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5 Steps For Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your E-commerce Business



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If you’re looking to grow your e-commerce business, you’ve probably heard about Facebook advertising. It’s not the only platform that can help you find new customers, but it’s one of the best.

You might be wondering how to use it. Here are five steps for using Facebook ads to grow your e-commerce business.

Learn as much as you can about Facebook ads

If you’re just starting out with Facebook ads, then you should know that there are two types of ads you can create: boosted posts and lead ads.

Boosted Posts are an easy way to extend the reach of your existing Facebook Page posts, while Lead Ads are specifically designed for collecting leads. Each type of ad has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Boosted posts automatically extend the reach of your existing Facebook post if you include a call to action button or an image. Try posting your latest products or news, offering an exclusive or discount. This is a great way to get your audience to reach your page faster and interact with your post.

Users are more likely to take any action that is well-promoted.
However, if any of your customers haven’t converted yet, it may be a waste of effort. You should only focus on ongoing sales rather than chasing new customers.

Instead, use lead ads to find out which product(s) your customers prefer most. If the top terms of your Lead Ads ad are already driving clicks outside your advertising campaign, you can consider optimizing them to drive added traffic to your website.
You can use lead filters that block ads from certain keywords or demographics to improve conversion rates and improve brand loyalty.

Smaller businesses may find it’s easier to run boosted posts given the cost-per-click (CPC) rates earned by the top organic results.

It is critically important to earn these leads organically. You need high-quality traffic so your business can thrive online.

Whether you decide to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website or use it to set up lead ads, the process is similar.
The important thing to understand is the same as any other marketing platform: People naturally prefer different platforms to accomplish certain tasks. Hitting different pages and trying to leverage different audiences will improve your chances of outperforming others.

Each platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Set a budget and figure out how to measure results

If you want to get serious about your marketing efforts, you need to set a budget and figure out how to measure results. You can’t get better at something unless you measure it, and you can’t improve your marketing unless you measure it.

The first step is to set a budget. Fortunately, using Facebook ads means you only need to set a budget once, and then you can run as many ads as you want. Will it work for you? Let’s find out.

1. Get your budget!

Once you’ve decided that spending $1,000/month on Facebook advertising is a good idea, set a budget. Whatever amount you decide to spend, you’ll have to break out each of your cost buckets one at a time.

We’ll walk you through what those look like below: If you’re working with an agency, they should come up with an overall budget based on the numbers you hand them and the volume that you plan on doing.

2. Choose your audience!

It’s no good running a Facebook ad if only you know who you’re trying to reach. You need to select an audience based on your goals. For example, if you only wish to reach people who have heard about you via the community, all you have to do is set your budget to $1,000.

3. Opt-in

When you decide on the people you want to target, you’ll have to put them under an opt-in agreement. Even though you’ve locked your ad, we still want to let you know that you will be charged for every impression that your ad gets. Don’t worry, this is a topic that we’ll discuss in more detail later, so stick with us while we explain how this works.

4. Choose your ads

If you decide to run two ads per day, you will need to set up two custom audience segments. This is the part where you call back on your opt-in.

Create an ad that grabs the attention of your audience

It’s absolutely essential to creating an ad that grabs the attention of your audience.
If your ad doesn’t grab the attention of the reader, then they won’t read your copy or click your link. Grabbing the attention of your audience is the first step towards converting them into readers and buyers.

If you’re heavily into travel e-commerce, don’t waste your time building an entire Facebook advertising platform around your travel business. There are lots of other platforms that will do just fine.
Instead, use one of the many paid social networks that are available for your target audience.

Are you ready to jump in and get started?

FAQs about Facebook advertising I don’t want to create tons of content for you, so I’ll just highlight two parts of the Facebook Ads FAQ that you should be sure to check.

  1. If I run a PPC ad, can my Facebook ads run simultaneously? Yes. Facebook Ads can run simultaneously with an ad running on your PPC campaign.
  2. How many ads do I have? The maximum number of ads you can have in your Facebook Ads account is ten, but the more you create, the more you will have to pay. The minimum your Ads Agency can create for you is one ad per keyword. In addition, you need to learn how to manage your ad campaigns..)
  3. Can I use a URL Prefix in my ads’ titles? Yes, but be warned that not all publishers use URL Shorteners such as So, if a publisher links to your URLs, this will mess up your ad’s targeting in an ugly way. If your URLs are simply hand-crafted or not unique, then you shouldn’t worry about using URL prefixes. )
  4. Do I need to build a separate following for my carousel ads or your Facebook Ads brand ad to make sure they show? Facebook Ads are very powerful because they ensure that only your ad receives attention.

Keep testing and optimizing until your ads are working effectively

It’s important to keep testing and optimizing your ads until they’re working effectively.

The more you test, the more you’ll learn about what your target audience responds to, and the better you’ll get at creating ads that work. Regardless of your business model, Facebook ads can be a great way to build brand awareness, and essentially, build a business from scratch for free.

The AdWords platform is extremely robust, but Facebook offers different targeting options and simpler uploading procedures that are much more user-friendly.

With Facebook, you don’t need to build an advanced system from scratch — you can start off by taking whatever you have and putting it together.

Ads that work well for e-commerce businesses generally have calls-to-action that are very concise and straight to the point: Many people may be scared of spending money based on the fact that Facebook ads don’t provide any kind of gentle reminder about how much you love them.

If you’re looking to start an e-commerce business and running Facebook ads, I would recommend suggesting adding this calls-to-action into your ad copy before the audience has a chance to read your message.
If you do want to go ahead and create a full Facebook ad, you can still include these soft call-to-actions.

I find that if you remember that you’re going to be buying, you make more sales when you offer a strong incentive like this.

If you really want to push your ad’s effectiveness, your audience needs to be in your target demographic.
Again, Facebook is a great tool way of finding this out because it allows you to (almost) target by demographics, which means if you’re in the U.S., you could target people in Colorado.

Facebook Ads allows you to target many demographics that normally wouldn’t mix. It’s important to include people showing interest in what you’re selling at an early stage, which would give your ads more of a chance of working.

Make sure you’re using Facebook ads to promote the right things and to reach the right people

The most important thing when it comes to Facebook ads is to make sure you’re using them to promote the right things to the right people.

You can use Facebook ads to target people based on their interests, their demographics, their location, and even the pages they like. If you want to grow your e-commerce business, don’t focus only on selling your products.

Instead, find real-world opportunities and promote products that will help your audience. These people will also help you increase your traffic to your store by recommending it.

Once you have figured out what you want to promote, make sure your ad copy accurately represents your offerings and your target audience.

Create Facebook Ads According to Forbes, Facebook spends a billion dollars a year testing ads. If you haven’t tried it already, run Facebook ads like you would normal ads.

Setup and settings When you start running ads on Facebook, your account needs to be verified. You need to enter your account details earlier in the process. Once you’re verified, you can create ads and choose where you want to run them.

After you create your ads, you’ll be given the option to schedule them. At this point, you’ve just set yourself up for success!

Steps to grow your e-commerce business on Facebook!
There are tons of Facebook marketing tips online, but scaling your business on Facebook, especially using one of them as your direct traffic source, can seem quite overwhelming.

Ataur Rahman

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Lee Hsien Yang faces damages for defamation against two Singapore ministers over Ridout Road rentals



Lee Hsien Yang faces damages for defamation against two Singapore ministers over Ridout Road rentals

High Court ruling: Lee Hsien Yang directed to compensate Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan for defamatory remarks on Ridout Road state bungalows. (PHOTO: MCI/YouTube and ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images ) ((PHOTO: MCI/YouTube and ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images ))

SINGAPORE — The High Court in Singapore has directed Lee Hsien Yang to pay damages to ministers K. Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan for defamatory statements made in Facebook comments regarding their rental of black-and-white bungalows on Ridout Road.

The court issued a default judgment favouring the two ministers after Lee – the youngest son of Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and brother of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – failed to address the defamation lawsuits brought against him. Lee had, among other claims, insinuated that the ministers engaged in corrupt practices and received preferential treatment from the Singapore Land Authority for their bungalow rentals.

The exact amount of damages will be evaluated in a subsequent hearing.

Restricted from spreading defamatory claims against ministers

Not only did Justice Goh Yi Han grant the default judgment on 2 November, but he also imposed an injunction to prohibit Lee from further circulating false and defamatory allegations.

In a released written judgment on Monday (27 November), the judge highlighted “strong reasons” to believe that Lee might persist in making defamatory statements again, noting his refusal to remove the contentious Facebook post on 23 July, despite receiving a letter of demand from the ministers on 27 July.

Among other things, Lee stated in the post that “two ministers have leased state-owned mansions from the agency that one of them controls, felling trees and getting state-sponsored renovations.”

A report released by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in June concluded that no wrongdoing or preferential treatment had occurred concerning the two ministers. However, Lee continued referencing this post and the ongoing lawsuits, drawing attention to his remarks under legal scrutiny.

Justice Goh emphasised that the ministers met the prerequisites for a default judgment against Lee. The suits, separately filed by Shanmugam, the Law and Home Affairs Minister, and Dr Balakrishnan, the Foreign Affairs Minister, were initiated in early August.

Lee Hsien Yang alleges in his post that two ministers leased state-owned mansions, 26 and 31 Ridout Road from an agency, one of which they control, involving tree felling and receiving state-sponsored renovations.Lee Hsien Yang alleges in his post that two ministers leased state-owned mansions, 26 and 31 Ridout Road from an agency, one of which they control, involving tree felling and receiving state-sponsored renovations.

Lee Hsien Yang alleges in his post that two ministers leased state-owned mansions, 26 and 31 Ridout Road from an agency, one of which they control, involving tree felling and receiving state-sponsored renovations.(SCREENSHOTS: Google Maps)

He failed to respond within 21 days

Lee and his wife, Lee Suet Fern, had left Singapore in July 2022, after declining to attend a police interview for potentially giving false evidence in judicial proceedings over the late Lee Kuan Yew’s will.

His absence from Singapore prompted the court to permit Shanmugam and Dr Balakrishnan to serve him legal documents via Facebook Messenger in mid-September. Despite no requirement for proof that Lee saw these documents, his subsequent social media post on 16 September confirmed his awareness of the served legal papers.

Although Lee had the opportunity to respond within 21 days, he chose not to do so. Additionally, the judge noted the novelty of the ministers’ request for an injunction during this legal process, highlighting updated court rules allowing such measures since April 2022.

Justice Goh clarified that despite the claimants’ application for an injunction, the court needed independent validation for its appropriateness, considering its potentially severe impact on the defendant. He reiterated being satisfied with the circumstances and granted the injunction, given the continued accessibility of the contentious Facebook post.

Lee acknowledges court order and removes allegations from Facebook

Following the court’s decision, Lee acknowledged the court order on 10 November and removed the statements in question from his Facebook page.

In the judgment, Justice Goh noted that there were substantial grounds to anticipate Lee’s repetition of the “defamatory allegations by continuing to draw attention to them and/or publish further defamatory allegations against the claimants.”

The judge mentioned that if Lee had contested the ministers’ claims, there could have been grounds for a legally enforceable case under defamation law.

According to Justice Goh, a reasonable reader would interpret Lee’s Facebook post as insinuating that the People’s Action Party’s trust had been squandered due to the ministers’ alleged corrupt conduct, from which they gained personally.

While Shanmugam and Dr Balakrishnan were not explicitly named, the post made it evident that it referred to them, and these posts remained accessible to the public, as noted by the judge.

Justice Goh pointed out that by choosing not to respond to the lawsuits, Lee prevented the court from considering any opposing evidence related to the claims.

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Tauranga judge orders Team Chopper Facebook pages taken down due to ‘threatening’ online communciations



Tauranga judge orders Team Chopper Facebook pages taken down due to ‘threatening’ online communciations

Helen Fraser’s son Ryan Tarawhiti-Brown with Chopper, the dog at the centre of an attack on Tauranga vet Dr Liza Schneider.

The son of the woman whose Rottweiler dog attacked and seriously injured a Tauranga vet has been ordered to disable two Facebook pages that contained threats towards the vet and her business.

Ryan Tarawhiti-Brown (AKA Ryan Brown) ran and promoted a Facebook page called Team Chopper in support of his mother Helen Fraser’s legal battle to save her dog Chopper.

Chopper was euthanised following a court order handed down on August 21 by Judge David Cameron after he convicted Fraser of being the owner of a dog that attacked and seriously injured Holistic Vets co-owner Dr Liza Schneider.

The attack happened in the carpark of her Fraser St practice on October 14, 2022.


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Schneider was left with serious injuries after Chopper bit her arm, including a broken bone in her forearm, and deep tissue damage and nerve damage.

She required surgery and her arm took several months to heal.

Tauranga woman Helen Fraser, pictured here at her July trial, said that the case was "exceptional" and argued in favour of sparing Chopper's life. Photo / Ethan Griffiths
Tauranga woman Helen Fraser, pictured here at her July trial, said that the case was “exceptional” and argued in favour of sparing Chopper’s life. Photo / Ethan Griffiths

Following Fraser’s conviction, Schneider sought a takedown order after she told the court she and her practice had been the subject of constant online harassment and threats since October 2021.

Schneider said comments posted on the Team Chopper Facebook page included threats, harassment and derogatory and abusive comments.


Advertise with NZME.

In an affidavit, Schneider said her Google account had also been bombarded with fake reviews which she alleged were incited by the Team Chopper page.

Court documents obtained by the Bay of Plenty Times confirm an interim judgment was made by Judge Lance Rowe on August 30 which ordered the page be taken down and any references to Schneider removed. She also asked for a written apology. This order was previously suppressed.

During a second court hearing on October 25, Tarawhiti-Brown’s lawyer Bev Edwards told Judge Cameron it was accepted her client had not complied with this order to take down the page.

Edwards said her client had instead changed the nature of the page to help promote the rights of cats and dogs, and no criticism or abuse of Schneider or Holistic Vets was made by her client in those posts.

Tarawhiti-Brown had filed an affidavit to similar effect, court documents show.

Schneider argued the change in tone had not prevented others from posting derogatory comments about her.

This included posts on September 23, which stated she should be “prosecuted for negligence”, “sucked” at her job and should lose her licence.

Edwards also submitted that Schneider was prepared to use social media to her own advantage when it suited, her and cited an online article published in June.

In Judge Cameron’s written judgement, dated November 13, Tarawhiti-Brown, who lives in Australia, was ordered to immediately disable or take down his two Facebook pages.

The judge ruled the digital communications on the Facebook pages had been “threatening” to Schneider and “amount to harassment of her”, and also caused her “ongoing psychological harm”.


Advertise with NZME.

Judge Cameron also ordered Tarawhiti-Brown to refrain from making any digital communications about Schneider or identifying her or her business directly or indirectly, and not to encourage any other person to do so.

The judge said it was accepted by Schneider removal orders against Facebook/Meta were “fraught with difficulties”, including jurisdictional ones, and discontinued the takedown application against those organisations.

The judge did not order Tarawhiti-Brown to apologise to Schneider and lifted the suppression orders by consent of both parties, who had to pay their own legal costs.

Schneider and the NZ Veterinary Association, which has been supporting her, declined to comment on these court orders.

Tarawhiti-Brown was also approached for comment.

Sandra Conchie is a senior journalist at the Bay of Plenty Times and Rotorua Daily Post who has been a journalist for 24 years. She mainly covers police, court and other justice stories, as well as general news. She has been a Canon Media Awards regional/community reporter of the year.


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Facebook group helps creative director uncover mystery behind photo of father



Facebook group helps creative director uncover mystery behind photo of father

A creative director who “didn’t really have any memories” of his father who he died when he was just two was able to “build a persona” of him thanks to an old photo and a local Facebook group.

Lee Williamson’s father, Ian, died at the age of 23 in a car crash and, without many ways of finding out more about him due to personal reasons, he uploaded one of the few photos of the pair together, from 1983, to a High Wycombe Facebook group in the hope someone could help.

“I wasn’t quite sure where it was taken, but I just knew it was from High Wycombe somewhere, so one of my friends – who lives in High Wycombe – said to leave it with a couple of his friends but they weren’t sure,” the 42-year-old, who now lives in Lanesborough, Co Longford, Ireland, told the PA news agency.

“So, I posted it in a Facebook group and lots of people started interacting with it.

“I had no idea that was going to happen.”

Liz Parry, 62, who used to babysit Mr Williamson, happened across the post and from there, a phone call was set up between the pair on Friday.

Ms Parry, who now lives in Iver, Buckinghamshire, and is retired, told PA that as soon as she saw the picture, she recognised both Mr Williamson and his father as she lived next door to them on Hylton Road, High Wycombe, for about two to three years.

“I used to help the family out by babysitting them and we’d spend time together at games evenings or would have drinks together,” she said.

She said Mr Williamson’s late father was always on the lookout for a “good deal to give the family a good home”.

She added when Mr Williamson was a baby, he was “lovely”.

“He was always happy and laughing and smiling and wanting to play,” she added.

“He was a really happy little baby.”

She said the conversation with him on Friday was a “lovely” way to catch up after so many years.

“That little baby that I used to look after is now in his 40s and has his own children,” she said.

“It’s nice to see how well he is doing now as well because I wondered what happened to the family after they left (the area) after Ian’s passing.”

Mr Williamson said: “The chat on the phone was nice.

“I found out he was a bit of a Del Boy character, he was always looking for a way to make a business and was only 23 when he died.”

“I didn’t really know that he was my father until I was 10 – when I stumbled upon a bunch of documents in the attic while playing with a Scalectrix car toy – and so I didn’t really have any memory of him to be able to build a persona of who my father used to be.

“I have two of my own kids now, so can talk to them about stories about their grandad – it just gives you a sense of closure.”

Mr Williamson said it was “nice” to see Facebook lead to something “positive”.

“Everyone who replied was very encouraging and it showed that High Wycombe is a very nice place to be and the people that lived there had fond memories.”

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