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Google Disapproving & Suspending Google Ads Accounts In Masses?



Google Disapproving & Suspending Google Ads Accounts In Masses?

I am seeing tons of reports over the past 24 hours of complaints around mass disapproving of ads and suspensions of accounts within Google Ads. Some are specific to being disapproved around “government documents and circumventing systems.”

Ginny Marvin from Google updated us saying no, there is no bug or mass disapprovals going on.

I am seeing very little information from Google on these disapprovals and account suspensions. Ginny Marvin from Google did respond to one complaint on Twitter from a respected member of the search marketing community saying “we take system safety very seriously & have focused significantly in this area to both catch more fraud & reduce flagging of good customers. I know it can be frustrating, but we review all appeals & monitor incorrect decisions to provide feedback to our systems. Due to the complex and sensitive nature of these situations, support reps are not able to comment on suspension details.” She did offer a link to this help page for a place to start.

Here are those tweets:

Lior Krolewicz posted a screenshot of some of these messages on his blog saying “when I logged into Google Ads this morning, I saw multiple accounts with newly disapproved ads for one fairly odd policy: Disapproved (Government Documents and Official Services).” Here is that help document on that government documents and official services policy:

  • Not allowed Promotions for documents and/or services that facilitate the acquisition, renewal, replacement, or lookup of official documents or information that are available directly from a government or government delegated provider.
  • Not allowed Promotions for assistance with applying or paying for official services that are directly available via a government or government delegated provider.

Google provides more examples in the help document but Lior said “I soon began getting emails from clients that received the same messages and realized it was not an isolated issue.” He also posted a screenshot showing the number of ads disapproved.

PPCGreg also posted this:

There is also a large thread on these complaints in the Reddit forums saying “Anyone else seeing tons of ads getting disapproved for government documents and circumventing systems?” Then there are tons and tons of threads of complaints around this in the Google Ads forums, I’ll just list some – I can’t go through all of them:

Again, something is going on around this “government documents and circumventing systems” and maybe other efforts to step up policy enforcement. I am not sure if all of these disapprovals and suspensions are accurate or not but it seems Google is not talking about it much.

Ginny Marvin responded to my request for more details saying this is not a bug – not that I thought it was a bug, I thought there was some step up in policy enforcement:

Ginny added there is also no mass disapprovals going on:

Maybe I am confusing things?

Forum discussion at Reddit and the forum links above.

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Would You Hire An SEO Who Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Crawling, Indexing, Rendering & Rankings?



Would You Hire An SEO Who Doesn't Know The Difference Between Crawling, Indexing, Rendering & Rankings?

At the Google NYC SEO Meetup Lily Ray mentioned that when it comes to interviewing new employees for the Amsive Digital SEO team, she asks a question you must get right or you are immediate dismissed. The question is, what is the difference between crawling, indexing, rendering and rankings.

Danny Sullivan of Google shared this comment on Twitter saying “Says @lilyraynyc about hiring good SEOs: “We ask them the difference between crawling, indexing, ranking and rendering. You’d be surprised how many get this wrong.” I’m paraphrasing her, and it’s an excellent question #SearchCentralNYCSEOmeetup.”

To be clear, Lily was talking about an experienced SEO looking for a job, not an intern or someone with little to no experience.

Danny I guess agreed with this after this joke was made he responded as such:

Now, do you think all SEOs should now these differences? I kind of do – I do think it is fundamental – but I bet you many do not know the difference between crawling, indexing, rendering and rankings?

Forum discussion at Twitter.



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