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Google Says No One Infected By Untitled Search Spam Issue



Google Says No One Infected By Untitled Search Spam Issue

Danny Sullivan of Google said that no one was infected by the search spam issue around untitled documents. He said this is a spam issue, not a malware issue and “no one is infected with anything.” Sullivan added that the spam team is already on the issue and things are already improving.

I spotted this via a tweet from both Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, on Twitter and also via @bhartzer and we also covered it at Search Engine Land.

You can see the complaints and links to complaints about this both in Hacker News and Reddit. Supposedly, these “untitled” documents were hacked pieces of content that were spam and potentially had malware on them. I cannot replicate any of this now but some of the queries that were impacted, according to the thread were for queries on [name of a file that exists], [GitLab release],[GitLab Community Edition], [check gitlab version], [laser singapore camera], [UCLA laser singapore] , [wordpress transparent images], [LJ corpus], and [present for doctors surgery reddit]. Here are some screenshots of this:

click for full size

Danny Sullivan of Google said “we’re aware and working on it. It’s not malware. It’s spam, something our systems normally would typically catch, so we’re checking on it to improve.” He added “it’s spam, not malware and we are looking into this.” Later saying “our spam team was already on it. It is spam, not malware. No one is infected with anything. I think things are already improving and they’ll keep debugging it.”

Some developers said they directly cleaned up the malware on some of these sites infected by this attack. One said “I’m sure the owners of a WordPress site for a some random company are not doing this on purpose. I’ve personally cleaned the malware from WordPress sites infected with javascript injections that produced pages similar to this.” But like we saw above, Danny Sullivan said these links did not lead to any computer being infected by malware.

Google does take malware very seriously and has a large team devoted to this.

Did you see this in action?


Forum discussion at Hacker News and Reddit.

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Marguarite Humphrey’s Career & Challenges Of Working With Large Franchises In Search Marketing



Marguarite Humphrey

Marguarite (Maggie) Humphrey worked at Cypress North as an intern back in 2019, then went to DAC for a few years, and then back to Cypress North after I interviewed her. Maggie was born in Rochester and met Greg Finn at an RV and Marine industry and Greg offered her an internship. Maggie credited Greg and Cypress a lot for her career, which is always nice to hear.

Maggie started her job at DAC literally a week before DAC closed the office due to COVID. She went fully remote for a full year and then returned to the office and it felt interesting but she is fully back in the office.

At DAC she started as an Account Executive and then became an Associate and has taken on a lot of responsibility for one of their biggest clients. DAC is based out of Toronto but has offices all over, even internationally.

Maggie does both SEO and PPC, so a nice mix of search marketing for this one brand. They manage thousands of locations for that brand, and these smaller franchises have to work harder to develop their own brands and she loves this type of work. Each franchise is owned by a different business and they are somewhat complete. A lot of it is targeting local-specific keywords for the different franchises. We spoke about some of the complications around this type of work.

You can follow Maggie Humphrey on LinkedIn and connect there.

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Forum discussion at YouTube.


Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline for Rosh Hashanah.


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