TrafficGuard Launches Free PPC Fraud Protection Service

TrafficGuard has announced the launch of its PPC Fraud Protection, aiming to mitigate fraudulent data and account traffic and protect the Google Ad campaigns of small and medium-sized businesses.


PPC Fraud Protection is designed to detect fraudulent ad software, allowing marketers to see where the false ads stem from, secure their servers and exclude unwanted accounts from their Google Ad lists. Businesses can manually maintain and update this list, providing real-time protection against outside threats attempting to infiltrate the business’ ad campaigns.

The program also provides marketers and small businesses with PPC IP and click reports, highlighting the fraudulent accounts hijacking a business’ data for Google to shut down and reimburse the affected business or campaign.


PPC Fraud Protection is designed to aid small and medium-sized businesses.


This service is aimed at businesses using Google Ads for their advertising campaigns.


PPC Fraud Protection is divided into two plans:

  • A Protect PPC model that is free and covers campaigns that cost under $2,500 a month
  • A Protect Pro PPC that adopts a Pay-As-You-Go model that charges 1% of a business’ Google Ads spend.


TrafficGuard aims to help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their ad spending by providing affordable ad protection and reducing the lost revenue due spent on ad fraud protection. In doing this, the advertising industry can focus more on ad spend and industry growth.


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