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Alcides Aguasvivas On Starting An Digital Agency During College, 18 Years Later



Alcides Aguasvivas

Alcides Aguasvivas is a co-founder of Pix-l Graphx, he has been running the company for 18 years now and they are based around the corner from my office in Rutherford, New Jersey. He is most passionate about search, when it comes to marketing.

Alcides explained how he got into doing SEO and started his business. He basically started his business out of college and took it from there over the past 18 years. His first website was just JPGs and he wanted to figure out how to get it to rank in search engines. I discussed how I first got into SEO as well. He started his firm when he was 22 years old out of his bedroom – I can relate.

We briefly spoke about the impact of COVID on our businesses.

You can learn more about Alcides Aguasvivas at his website Pix-l Graphx.

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Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline for Shavous.




Happy Fourth of July – Google Doodle



Happy Fourth of July - Google Doodle

Wishing you all a happy Happy Fourth of July, as you can see, this site is all dressed up for the day (on desktop) and Google has their special animated Doodle. I’d embed the Bing theme but I was once threatened with a lawsuit for doing that (not by Microsoft but one of those image legal companies).

I have a ton to post but I’ll hold it all for tomorrow and let you all rest.

Have a wonderful July 4th and speak to you all tomorrow, July 5th.

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