facebook can have problems. While people wait for Facebook to fix the issue, it shows us how easily things online can go wrong. It’s a good reminder that we should have backup plans for staying connected online, just in case something like this happens again.

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We asked ChatGPT what will be Google (GOOG) stock price for 2030



We asked ChatGPT what will be Google (GOOG) stock price for 2030

Investors who have invested in Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) stock have reaped significant benefits from the company’s robust financial performance over the last five years. Google’s dominance in the online advertising market has been a key driver of the company’s consistent revenue growth and impressive profit margins.

In addition, Google has expanded its operations into related fields such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These areas show great promise as future growth drivers, making them increasingly attractive to investors. Notably, Alphabet’s stock price has been rising due to investor interest in the company’s recent initiatives in the fast-developing field of artificial intelligence (AI), adding generative AI features to Gmail and Google Docs.

However, when it comes to predicting the future pricing of a corporation like Google, there are many factors to consider. With this in mind, Finbold turned to the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT to suggest a likely pricing range for GOOG stock by 2030. Although the tool was unable to give a definitive price range, it did note the following:

“Over the long term, Google has a track record of strong financial performance and has shown an ability to adapt to changing market conditions. As such, it’s reasonable to expect that Google’s stock price may continue to appreciate over time.”

GOOG stock price prediction

While attempting to estimate the price range of future transactions, it is essential to consider a variety of measures in addition to the AI chat tool, which includes deep learning algorithms and stock market experts.

Finbold collected forecasts provided by CoinPriceForecast, a finance prediction tool that utilizes machine self-learning technology, to anticipate Google stock price by the end of 2030 to compare with ChatGPT’s projection.

According to the most recent long-term estimate, which Finbold obtained on March 20, the price of Google will rise beyond $200 in 2030 and touch $247 by the end of the year, which would indicate a 141% gain from today to the end of the year.

2030 GOOG price prediction: Source: CoinPriceForecast

Google has been assigned a recommendation of ‘strong buy’ by the majority of analysts working on Wall Street for a more near-term time frame. Significantly, 36 analysts of the 48 have recommended a “strong buy,” while seven people have advocated a “buy.” The remaining five analysts had given a ‘hold’ rating.

1679313229 737 We asked ChatGPT what will be Google GOOG stock price
Wall Street GOOG 12-month price prediction: Source: TradingView

The average price projection for Alphabet stock over the last three months has been $125.32; this objective represents a 22.31% upside from its current price. It’s interesting to note that the maximum price forecast for the next year is $160, representing a gain of 56.16% from the stock’s current price of $102.46.

While the outlook for Google stock may be positive, it’s important to keep in mind that some potential challenges and risks could impact its performance, including competition from ChatGPT itself, which could affect Google’s price.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

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This Apple Watch app brings ChatGPT to your wrist — here’s why you want it



Apple Watch Series 8

ChatGPT feels like it is everywhere at the moment; the AI-powered tool is rapidly starting to feel like internet connected home devices where you are left wondering if your flower pot really needed Bluetooth. However, after hearing about a new Apple Watch app that brings ChatGPT to your favorite wrist computer, I’m actually convinced this one is worth checking out.

The new app is called watchGPT and as I tipped off already, it gives you access to ChatGPT from your Apple Watch. Now the $10,000 question (or more accurately the $3.99 question, as that is the one-time cost of the app) is why having ChatGPT on your wrist is remotely necessary, so let’s dive into what exactly the app can do.

What can watchGPT do?

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