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How to Create Emails with High Conversion: 13 Tips and Tricks





The epidemic had a huge impact on the way businesses interact with their customers. More and more companies stake on digital marketing, which results in a bunch of new trends and tendencies. For example, email marketing has never been more popular and has already become a part of the daily routine. 

While this is surely great news, businesses face a few challenges. They want to know how to surpass the competitors with the help of an effective email marketing strategy. And that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

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13 Powerful Stuff to Embed in Your Email

Visual storytelling is a clear trend that will take an increasing share of content. Plain text is no longer enough – photos and dynamic content are much better perceived. But what else to include in the email so that it is not ignored?

User-generated content

One of the simplest and the most effective ways to take your email marketing to a completely new level is user-generated content. Plus, it is free and can be used in your letters without any effort. It is a proven way of converting new customers and boosting organic traffic.

When including poll results, pictures of happy customers, and positive reviews, you increase the trust and loyalty of the audience and make awesome content at the same time. Encourage users to post photos and reviews on social media and insert them into your emails.

Artificial intelligence

Many businesses still don’t implement artificial intelligence (AI) into their routine. But experts know that it is one of the best email marketing strategies at the moment. Even with the latest tools and lots of free time, you won’t be able to collect and analyze data the way AI will. Here’s what you can use it for:

  • Forecasting user reaction,
  • Survey optimization,
  • Adding keywords,
  • Improvement of sending times,
  • Creating subject lines,
  • Deleting clients who don’t respond to the letters, and much more.

Pictures, videos, and animation

The next instrument is email design. Plain texts are in the past and if you want to achieve high conversion, make sure to create engaging visual content. The simplest option is pictures related to your campaign, message, or newly launched product. 

You can also include videos with educational clips, explanations, reviews, and so on. In case you promote some software, feel free to record a tutorial on how to use it using a screen recorder for your Mac or Windows PC. Then do some video editing to fix the imperfections and add stickers, titles, and other elements to your file. A great idea is to use animated backdrops, GIFs, and moving icons to bring the emails to life. But be careful because these elements impact the loading time.

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From time to time send simple text emails

While modern emails with all the colors, pictures, and videos catch the eye of the reader, sometimes they are too much. Marketing experts say that minimalistic design and plain texts are in trend, so if you just need to convey a message in a clear manner, use this advice.

A simple text with bullet points is easy on the eye, straight to the point, and persuasive. And it will surely be like a grasp of fresh air among messages with all the bells and whistles.


Clear subject lines 

Knowing how to embed video, images, and GIFs to the content is half of success. The text itself should be interesting and engaging and start with a great subject line. Remember, your emails must be focused and target a certain problem, need, or user category. And the best way to highlight it is to create a great subject line.

We recommend writing it only when the email is created. Thus, you’ll already have the key points and will only need to fit them into 65 – 70 characters. The subject line should be clear, interesting, and straight to the point.


If you want to boost conversion, always keep the personalization of the emails in mind. You all want to feel appreciated and taken into account, so use this craving to your advance. The simplest way to personalize emails is to put names in subject lines. But if you want something more sophisticated, try the following tools:

  • Send emails depending on location for a perfect timing,
  • Feature goods similar to those which the users have searched for or ordered,
  • Recommend related goods and services,
  • Remind of the items left in the cart,
  • Send personalized promotions based on nationality, gender, and age.
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Include incentives

If you want your email campaign to be a success, don’t forget to create incentives. Find out what the target audience wants and suggest it. The most efficient strategies include time-limited offers, scarcity of certain products, freebies, refunds, trial periods, loyalty promotions, VIP managers, and so on. 

Dark mode

One of the hottest 2021 trends in digital marketing is the dark color scheme. You can notice this mode in Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other popular products. The dark mode is also used in hundreds of email templates, not depending on the topic and design. Here are some of the reasons why users love it:

  • The darker interface creates a more personalized and intimate experience
  • It is easier on the eyes
  • It improves content readability
  • Dark mode reduces screen brightness which leads to longer battery life

Make the most of your newsletters

The marketing strategy has greatly evolved over years. Nowadays, emails are used not only for business correspondence but for telling stories, communicating with the audience, and sharing observations. They are blending with newsletters and become the basis of any marketing plan.

Providing the audience with industry-related news, updates, and tips is a great way to bring value. Add several trustworthy sources and a personal story, and the readers will be thrilled!

Here are a few tips on how to create attractive newsletters:

  • Provide unique information that can’t be found on your website, blog, or social media,
  • Know your focus, i.e. the target audience you are writing for,
  • The content should be simple but memorable,
  • Add a snippet on social media to attract attention,
  • Use third-party content like links and quotes,
  • Discuss trending topics.
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Show appreciation

Showing customers that you are on their side and appreciate them is one of the best ways to increase loyalty and trust. Don’t forget to send thank-you emails after a purchase, birthday greetings, and other gratitude messages. In times of the pandemic, many businesses create unique emails for front-line workers and doctors to show appreciation. This is a great example of an Inverted Pyramid Method where personalization makes readers want to click straight away. 

Choose the right builders and templates

There is no need to create all emails from scratch. Thankfully, there are lots of builders and template databases even if you have never worked on email marketing before. But remember that you should have written content before using any template. Trying to squeeze the text into a selected layout will eventually end up in a disaster.

With the help of email builders, you can customize the letters in any possible way and render your message in a clear and appealing manner. And the best part is that you don’t need any coding skills because most builders require only dragging and dropping the elements. 


Privacy and security

To make email campaigns shine, it is not enough to use appealing templates, track your KPI’s, and purchase the latest software. You should also convince users that their data is protected. Tell them how you are using the collected information and what encryption technologies are applied. Don’t forget to inform the customers if any data privacy changes are considered in the future. Plus, make sure that it is easy to unsubscribe from the newsletters. 

Work on the CTAs

Above we have already discussed why subject lines are so important. Now is the right time to talk about another crucial element – call-to-action or CTA. We recommend using it in every single email not depending on whether you are providing a news summary or introducing readers to a new product.

When working on your calls to action, consider the following:

  • They should be placed in full width and aligned in the center
  • Make the CTA text and button stand out from the rest of the text
  • The CTA should be big enough to notice
  • Add a secondary call-to-action for readers who have missed the first one
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Final Thoughts

2021 is a year of numerous challenges and opportunities, and businesses need to keep up with the times not only to stay afloat but to overcome the competition. If you want to get into the customer’s inbox and boost conversion, use the tips discussed above. We also recommend using email marketing software for creating newsletters and including polls to the letters. Remember, a good strategy is a strategy that consists of multiple instruments and approaches.


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What Not to do in Email Marketing



What Not to do in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to speak directly to your audience. You can build a relationship with them and create loyal customers. It is also a great way to generate traffic to your website, increase leads, and execute large campaigns.

With all of the benefits that your company can gain from email marketing, it’s no wonder that 64% of small businesses engage in email marketing. However, there are still a few important things to keep in mind. In order to be successful, you should avoid these 4 mistakes explained by 97 Switch when preparing an email marketing campaign.

Talk About Yourself

Many companies fall into the trap of only talking about themselves. They assume that since their audience signed up for emails, they want to hear all about the company and the sales. While marketing your products or services is important to do sometimes, your audience is still looking for value.

Failing to foster a relationship with them by being too sales-y will lead to unsubscribers and a loss of potential customers.

Instead, it’s important to give the audience something in return for their loyalty. Exclusive deals and sales codes are appreciated, but they also want to see educational or entertaining content in their inbox.

One way to do this is by creating content such as “you asked, we delivered” or “your questions answered” to show that you care about your customers and the feedback they give you, and it builds trust.

It’s also important to speak your audience’s language. Sometimes, companies get too caught up in trying to sound professional and impressive and end up using jargon that’s hard to understand.


Using more simple ways to get your message across is imperative, as it makes the email easier to consume and thus more valuable.

Email Without a Purpose

While building relationships with your customers is one of the main goals of email marketing, you should keep in mind that they don’t want to hear from your company just for the sake of connecting.

Ensure that you have a clear purpose for each email you send, whether that be to inform, entertain, or motivate.

Being intentional about when to reach out includes sending timely emails. You should respond to relevant industry, company, or world news in a timely manner. Readers would find you reminding them about the last day of a sale important, and that qualifies as a purposeful email.

Part of proceeding with a clear purpose is also including a call to action in your emails. Your readers want to know exactly what you’re asking of them, and making it simple is the best way to get it. Beware of including too many calls to action, as it can be more confusing and seem more selfish than helpful.

Over Generalize

Personalization is one of the greatest strengths of email marketing, yet it is often overlooked. Simply including first names in an email makes it sound more personal and builds stronger relationships. This can easily be achieved using an email scheduling tool such as Mailchimp. Again, this is a way to build customer relationships. Research shows that using someone’s name in the subject line increases open rates by 26%. Be that as it may, personalization is more than just plugging in names.

Using an email marketing tool is also an easy way to utilize the segmentation aspect of personalization. By separating your audience into groups, you can categorize what they would each be most interested to hear from you.

It has been shown that segmented campaigns perform better than non-segmented campaigns. An example of this is categorizing your readers as beginners, intermediate, or advanced knowledge of your industry. Based on this category, you can send each segment a different email that would pertain to them more specifically.


Your readers will appreciate that your content is tailored to their needs. Imagine sending a beginner an email that skips over the basics of a process. They would be confused and find it very unhelpful.

Now imagine an expert who is wasting time reading the basics that they know by heart. They would become frustrated and lose interest in finishing the email. These are just two examples of using segmentation to better serve your audience.

Use Poor Subject Lines

Often, people will decide whether to open an email at all based on the subject line alone. A mistake that marketers tend to make is wording the subject in a way that sounds like spam, and thus never gets opened or reaches the audience.

As we mentioned before, it is also helpful to include someone’s name in the subject line. While it might seem like a shot in the dark to form an effective subject, there are a few tips for the best open rates you can achieve.

A good subject line should be short. The ideal length for a subject is 7 words, based on a study conducted by Marketo.

However, you also want to make it interesting so that people are curious and want to know more. This curiosity is enough to encourage people to read the email.

However, you want to avoid click-baiting your readers with interesting subject lines that have nothing to do with the content in the email. Make sure that your subject is also relevant to what you have to say. Otherwise, you will have the opposite effect you’d intended by destroying trust and losing credibility.

Being Inconsistent

Simply sending out random emails is not enough to see results. You have to stick to a schedule that your readers can count on and know when to expect to hear from you in their inbox.


The frequency can vary based on your industry and from business to business, but emailing at least once a month is recommended. The more you email, the more you will be on the top of potential customers’ minds when they need what you offer.

That being said, you shouldn’t always assume more contact is better. If your company emails are flooding their inbox, you can bet that they will either block the sender or unsubscribe from future emails. Finding a balance is key to seeing the best results from your campaigns.

You should also consider the brand voice that you are using to speak to your customers. If your emails all sound like they were written by different people, then it’s hard to gain the brand-strengthening benefits of email marketing. It is also confusing to your audience and makes it harder for them to connect with the company.

A good way to remedy this is to create a company persona, where you give a personality to the company that is sending the emails.

Are you funny and witty, or are you serious and somber? Consider strengthening your branding within the company before communicating it with the world.

Key Takeaways

You can’t expect to be perfect at email marketing, so don’t get discouraged if you find that you have made these mistakes. There is always room for improvements, and every so often it’s a good idea to evaluate how your email marketing campaigns are going.

Using analytics to track your results and adjusting your strategy will help you grow as you fix any mistakes you might be making.

By taking the time to improve your strategy, you will see the success that can carry across all your marketing efforts.


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