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Bing’s IndexNow For WordPress, Google SEO Topics, Links In 2022 & More



Bing's IndexNow For WordPress, Google SEO Topics, Links In 2022 & More


It was a slow start to 2022 but I guess that is welcomed by most of you – I have my January 2022 Google webmaster report live, if you took off at all, you will want to read it and catch up there. Microsoft Bing released a WordPress plugin to easy allow WordPress sites to add IndexNow capabilities. Google Search Console products rich results report has been updated. Google said different languages quality on your site can impact other language sections on your site. Google said pages that look like error pages can be considered soft 404s and drop out of the index. Google said stock levels should not impact your rankings. Google said there is no need to nofollow internal links to pages that have affiliate links on them. Google said you can ignore link reports that show “toxic” links. Google said keyword density is still not a thing in 2022. Google may be showing more web stories in the top stories carousel. If you work for a dealership, you can list your cars for sale in Google local results. Google is testing a read full answer button in the people also ask. Google is testing a blue search bar header. Google is also testing a new design for visual stories and trending searches on Google Discover. Are you trying to add exact match keywords to your Google Ads campaigns and Google is saying no, they will be added as broad match? Also, Google’s John Mueller on New Years was helping SEOs and site owners. Google AdSense has resumed the related search experiments after eight months, it was suppose to be paused for only two months. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Daily Search Forum Recap: September 30, 2022



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google is testing “more like this” star feature, the things to know box on the right side and the product panels with shaded backgrounds. Google said sometimes a brand becomes so popular it will rank above the general meaning of the word in Google Search. Page speed issues won’t lead to your site being removed from Google. I also posted my weekly SEO video recap – with a cold and cough.

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