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Google Ads Editor Redesign In Version 2.1



Next Version Of Google Ads Editor To Gain Performance Max Campaigns

Google has released Google Ads Editor version 2.1 that comes with a new look that is more colorful. The redesign seems way more enjoyable to look at and use than the current version. This was confirmed by Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison on Twitter who said version 2.1 is now out.

Here is the redesign first spotted by Boris Beceric on Twitter who wrote “Google Ads Editor just got a major upgrade.” He shared this screenshot of the new look:

click for full size

Ginny explained you can open this new page in the Ads Editor by going to Settings. There you can now choose to open Google Ads Editor on the Overview page, the Campaigns table or the view that was showing the last time you closed Editor. This screenshot above is the new overview page.

Version 2.0 of Google Ads Editor was released in March.

What else is new with 2.1?

Overview recommendation cards

New overview cards are now available for:

  • Top recommendations
  • Asset performance
  • Asset group status

Table header recommendations

Editor now shows a list of recommendations applicable to the currently viewed item type in the toolbar above the main table, so that these recommendations are featured even more prominently.

Primary Display Status

The Primary Display Status (PDS) shows more information for campaigns. For example, it now includes reasons why a campaign may not be serving.


Added support has been added for more recommendation types, including:

  • Create a Local campaign
  • Set a target ROAS to capture upcoming traffic increases
  • Set a target CPA
  • Upgrade your Local campaigns to Performance Max
  • Use Display Expansion

Warning dialogue for cross-account copy and paste

Editor supports copying items in one account and then pasting them into another. However, it can’t duplicate certain information tied to a particular account. When the copied items contain references to account-specific data and you paste these into another account, Editor will drop that data and the resulting copy will be incomplete.

Editor now shows a detailed warning listing all data types that would be dropped when the user initiates a cross-account paste operation.

Validate aligned budget or bid strategy

To prevent the deletion of an aligned shared budget, Editor now shows an error when a campaign is using a shared budget but not its associated portfolio bid strategy, or vice versa.

In the budget editing dialog, Editor now shows the name of the associated strategy when an aligned budget is chosen. In the bidding dialog, it now shows the name of the associated budget when an aligned strategy is chosen.

Video-Drive conversions campaigns with shopping

Editor now supports the shopping setting (Product Feed) and product groups for “Video-Drive conversions” campaigns.

Final URL expansion

Added support for “Final URL expansion” setting in Performance Max campaigns.

Initial view on start-up

Editor now allows you to specify one of the following views when a new window opens:

  • Overview
  • Campaigns
  • The view shown when Editor was previously closed

Global offers

In the shopping settings for Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, you can now choose to:

  • Make the country of sale optional (you can allow it to be empty or be cleared if it’s not empty)
  • Include support for an optional feed label

Lead form: custom questions, age question

  • In lead form extensions, Editor now supports custom (free-form text) questions, rather than limiting to a predefined set of questions.
  • Editor now allows any age between 18 and 65 for the “Are you over X years of age?” question. Previously, this was limited to 3 options: 18, 21, and 25.

Lead form extensions at account level

Editor now allows attaching lead form extensions at the account level, and disabling them at the campaign level. Previously, they could only be attached at the campaign level.

Budget Explorer

Editor now provides 3 possible budgets when making suggestions in the edit pane, including potential stats improvements. If a campaign or shared budget has a budget-raising recommendation associated with it, the budget editing dialog will now show 3 pre-computed budget points with stats and will automatically compute stats for a manually entered budget.

Deprecated features

Remove deprecated recommendation

“Include Display Network” option is no longer available for standard Shopping campaigns. It’s always set to “Disabled”.

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Google Search Testing New Video Layout In Search



Google Video Timeline

Google may be testing a new layout for videos it displays in the Google Search results. Google is testing a new format for how the videos show in the Google Search results.

This new format shows a larger video in the listings, as opposed to a smaller thumbnail image with more details. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani on Twitter who shared the new and old screenshots.

New video format:

New Google Video Layout Search

Old video format:

Old Google Video Layout Search

Google has been testing and displaying larger video thumbnails for some time, as an FYI.

I am not sure which one I like more, I would have to pick I guess the smaller thumbnail?

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Microsoft Bing Event Today – Expecting ChatGPT Search Integration



Bing Phone Typing

I am currently in Seattle and headed to the Microsoft Campus in Redmond for an in-person press event. I decided to go, assuming it would be related to ChatGPT and Bing but Microsoft would not tell me what it was about, nor would Microsoft let us say we are going to the event. Then yesterday at 2pm, when the news broke about Google Bard (story will be here), Microsoft said we can talk about the event.

So the news is out there that there is a event, see Techmeme. The email Microsoft sent says, “Microsoft has some exciting news coming in February and we’d like to invite you to an in-person experience at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond.”

“We can’t share a lot more at this stage, but you won’t want to miss it. This invitation is for you only, but if you’re unable to attend please let us know and we’ll see if we can consider another of your teammates,” Microsoft added.

Then after the Google news came out, Microsoft sent an email saying, “In light of recent announcements, you may now acknowledge your participation in tomorrow’s briefing in Redmond, leveraging the language in the briefing invitation.”

So yea, this press event seems to be about the Bing ChatGPT solution. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Microsoft Bing has to show here and I’ll be sharing the news here, on Search Engine Land and likely will be tweeting a ton @rustybrick. So make sure to follow me on Twitter to see the latest from Bing on this news.

And we have this photo of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft with Sam Altman of OpenAI together last night:

I am expecting this to look a lot like the Bing ChatGPT interface leaks we covered earlier. Here are those screenshots:

Here is the home page screenshot that widens and enlarges the search box and says “Ask me anything”:

click for full size

Here is his screenshot of the results, the answers being returned:

click for full size

And here is the GIF he made of this:

Bing Search Chat Interface

More to come soon.

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Google Search People Cards Visible In US



Google Man Cards

Back in 2020, Google Search introduced a feature named people cards. It was only available in India but now it seems like it might be expanding, as I can now see it in the United States.

Brian Freiesleben’s card, which he created when it was first announced by spoofing his location to be in India, is now showing up as a people card for searchers in the United States. Personally, I was able to bring it up on my mobile device in New York.

Here is a screenshot he shared of this on Twitter:

click for full size

He said, “I found my name now triggers a ‘people card’. This was introduced in Google India back in 2020. I spoofed my location back then to create the card and now (finally) it’s appearing.”

Glenn Gabe was able to replicate it as well:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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