Facebook introduces Workplace in Portal

Facebook last month introduced Workplace in Portal. Portal is Facebook’s smart video product, streaming devices with a camera and a microphone.

Facebook says with Workplace on Portal, workers can collaborate more effectively, building strong relationships with your co-workers, regardless of distance.

Facebook Workplace is a product that helps co-workers to collaborate by providing features like a chat, video calling and groups.

Last month, Facebook also introduced more devices in Portal, now also with a touchscreen. The 4 devices are:

  • Portal TV $149 – Smart video calling on your TV
  • Portal Mini $129 – Smart video calling on an 8” HD display (New)
  • Portal $179 – Smart video calling on a 10” HD display (New)
  • Portal+ $279 – Smart video calling on a 15.6” HD display (New)

All devices have video calling, story time, AR experiences, and come with Alexa.

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