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6 Facebook Ad Strategies All Ecommerce Brands Need



Passivity isn’t something that the typical online retailer can afford. If you sit back and expect the shoppers to roll in (as they might for a well-placed brick-and-mortar store), you’ll be sorely disappointed: while there is a virtual equivalent of footfall to be earned in the form of organic traffic, search rankings aren’t static, and an inconvenient Google update can sink you.

This is why pay-per-click advertising remains an invaluable sales tool. It’s flexible, rapidly adjustable (you can create, pause, resume or delete a PPC campaign at your leisure), and consistently effective if handled correctly — this includes choosing an approach that suits your specific needs. You’ll achieve solid ROI that’s easy to track, and have a fantastic platform for refining your efforts to do even better in the future.

And while you can advertise through Google, Twitter, or even Amazon, your main focus should be Facebook. It has by far the biggest reach of any social advertising platform, and with the remarkable complexity of its targeting options, you can keenly tailor your campaigns and ads to reach only the most relevant people.

So how should you use it correctly? Well, in this piece, we’re going to look at 6 strategies that all ecommerce brands should be using for Facebook Ads. Let’s begin:

Improve upon competitor ads

If you think originality is one of the most important elements of running good PPC ads, you’re right — but your concept of originality might be somewhat questionable. In practice, originality isn’t about developing everything from scratch to be distinct. It’s about building on what’s gone before: taking established ingredients and putting your own spin on them.

Accordingly, the smartest way to proceed often involves taking inspiration from what your direct rivals are doing. If you know that a competitor is thriving, and you can see that it’s investing heavily in Facebook ads, then there’s a solid chance that its tactics are working. Something you should absolutely try is iterating upon their methods. Do what they’re doing, but with a fresh tweak to make yours stand out — see how it pans out.

Direct people to your content

Have you put a fair amount of time into content marketing? If you haven’t, then that’s something else you need to rectify. Providing high-value original content is a key part of building a great modern brand, as it shows professionalism and expertise and brings in valuable traffic. Your instinct might be to stick to promoting your products, but that isn’t the only way to go.

Some people just won’t buy products through ads, but they might click on ads that offer interesting content. Once they reach your content, of course, you’ll be able to push them towards converting in a much more subtle way. It’s all about understanding the marketing funnel enough to apply pressure at the most opportune times.

Invest in excellent visuals

Because Instagram has been owned by Facebook since 2012, there’s rich connectivity between the two that even encompasses advertising — in fact, running Instagram ads requires the use of a linked Facebook page, and provides all the same options. And when you run a Facebook Ads campaign, you don’t just get the option of extending your ads to Instagram: it’s enabled by default provided you choose a compatible campaign objective.

So even if you’re under the impression that the visuals for Facebook ads don’t matter so much (they do), it’s tough to contend that it’s not worth making an effort for Instagram. Plenty of marketers budget heavily for volume but use low-quality stock images. Instead of doing that, invest in superb product photos and videos. The results will justify it.

Use multi-product ads

Multi-product ads do exactly what the name suggests: they display multiple products alongside one another (though you can also use a multi-product ad to display multiple tiles about a single product). For the cost of one ad placement, you can get eyes on several items, making it very economical if you’re trying to budget more carefully.

Is it a good idea in all situations? No, certainly not — but if you have several items in a range that you recommend buying together, or you want to show off the options for a particular category (proving that your store offers a lot of choices), then it’s tremendously useful.

Highlight positive UGC

Advertising annoys some people because they don’t want to hear what brands have to say about themselves. They assume that claims will be wildly exaggerated and products will be presented as far better than they really are — and it’s tough to blame them. So what can you do to bypass that skepticism (or even cynicism)?

One of the best options is to focus on UGC, or user-generated content, which encompasses everything from customer reviews of your products to photos customers have taken of your products in real-world use. Carefully-selected UGC paints your products (and your brand) in a positive light in a convincing way: it’s much easier to believe praise from a fellow shopper than it is to believe praise that a seller is giving itself.

Promote sales chatbots

Chatbots have rapidly gone from simple novelties to practical tools, particularly in ecommerce where being able to quickly and effortlessly answer customer queries (at great scale, no less) is absolutely essential for making sales and retaining interest. By implementing a chatbot through Facebook Messenger, you can give your store a support service that almost any customer can access (considering the incredible reach of Facebook).

When it comes to PPC, then, the trick is to use click-to-Messenger ads: instead of marketing your products, content, or UGC, they market your chatbot (or chatbots). That way, you can write copy explaining the value of your chatbot service and provide a direct link for the reader to start a conversation. Someone who won’t click for a product or because of UGC might click for an opportunity to get some relevant questions answered, so it covers another base.

Each of these Facebook PPC strategies brings something different to the table. You can use all of them, or just attempt a few of them — regardless, you should be able to meaningfully boost your performance in the process.


Awkward police mishap on popular Aussie beach: ‘Not a great idea’



Awkward police mishap on popular Aussie beach: 'Not a great idea'

Two police officers were left with bruised egos on Saturday after their car became bogged at a popular beach in Western Australia.

The male officers were new to the Esperance area, Western Australia Police revealed in a post on Facebook, and their interesting attempt to meet the locals left the masses amused.

Pictures of the incident were shared online and show the Toyota Camry — a front-wheel drive — parked up nice and close to the water’s edge at the popular Wharton Beach. The officers are seen trying to free the wheels of their car from the sand but eventually turned to locals for help.

Police officers became bogged in the sand at a Wharton beach in WA. Source: Facebook/WA Police Force

The beach is popular for surfing and allows vehicle access, but only for 4WD cars as smaller cars may struggle. So it’s no surprise their Toyota Camry got stuck. Another beachgoer helped the police car to safety with a video showing the white 4WD pulling the police vehicle from the sand using a rope.

The unusual scenes caught the attention of dozens of beachgoers who watched as the car was being towed. Photos were also shared on a popular Facebook page ‘Bogged’ where it racked up thousands of likes and comments from amused social media users.

WA police responds to amusing beach blunder

Esperance Police has increased patrols over the holiday period in response to an increased number of “hoon drivers” on popular beaches in the area. It’s believed these officers were carrying out their patrol when they became stuck. Goldfields-Esperance District WA Police shared details of the ordeal on Facebook and thanked those who rushed to the officers’ aid.

“Esperance Police would like to welcome SC Neville to the team who started today and found a new way to engage with our wonderful local community,” the post said, alongside photos of the incident.

No one was injured and no damage was done to the car, police said. The egos of the officers involved, however, “are in for repair” the police force joked after their beach blunder was made public.

Locals on the beach rushed to the aid of the police officers after car got bogged on sand.

Locals on the beach rushed to the aid of the officers. Source: Facebook/WA Police Force

“Imagine driving a Camry on the beach,” one person mocked on Facebook with others agreeing it’s “not a great idea” to be driving a two-wheeled-drive on the sand.

“When you’re asked to ‘patrol the beaches’ and you take it literally….,” another joked.

“Hahaha they’re only human too… good to see the locals and tourists helping where needed! Well done,” one other said.

A beachgoer in a white 4WD helped tow the police car off the sand.

A beachgoer in the white 4WD helped tow the police car off the sand. Source: Facebook/Bogged

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‘Fire-breathing demon’: shelter opts for honesty in adoption ad for ‘full-jerk’ dog | Dogs



Maybe he’s born with it, maybe he really is a “full jerk”, “fire-breathing demon” and equally adorable 26lb dog with boundary issues.

Meet Ralphie, a 14-month-old French bulldog whose owners surrendered him at the Niagara SPCA, a no-kill shelter in Niagara Falls, New York earlier this month where a very unconventional approach is being taken to finding him new owners.

In their Facebook ad for his adoption, the shelter didn’t sugarcoat Ralphie’s aggressive nature that they say would only be suitable for the “Mother of Dragons” as an owner – a reference to a fearsome character from Game of Thrones.

In a post that garnered thousands of engagement on Facebook, the shelter admitted that they try to downplay the less desirable characteristics of their dogs in adoption ads, but that this was too tough a task for Ralphie – so they decided to be brutally honest instead.

“We don’t actually have too many nice things to say so we’re just going to come out with it,” they wrote. “Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package.”

It could be because his previous owners may have spoiled him by giving in to all his whims, and created boundary issues, the ad said.

It appears that his adorable traits may have landed him with owners who made him “the boss” – which only led them to eventually letting him go. Within two weeks of being rehomed, the second owners had to give him up because he irritated their older dog.

But the shelter at this point knows what that could’ve actually implied: “Ralphie is a fire-breathing demon and will eat our dog, but hey, he’s only 26lb.”

“Lots of people withheld Ralphie’s less than desirable traits, but we’re going to tell you all about it,” the ad read. “He’s a whole jerk – not even half.

“If you show a moment of weakness, prepare to be exploited.”

Turns out that the honesty in the post is what appealed to people.

“I’d like to donate toward his adoption fee,” one Facebook user responded to the ad. “I’m bossy and too much for some people too, so he’s a little bit my spirit animal.”

Others chimed in with their own (not so polite) theories.

“Sometimes it’s not an upbringing, rather genetic and chemical imbalance. He would have to be placed with someone who understands mental illness in dogs,” wrote one person. “Not all dogs can be cured with hugs and kisses.”

“So in human terms, Ralphie is a spoiled brat?” commented another person. “He was given a mile and took two instead. There is someone out there that would take Ralphie and all his quirks. He just has to learn his boundaries and his human stick to them.”

Many commended the shelter for their honesty in the post.

Last week, the shelter shared another update, and it looks like he is getting better – even though it’s in very tiny steps.

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Swedish Woman Flies To India To Marry Facebook Friend In UP’s Etah



Swedish Woman Flies To India To Marry Facebook Friend In UP's Etah

Christen Liebert reportedly met Pawan Kumar on Facebook in 2012.


It is said that love has no boundaries. The people of Etah in Uttar Pradesh witnessed something similar when a Swedish woman married a local resident recently.

Christen Liebert flew to India to marry Pawan Kumar, who she met on Facebook, according to Hindu customs at a school in Etah on Friday, news agency ANI reported.

Video of the marriage shared by ANI showed Christen Liebert, dressed in an Indian wedding dress, putting the garland around the groom’s neck during the varmala ceremony.

Christen Liebert reportedly met Pawan Kumar on Facebook in 2012.

Pawan Kumar, who completed his B. Tech from Dehradun, works as an engineer at a firm.

His family did not have any objection to the marriage.

The groom’s father Geetam Singh said that their happiness lies in the happiness of the children. “We totally agree with this marriage,” he said.

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