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5 Moments From the Year Mark Zuckerberg Reinvented Himself



5 Moments From the Year Mark Zuckerberg Reinvented Himself

  • Mark Zuckerberg has sort of become cool. Or cooler than he was.
  • In 2023, the Meta chief refreshed his public image from weird android to swole and thoughtful.
  • Here are five moments from the year that marked the reinvention.

It was not long ago that Mark Zuckerberg was the most mockable of the Big Tech CEOs.

Besides occasionally coming across as a little android-like in public, his leadership of Facebook has at times looked reactive rather than inventive.

Under Zuckerberg’s watch, the social media giant has directly copied ideas from its smaller rivals versus coming up with its own.

It’s bought, rather than created, growth through its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp.

The firm was marred by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which spotlighted how much data it hordes.


Facebook’s rebrand to Meta in 2021 looked like a wild bet on an unproven technology, the metaverse.

And on the business side, Meta saw its user numbers shrink for the first time that year.

But in 2023, Meta’s share price has almost recovered to its all-time high, sending Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth up to $84 billion. And he somehow seems… sort of a cool and semi-relatable billionaire?

Here are five key moments from 2023 that show how Zuckerberg turned the tide.

The “Year of Efficiency” played well with investors

In this photo illustration, a Meta logo is displayed on a smartphone with stock market percentages in the background.


SOPA Images / Getty


Zuckerberg’s year didn’t start smoothly, given he had to announce large-scale job cuts.

The Meta chief made two rounds of layoffs as digital ad spend, the firm’s main source of revenue, collapsed. Meta employees waved goodbye to 21,000 colleagues as a result. Zuckerberg called the moves an important part of his so-called “Year of Efficiency.”

Despite the risk posed to worker morale and Zuck’s image, it seems to have paid off.

Investors rewarded the Meta chief for prioritizing cost-cutting measures in a tough economic climate, including removing layers of middle management.

It helped Meta’s market capitalization rise to $919 billion.


In November, Zuckerberg cashed out around $190 million in Meta shares, putting him back in the top 10 of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

“Hot Zuck summer”

Mark Zuckerberg, Isreal Adesanya, and Alex Volkanovski

Mark Zuckerberg teased a training session with UFC legends, Isreal Adesanya and Alex Volkanovksi.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuck also got shredded.

Instead of dorky, viral photos involving too much sunscreen, Zuckerberg’s Instagram was filled with images of him entering jiu-jitsu-competitions (and winning them), as well as topless and chiseled next to MMA icons such as Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski.

In a break from trying to appeal to the everyman, Zuckerberg also appeared twice on the Lex Fridman podcast — a show that speaks to a certain kind of tech bro. In his first outing, he spoke about his fitness regime; the existential risks posed by AI; and how he thinks about faith. In his second appearance, he appeared as an avatar alongside Fridman in what was billed as the “first interview in the metaverse.”


Zuck also began engaging with social media in a slightly more knowing way, posting memes. On Threads, Zuckerberg is often found replying to posts from UFC fighters.

The Elon feud

Elon Musk (left) and Mark Zuckerberg (right).

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Getty Images

Zuckerberg also has another tech CEO to thank for his resurgence: Elon Musk.

As Musk chaotically took over Twitter, transformed it into X, and then laid off hordes of staff, rival Zuckerberg looked like a normal CEO making normal-CEO decisions.

That only became clearer when Musk — who has admitted to a fairly light exercise routine — challenged Zuckerberg to an MMA fight. His beef? The Meta chief was exploiting the chaos at X by launching rival service Threads. “Zuck is a cuck,” Musk wrote on X, days after the launch of Threads.


Musk also threatened to show up at Zuckerberg’s house to fight him there. The boyish Zuck came off like the adult in the room.

Going open source on AI

The founder and head of Facebook's Meta Group, Mark Zuckerberg, presents new devices and AI at a conference.

The founder and head of Facebook’s Meta Group, Mark Zuckerberg, presents new devices and AI at a conference.

Andrej Sokolow/picture alliance via Getty Images

AI has been hot stuff this year thanks to ChatGPT. But instead of trying to find a profiteering strategy, Meta decided to do something different with AI.


It released its (almost) open-source model called Llama 2 in July. The move has been welcomed by developers.

It makes a powerful generative AI tool mostly free. It also brings transparency to a technology that needs it, given issues with AI bias and “hallucinations.”

It also fueled more support for Zuckerberg. Amjad Masad, a former Facebook engineer, said it shows “Zuck has balls,” during an episode of the No Priors podcast.

Take that, TikTok


TikTok is Bytedance’s most popular product, with over a billion users worldwide.

Jaap Arriens/Getty Images

Staying relevant has been a challenge for Zuckerberg in the TikTok era.


Younger, Gen Z social media users have flocked to the Chinese-owned app to post content there first over Instagram. They’re increasingly going there to track current affairs and career advice too.

TikTok’s staying power may not now be as certain as it seemed, however.

Apptopia data suggests the number of daily active users of the Facebook app grew 1.5% in the three months to September, while Instagram’s were up by 1.5%. TikTok’s daily active users fell around 1% in that time. Instagram has over 2.4 billion monthly active users, per data firm Demand Sage; TikTok has 1.1 billion.

The 2024 challenge

Mark Zuckerberg appearing at a web conference wearing a navy sweatshirt

Mark Zuckerberg.

Samantha Burkardt/ Getty

Will Zuckerberg carry the momentum into next year?


Meta will need to step up its metaverse game as Apple prepares to launch its rival offering, the Vision Pro augmented-reality headset.

Zuckerberg is also under scrutiny over reports that Instagram Reels is failing to take down sexualized content of children, according to the Wall Street Journal.

He will need to be a bit more careful with training too. He tore his ACL in November while sparring in preparation for a competitive MMA fight. He needed surgery as a result and has delayed the bout.

The internet is fickle in its likes and dislikes, and 2024 may look quite different for Zuck.


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Why Malia Obama Received Major Criticism Over A Secret Facebook Page Dissing Trump



Why Malia Obama Received Major Criticism Over A Secret Facebook Page Dissing Trump

Given the divisive nature of both the Obama and Trump administrations, it’s unsurprising that reactions to Malia Obama’s alleged secret Facebook account would be emotional. Many online users were quick to jump to former President Donald Trump’s defense, with one user writing: “Dear Malia: Do you really think that anyone cares whether you and/or your family likes your father’s successor? We’re all trying to forget you and your family.”

Others pointed out the double standard held by those who condemn Trump for hateful rhetoric but praise people like Malia who speak out against her father’s successor in what they believe to be hateful rhetoric. Some users seemed bent on criticizing Malia simply because they don’t like her or her father, proving that the eldest Obama daughter couldn’t win for losing regarding the public’s perception of her or her online presence. 

The secret Facebook situation is not all that dissimilar to critics who went after Malia for her professional name at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. In this instance, people ironically accused Malia of using her family’s name to get into the competitive festival while also condemning her for opting not to use her surname, going by Malia Ann instead.

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Best Practices for Data Center Decommissioning and IT Asset Disposition




Best Practices for Data Center Decommissioning and IT Asset Disposition

Data center decommissioning is a complicated process that requires careful planning and experienced professionals.

If you’re considering shutting down or moving your data center, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Decommissioning a Data Center is More than Just Taking Down Physical Equipment


Decommissioning a data center is more than just taking down physical equipment. It involves properly disposing of data center assets, including servers and other IT assets that can contain sensitive information. The process also requires a team with the right skills and experience to ensure that all data has been properly wiped from storage media before they’re disposed of.

Data Centers Can be Decommissioned in Phases, Which Allows For More Flexibility

When you begin your data center decommissioning process, it’s important to understand that it’s not an event. Instead, it’s a process that takes place over time and in phases. This flexibility allows you to adapt as circumstances change and make adjustments based on your unique situation. For example:

  • You may start by shutting down parts of the facility (or all) while keeping others running until they are no longer needed or cost-effective to keep running.

  • When you’re ready for full shutdown, there could be some equipment still in use at other locations within the company (such as remote offices). These can be moved back into storage until needed again.

Data Center Decommissioning is Subject to Compliance Guidelines

Data center decommissioning is subject to compliance guidelines. Compliance guidelines may change, but they are always in place to ensure that your organization is following industry standards and best practices.

  • Local, state and federal regulations: You should check local ordinances regarding the disposal of any hazardous materials that were used in your data center (such as lead-based paint), as well as any other applicable laws related to environmental impact or safety issues. If you’re unsure about how these might affect your plans for a decommissioned facility, consult an attorney who specializes in this area of law before proceeding with any activities related to IT asset disposition or building demolition.

  • Industry standards: There are many industry associations dedicated specifically toward helping businesses stay compliant with legal requirements when moving forward with projects such as data center decommissioning.

  • Internal policies & procedures: Make sure everyone on staff understands how important it is not just from a regulatory standpoint but also from an ethical one; nobody wants their name associated with anything inappropriate!

Companies Should Consider Safety and Security During the Decommissioning Process

Data center decommissioning is a complex process that involves several steps. Companies need to consider the risks associated with each step of the process, and they should have a plan in place to mitigate these risks. The first step of data center decommissioning is identifying all assets and determining which ones will be reused or repurposed. At this point, you should also determine how long it will take for each asset to be repurposed or recycled so that you can estimate how much money it will cost for this part of your project (this can be done through an estimate based on previous experience).

The second step involves removing any hazardous materials from electronic equipment before it’s sent off site for recycling; this includes chemicals used in manufacturing processes like lead-free solder paste adhesives used on circuit boards made from tin-based alloys containing up 80% pure tin ingots stamped out into flat sheets called “pucks”. Once these chemicals have been removed from whatever device needs them taken off their surfaces then those devices can safely go through any other necessary processes such as grinding away excess plastic housing material using high pressure water jets until only its bare frame remains intact without any cracks where moisture might collect inside later causing corrosion damage over time due too much moisture exposure.

With Proper Planning and an Effective Team, You’ll Help Protect Your Company’s Future

Data center decommissioning is a complex process that should be handled by a team of experts with extensive experience in the field. With proper planning, you can ensure a smooth transition from your current data center environment to the next one.

The first step toward a successful data center decommissioning project is to create a plan for removing hardware and software assets from the building, as well as documenting how these assets were originally installed in the facility. This will allow you or another team member who may inherit some of these assets later on down the line to easily find out where they need to go when it’s time for them to be moved again (or disposed).

Use Professional Data Center Decommissioning Companies

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your data center decommissioning project, it’s important to use a professional data center decommissioning company. A professional data center decommissioning company has experience with IT asset disposition and can help you avoid mistakes in the process. They also have the tools and expertise needed to efficiently perform all aspects of your project, from pre-planning through finalizing documentation.

Proper Planning Will Help Minimize the Risks of Data Center Decommissioning


Proper planning is the key to success when it comes to the data center decommissioning process. It’s important that you don’t wait until the last minute and rush through this process, as it can lead to mistakes and wasted time. Proper planning will help minimize any risks associated with shutting down or moving a data center, keeping your company safe from harm and ensuring that all necessary steps are taken before shutdown takes place.


To Sum Up

The key to a successful ITAD program is planning ahead. The best way to avoid unexpected costs and delays is to plan your ITAD project carefully before you start. The best practices described in this article will help you understand what it takes to decommission an entire data center or other large facility, as well as how to dispose of their assets in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Massive Volatility Reported – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update



Google Logo Exploding Cracking

I am seeing some massive volatility being reported today after seeing a spike in chatter within the SEO community on Friday. I have not seen the third-party Google tracking tools show this much volatility in a long time. I will say the tracking tools are way more heated than the chatter I am seeing, so something might be off here.

Again, I saw some initial chatter from within the SEO forums and on this site starting on Friday. I decided not to cover it on Friday because the chatter was not at the levels that would warrant me posting something. Plus, while some of the tools started to show a lift in volatility, most of the tools did not yet.

To be clear, Google has not confirmed any update is officially going on.

Well, that changed today, and the tools are all superheated today.

Google Tracking Tools:

Let’s start with what the tools are showing:










Advanced Web Rankings:











Cognitive SEO:




So most of these tools are incredibly heated, signaling that they are showing massive changes in the search result positions in the past couple of days.

SEO Chatter

Here is some of the chatter from various comments on this site and on WebmasterWorld since Friday:


Speaking of, is anyone seeing some major shuffling going on in the SERPs today? It’s a Friday so of course Google is playing around again.

Something is going on.

Pages are still randomly dropping out of the index for 8-36h at a time. Extremely annoying.

Speaking of, is anyone seeing some major shuffling going on in the SERPs today? It’s a Friday so of course Google is playing around again

In SerpRobot I’m seeing a steady increase in positions in February, for UK desktop and mobile, reaching almost the ranks from the end of Sep 2023. Ahrefs shows a slight increase in overall keywords and ranks.

In the real world, nothing seems to happen.

yep, traffic has nearly come to a stop. But exactly the same situation happened to us last Friday as well.

USA traffic continues to be whacked…starting -70% today.

In my case, US traffic is almost zero (15 % from 80%) and the rest is kind of the same I guess. Traffic has dropped from 4K a day to barely scrapping 1K now. But a lot is just bots since payment-wise, the real traffic seems to be about 400-500. And … that’s how a 90% reduction looks like.

Something is happening now. Google algo is going crazy again. Is anyone else noticing?

Since every Saturday at 12 noon the Google traffic completely disappears until Sunday, everything looks normal to me.

This update looks like a weird one and no, Google has not confirmed any update is going on.

What are you all noticing?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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