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An Intro to Amazon Sponsored Display Ad Campaigns



Amazon has rolled out many important updates in the last 12 months and one of those is Sponsored Display Ads. Now that Amazon has opened this ad type to Sellers as well, it is important to know the potential it holds for advertisers.

This new Campaign type lets you create full funnel self serving ads on and off Amazon to target specific audiences. It is a quick and easily manageable remarketing practice that lets you choose from various targeting options.

It is available to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, Vendors, and Agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon. Marketplaces covered so far by this ad type are :

  • In North America : US & Canada
  • In Europe : France, Italy, Germany, Spain & UK
  • In Middle East : UAE
  • In Asia, Pacific : India & Japan

Placements available to this ad type :

amazon display ad placement on product page

Here is a chart to simplify the Campaign structure with available targeting methods :

amazon display campaign targeting chart

Amazon Display Campaign Audience Targeting

Serves all business objectives from Product Awareness, Consideration to Conversion. Available on and off Amazon and helps identify audience groups to target based on their past activities on your or similar product pages. It can be considered as advanced level refinement with available top of the funnel targeting options.

1. Search:

Targets the shoppers who searched for keywords relevant to your products in the past 30 days but did not make a purchase.

  • On & Off Platform
  • CPM Based
  • Provide Manual as well as Automatic Targeting Method
  • Provides estimated daily impressions and reach after you add a product in the ad group.
  • Available to Vendors as well as Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
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Targets shoppers who viewed detail pages of your advertised products or of similar products and did not make a purchase.

The Views audience allows Seller to re engage customers who have already looked at their product detail pages or similar product detail pages.

  • Entirely off platform
  • CPC Based
  • Also suggests products to create ad on based on last 28 days traffic on those product pages.
  • The Views tactic allows you to create multiple ad groups within a campaign
  • Available to Vendors as well as Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

3. Interests:

Targets shoppers who have browsed or visited the detail page of products that fall within a specific interest segment in the past 90 days.

  • On & Off Platform
  • CPC Based
  • Only available to Vendors

4. Purchases:

Targets shoppers who previously purchased advertised products but not in the last 365 days.

  • Off Platform
  • CPC Based
  • Available to Vendors as well as Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Only ideal for targeting frequently bought products like Grocery items and other household products that come up with Amazon’s new Subscribe & Save option; not for one time purchase products.

Product Targeting

This is very much similar with Sponsored Manual ad – Product Targeting option. The only difference is placement and ad copy. It allows to target similar or complementary products along with the whole category target option.

Targeting Details :

amazon display ads comparison chart


  • Minimum Spend is 1$
  • Ad creative utilizes multiple features such as Customer reviews, star ratings, Badges, Product Price and Prime shipping if available.
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Amazon’s AWS logs third outage this month, affecting Slack, Epic Games Store, Asana and more




Amazon’s crucial web services business AWS is experiencing problems today, with issues affecting services like Slack, Imgur, and the Epic Games store for some users. It’s not looking good if you’re working from home, with some Slack users unable to view or upload images, and work management tool Asana also hit by the outages. As of 6:13 AM PST, Amazon said it had restored power to affected servers, but users may still experience issues going forward.

In an incident update, Slack said its services were “experiencing issues with file uploads, message editing, and other services.” Asana said the problems constituted a “major outage,” with “many of our users unable to access Asana.” Epic Games Store said “Internet services outages” were “affecting logins, library, purchases, etc.”

It’s the third time in as many weeks that problems with AWS have had a significant effect on online services. Two incidents earlier this month involving AWS ended up knocking out a huge array of platforms and products, taking out streaming sites like Netflix and Disney Plus as well as smart home devices like security cameras from Ring and Wyze.

Today’s outages seem less widespread but still notable, with some users unable to access services entirely and others merely experiencing intermittent faults. shows reports of issues with the platforms mentioned above, as well as news aggregator Flipboard, online learning site Udemy, dating app Grindr, streaming service Hulu, and IoT services from Honeywell, Life360, and Samsung’s SmartThings.

The official AWS service health dashboard blamed the issues on power outages in a single data center, affecting one Availability Zone (USE1-AZ4) within the US-EAST-1 Region. At 6:13 AM PST, the company said it had restored power to the data center and was making progress recovering the affected instances. However, users will likely continue to notice the effects of these outages for a while longer while systems are updated and restored.

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Update Wednesday, December 22nd, 8:36AM ET: Updated story to add responses from affected services.

Update Wednesday, December 22nd, 9: 34AM ET: Updated story to note that AWS has restored to power to the affected data center.

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