Crowdfunding Explained: 3 Simple Steps

Crowdfunding is an easy process of raising funds from crowds for a medical, personal, or social cause on an online platform. Some people encounter medical emergencies, in which case it’s impossible for them to handle the expense. What crowdfunding will do is, besides asking for help from a few people around, your need to raise money will be shared online. When hundreds of people look at the purpose of your fundraiser, they will voluntarily donate to support you. All you need to do is, start. Here are 3 simple steps to start and have successful crowdfunding.

Create A Fundraiser

Fundraiser or Fund-raising is a process of raising voluntary funds. ImpactGuru, one of the best platforms for medical fundraising gives you an easy to use the online platform to help you through this journey. You can start a fundraiser on your own or you can assign someone you trust to handle it for you.

What does the fundraiser include?

A fundraiser tells your story. If you want to raise money for a medical emergency then your fundraiser will talk about the emergency you encountered and what state it has put you in. The most important thing to know is that it’s okay to be vulnerable. We understand this is a hard time for you, but remember that everyone in this space is here to support you. You are building a connection when you tell your story. So, it’s okay to overshare. Writing a story may be hard, at ImpactGuru we have professionals who help you at every step of your fundraiser.

Starting a fundraiser at ImpactGuru comes with 0% fee.  


The impact that a clear image has on a viewer is often underestimated. Therefore, it is always encouraged to add an image to your fundraiser. An image gives visual aid to your story.


People will either read your story or watch your story. After writing your story you must create a video showcasing your fundraising cause. It’s a visual alternative to your story. Show it the way you want people to see. ImpactGuru, with its premium services, help you narrate your story in a way it best reaches people.

Share, Share, And Share!

Crowdfunding is raising funds from the crowd. For that, you want the fundraiser you created to reach the crowd.  You need to have a wide social media presence for your fundraiser to reach the masses. You simply have to share. 

To start with, you can share your fundraiser on WhatsApp with all your contacts and groups and ask them to share it with their contacts. This is the simplest way to start a never-ending chain of sharing. Sharing can also be done on Facebook were with one share you reach hundreds of people at once. Facebook is a very effective social media tool for fundraising. Instagram, on the other hand, can be used to share more visuals of your fundraiser, images, and videos. Twitter can be used to share the title of your fundraiser and link it to your campaign. Social media is a strong tool for fundraising because of the innumerable amount of reach.

Receive Donations

After you have started sharing, people who believe in your cause will start donating. By following the first two steps correctly, this step should be a part of your success. ImpactGuru works on trust and safety, so you don’t have to worry about your donations being transferred.


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