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Google Released Ads API Version 10.1



Google Ads API Version 10 Is Out

Google has released version 10.1 of the Google Ads API, which is an update from the major release of version 10 from early February 2022. The big additions in v10.1 include the addition of discover campaigns, campaign groups, local service campaigns and more.

Here is the full list of changes in version 10.1:


  • Added the following for lead forms: Support for retrieving submitted lead form data via LeadFormSubmissionData using GoogleAdsService.Search and GoogleAdsService.SearchStream and LeadFormAsset.custom_question_fields
  • Added the following asset types: Added dynamic_real_estate_asset to Asset to support dynamic real estate assets, Added dynamic_custom_asset to Asset to support dynamic custom assets, Added dynamic_hotels_and_rentals_asset to Asset to support dynamic hotels and rentals assets, Added dynamic_flights_asset to Asset to support dynamic flights assets, Added dynamic_travel_asset to Asset to support dynamic travel assets, Added dynamic_local_asset to Asset to support dynamic local assets, Added dynamic_jobs_asset to Asset to support dynamic jobs assets
  • Added support for the following fields to asset_group_product_group_view: asset_group and asset_group_listing_group_filter
  • Added ad_group_ad_asset_combination_view.enabled.


  • Added support for metrics.absolute_top_impression_percentage and metrics.top_impression_percentage in campaign_audience_view and ad_group_audience_view.

Batch Jobs

  • Added BatchJobOperation.remove to support removing batch jobs in the PENDING state.


  • Added support for retrieving, creating, and updating Discovery campaigns, their ad groups, and their ads.
  • Added support for retrieving, creating, and updating campaign groups: Resource: CampaignGroup, Service: CampaignGroupService, Fields in other resources: Campaign.campaign_group and GoogleAdsRow.campaign_group, Enums: CampaignGroupError, CampaignGroupStatus
  • Local Services campaigns, previously in Beta, are now in generally availability
  • Added legacy support for the following dimensions to ListingDimensionInfo for Display campaigns only: ProductGroupingInfo, ProductLabelsInfo, ProductLegacyConditionInfo, ProductTypeFullInfo

Change History

  • Added the following values to ChangeEventResourceType: ASSET_SET, ASSET_SET_ASSET, CAMPAIGN_ASSET_SET


  • Added ConversionTrackingSetting.google_ads_conversion_customer, used to determine which Google Ads account is managing your account’s conversions.
  • Added ClickConversion.conversion_environment to support reporting the environment on which a conversion was recorded. This feature is available to allowlisted accounts only.
  • Added support for metrics.all_conversions_value and metrics.all_conversions in conversion_action.
  • Added ConversionAdjustmentUploadError.MISSING_ORDER_ID_FOR_WEBPAGE.




  • Added ExperimentError.STATUS_TRANSITION_INVALID.

Hotel Ads

  • Added support for getting hotel_center_id through AccountLink.hotel_center.


  • Added KeywordPlanIdeaService.GenerateKeywordHistoricalMetrics. It returns the historical metrics for a given list of keywords without asking for any plan, campaigns, or ad groups.
  • Added KeywordPlanHistoricalMetrics.average_cpc_micros which is the average cost per click in micros of a given keyword.
  • Added a new field HistoricalMetricsOption.include_average_cpc, which is used in GenerateKeywordIdeasRequest.historical_metrics_options as a flag to request KeywordPlanHistoricalMetrics.average_cpc_micros to be included in the response. The default value if not specified is false.
  • Added GenerateKeywordIdeaResult.close_variants which is the list of close variants from the requested keywords that are combined into this GenerateKeywordIdeaResult.


  • segments.click_type now returns CROSS_NETWORK for Performance Max and Discovery campaigns.
  • Added the following fields for SKAdNetwork conversion segments, available when fetching the data of customer or campaign: metrics.sk_ad_network_conversions and segments.sk_ad_network_attribution_credit
  • Made metrics.absolute_top_impression_percentage and metrics.top_impression_percentage compatible with segments.geo_target_region and segments.geo_target_city.


  • Added VideoResponsiveAdInfo.breadcrumb1 and VideoResponsiveAdInfo.breadcrumb2.

As a reminder, the legacy Google AdWords API sunset yesterday.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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Google Search Console Content Ideas Going Away March 28th



Google Ideas Light

Last December, we caught Google testing an experimental feature named content ideas in Google Search Console. Well, yesterday, Google sent more invites to this feature but noted the feature is only available until March 28, 2023 and then it goes away.

Both Robin Dirksen on Twitter and Deepak Ness on Twitter shared screenshots of this feature but the new part is the March 28th date.

The email they received about this feature reads, “Note: This feature be available only until March 28, 2023, and only to select properties.” Then when you access the feature, there is a notice in the interface that says, “New! Get inspiration for new content (available until March 28).”

Here are those screenshots (click to enlarge):

click for full size

click for full size

We know this seems like the Question Hub feature and that Google Question Hub shut down this month. So maybe this content ideas feature is also shutting down but not until the end of March?

Here are more tweets with this:

I do wonder if Google is only testing it until then and maybe will bring it to more users later or if Google is completely killing it off on March 28th?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Microsoft Bing Search Menu Drop Down With Explore & Collect



Bing Menu

Microsoft Bing is testing a new search bar interface on image search (I believe) where the search vertical options, such as web, videos, news, etc, are now presented in a drop-down bar and Bing added an “explore” and “collect” option across the bar instead.

This was spotted first by Frank Sandtmann and posted on Mastodon but I am also able to replicate this in Bing Image search. Here is a screenshot that you can click on and enlarge:

click for full size

This was also spotted by Khushal Bherwani:

Frank wrote, “Today I spotted #Bing displaying a new navigation menu on their image #SERP. Now the usual elements can be accessed after clicking on a dropdown. In addition, two more elements are displayed: “Explore” and “Collect”.”

Do you prefer this interface? I get what Microsoft is trying to do here but to me, I might want to jump back to web results or maybe video results sooner than use explore or collect?

Forum discussion at Mastodon.

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Google Publishes A New SEO Case Study



Google Seo Case Studies Series

A couple of weeks after I said I thought Google would stop publishing SEO case studies, Google just published a new one. This one is on How Vimeo improved video SEO for their customers, specifically by using the indexifembedded rule combined with noindex and adding structured data.

As a reminder, recently, Mariachiara Marsella asked John Mueller if Google could add new case studies. John Mueller responded on Mastodon, “I find it quite challenging for us to do these since search is so dynamic.”

So I thought that was it, stick a fork in it, no more SEO case studies from Google. But I suspect as soon as I wrote that piece, Gary went, I’ll show Barry and got a new one written up. Okay, I doubt that happened…

In any event, the new case study says, “Vimeo adopted Google’s new guidance for video players that use iframe embeds. The new indexifembedded rule paired with noindex allows markup to be attributed through embeds. Since applying this and VideoObject markup, Vimeo videos that are embedded on customer pages are eligible for indexing, without customers having to add markup themselves.”

They also used key moments; the case study reads, “To make all Vimeo Chapters eligible to appear as Key Moments on Google Search, Vimeo added Clip markup to all of their video host pages. Vimeo also implemented Seek markup, so if a video doesn’t have Vimeo Chapters, Google can automatically identify Key Moments.”

Anyway, check out the case study if you do any video SEO, it is an interesting one.

Just super interesting that there have been almost no new case studies in about 18 months and now we got a new one…

Forum discussion at Mastodon.

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