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Christine Zirnheld, aka Shep On Being A PPC Hypocrite



Christine Zirnheld

Christine Zirnheld, aka Shep, is a Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North, is a co-host on Marketing O’Clock, and has been with the company for over four years. Shep came from her maiden name Shepherd and Greg Finn gave him the nickname of Shep, although Greg does not have a nickname. This vlog went out on tons of tangents, I was having fun, I am sorry.

We quickly spoke about how it is hard to be insulted when doing podcasting, writing, and vlogging in this space. Then we jumped into her professional career and why she is where she is. Christine wanted to go to FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, to go into fashion but was told not to go to school for fashion and first went to school in Buffalo. In any event, to make a long story short, she got a job doing some marketing jobs and then jumped to work in an agency. We spoke about fashion, New York City and buffalos, and other animals. We then also spoke about how boring SEO is compared to PPC.

Shep then spoke about how she is a PPC hypocrite and we stayed on that topic for some time. Specifically, she mentioned how broad match is not that bad and she has seen recent success with it. Shep noticed that using smart bidding, target ROARS, or target CPA, with broad match, has worked pretty well. The results are showing conversions and she is super happy to be proven wrong.

In short, give broad match in specific cases a try, you might be surprised. The moral of the story, test, and test again.

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Daily Search Forum Recap: September 26, 2022



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