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Google Does Not Start Search Algorithm Rollouts Right Before The Weekend



Google Does Not Start Search Algorithm Rollouts Right Before The Weekend

Google’s Danny Sullivan and John Mueller both said that the search company does not generally launch or begin the rollout of a search algorithm update right before the weekend. Danny Sullivan said on Twitter “it’s fairly unusual in my experience that rollouts happen outside of working hours.”

Danny did add “of course, we’re a global company with lots of Search teams around the world.” “But a general “push the update, turn off the lights, see you all on Monday” thing — not typical that I’ve seen,” he said.

Keep in mind, Google might start an update maybe on Thursday and that update then needs to roll out over days or weeks – and that process can be ‘felt’ by a drop in rankings that might be noticed not until a weekend – depending on when those URLs are processed.

John Mueller added on Twitter “there’s a lot more nuance than flipping a switch for a launch, but also, most Googlers work at home nowadays, and most don’t like to work on weekends if something unexpected happens.” “Certainly nobody here wants to launch & run,” John Mueller added.

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Offline Wednesday For Yom Kippur 5783



Yom Kippur 5783

This is just a programming note that I will be 100% offline starting Tuesday night (October 4th) through Wednesday night (October 5th) for Yom Kippur. I am not scheduling any stories on Yom Kippur, nothing will be posted. We have a white theme going up today around 3pm ET through all of Yom Kippur (as a reminder, so check it out).

Feel free to check out the archives or catch up with the weekly videos, check out the new search vlogs or just browse the search pics. Oh, and if you have nothing to do, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. 🙂

Yom Kippur is one of the most significant days of the year in the Jewish religion. We basically pray and fast (and sleep) the whole 25-hour period. You can learn more about the day on Wikipedia if you are interested. This year it will be more interesting as it might rain and the outside, socially distant set up might be a bit wet…

For my fellow Jews – have an easy and meaningful fast. If I have done anything to insult, upset, or embarrass anyone – I am sincerely sorry. I ask for your forgiveness.

We will resume on Thursday, after Yom Kippur.


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