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Google Ads API Version 12.0 Now Out



Google Ads API Version 10 Is Out

Google has released version 12.0 of the Google Ads API. Version 11.0 of the Google Ads API was released in June, and version 11.1 was in August. Version 12.0 is a major update.

Also Version 10.1 was released on April 27, 2022 and version 10.0 was released on February 9, 2022. And Google has sunset the AdWords API on April 27th which will completely stop working at the end of July.

Google published a video of the mahor changes in 12.0:

Here is everything announced in version 12.0:

Account Management

  • Added a new account link type, ADVERTISING_PARTNER for linking a customer account to another one. This is preparation for an upcoming feature in a following release.
  • Added AccountLinkError.PERMISSION_DENIED for the case where a non-admin user tries to create an account link.


  • Removed support for creating a new Gmail ad. Use Discovery campaigns instead.


  • Added support for retrieving CustomLeadFormSubmissionField through LeadFormSubmissionData using GoogleAdsService.SearchStream or GoogleAdsService.Search.
  • Added support for adding, updating, and removing CampaignAsset and AdGroupAsset with the field_type as AD_IMAGE (for allowlisted customers only).
  • You can retrieve stats for Image assets (asset_field_type_view.field_type = AD_IMAGE) using the asset_field_type_view report.
  • The asset_set_asset report now supports metrics and segments.
  • Added ad_group_ad_asset_view.pinned_field to allow filtering by a pinned asset.
  • Added support for segment.conversion_action to the ad_group_ad_asset_view report.
  • Added support for linking customers and ad groups with asset sets for test accounts only.
  • CustomerAssetSetService for adding/updating/removing CustomerAssetSet, which represents a link between a Customer and an AssetSet.
  • AdGroupAssetSetService for adding/updating/removing AdGroupAssetSet, which represents a link between an AdGroup and an AssetSet.

  • Added support for mutating and fetching location assets for test accounts only.

  • Fields:
  • Added Asset.location_asset whose type is LocationAsset.
  • Added the following fields to AssetSet:
  • location_group_parent_asset_set_id
  • asset_set_source (oneof field)
  • location_set (use with CustomerAssetSet)
  • business_profile_location_group (use with CampaignAssetSet and AdGroupAssetSet)
  • chain_location_group (use with CampaignAssetSet and AdGroupAssetSet)
  • Added excluded_parent_asset_set_types to Campaign and AdGroup.
  • Enums:
  • Added AssetType.LOCATION.
  • Added the following values to AssetSetType:
  • Reports (available for all accounts):
  • per_store_view returns stats at the place ID level.
  • asset_set_type_view returns stats at the AssetSetType level, which currently only supports location asset set.




  • Added support for linked portfolio bidding strategies and campaign budget. Bidding strategies and campaign budgets can modify these links using bulk mutates:
  • BiddingStrategy.aligned_campaign_budget_id
  • CampaignBudget.aligned_bidding_strategy_id


  • Added AccountSummary as Invoice.account_summaries[] for reporting reconciliation (for allowlisted customers only).
  • Added AccountBudgetProposalError.INVALID_MASTER_SERVICE_AGREEMENT.


  • Changes in Smart campaigns:
  • Updated SmartCampaignSuggestService.SuggestKeywordThemes to generate more keyword theme suggestions for Smart campaigns and can suggest free-form keyword themes in some cases.
  • Improved error handling and added more user-facing error codes for SmartCampaignSuggestService.SuggestKeywordThemes.
  • Removed support for creating new Smart Display campaigns. Existing Smart Display campaigns still serve as usual.
  • OperationAccessDeniedError.CREATE_OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED is thrown if you try to create a new Smart Display campaign.
  • Added the following fields to Campaign:
  • primary_status to provide insight into why a campaign is not serving or not serving optimally.
  • primary_status_reasons to provide reasons into why a campaign is not serving or not serving optimally. These reasons are aggregated to determine primary_status.
  • Enabled adding and removing location targeting to Local Services campaigns except for proximity targeting.
  • Added the following errors to CampaignCriterionError for the Local service campaigns:


  • conversion_tracking_id will always be > 0 for all customers. Previously, this field could be 0 for customers who hadn’t created any conversion actions before.
  • Added debug_enabled for performing all checks and returning errors if found when uploading enhanced conversions.


  • Added the following asset set fields to LocationGroupInfo for test accounts:
  • enable_customer_level_location_asset_set
  • location_group_asset_sets
  • Added the following values to CriterionError:


  • Error codes returned for some invalid operations have changed for the following fields.
  • BiddingStrategy.currency_code
  • BiddingStrategy.scheme
  • BiddingStrategy.type
  • TargetCpa.target_cpa_micros
  • TargetImpressionShare.cpc_bid_ceiling_micros
  • TargetSpend.target_spend_micros (deprecated)


  • Removed CampaignExperimentService in favor of the previously added new experiments.
    Renamed ExperimentArm.trial to ExperimentArm.experiment.
  • When you create a new experiment arm using MutateExperimentArms and set response_content_type of your mutate request toMUTABLE_RESOURCE, it now also populates values in ExperimentArm.in_design_campaigns.


  • Added LEGACY_FEED_TYPE_READ_ONLY to the following enums: CampaignFeedError, FeedItemError, FeedMappingError


  • AudienceInsightsService.ListAudienceInsightsAttributes now accepts AudienceInsightsDimension.GEO_TARGET_COUNTRY and AudienceInsightsDimension.SUB_COUNTRY_LOCATION, enabling clients to discover the location criteria that can be used in AudienceInsightsService.
  • Added AudienceInsightsService.ListInsightsEligibleDates (available to allowlisted accounts only), enabling clients to discover the set of date ranges that can be used in AudienceInsightsService.
  • Removed GenerateProductMixIdeas from ReachPlanService.
  • Added Targeting.plannable_location_ids, which supports targeting multiple geo locations within the same parent location in a single reach forecast.


  • Added RaiseTargetCpaBidTooLowRecommendation which identifies target CPA adjustments to help campaigns start serving.
  • Added ForecastingSetTargetRoasRecommendation which identifies target ROAS adjustments to capture additional conversion value from expected traffic increases.


  • Added support for returning the number of clicks for sitelinks (when segments.click_type = SITELINKS) in the landing_page_view report.
  • Added the following purchased traffic metrics: metrics.publisher_purchased_clicks,
    metrics.publisher_organic_clicks, metrics.publisher_unknown_clicks

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Microsoft Bing’s New BingBot Now Fully Live Today




As a reminder, since April, Bing has been slowly testing a new BingBot user agent, slowly rolling it out to more percentages of crawls over the year. It should have rolled out to 100% of all crawls last month. But now Fabrice Canel said this week that it is near 100%, and an announcement is coming sometime today from Microsoft.

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing wrote on Twitter, “We are near 100% and are proactively monitoring and rolling back any website having issues. Stay tuned for more communication Friday.”

Initially, Bing said it would be rolled out by Fall 2022, then January 2023. Maybe today is the day?

Here has been the rollout so far:

  • April 2022: Less than 5% of crawls
  • July 2022: 5% of all crawls
  • September 2022: 20% of all crawls
  • October 2022: 50% of all crawls
  • February 2023: New 100% of all crawls

Let’s see what Fabrice announces today.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Confirmed, it is fully live according to Fabrice on LinkedIn.

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Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Confirms New Chat Based Search Feature



Google mobile phone texting

Last night I reported on Search Engine Land, based on the Google earnings report and earnings call, that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed the search company will release a chat based search feature based on its own AI, LaMDA, in the coming weeks and months. Plus, there is a big new search event this Wednesday – so maybe we will hear about it there?

Yes, the other day we reported about Apprentice Bard, the reports of Google’s ChatGPT answer to OpenAI and Microsoft Bing.

Here is what Sundar said on the call:

Sundar Pichai said, “In the coming weeks and months, we’ll make these language models available, starting with LaMDA, so that people can engage directly with them. This will help us continue to get feedback, test, and safely improve them. These models are particularly amazing for composing, constructing, and summarizing. They will become even more useful for people as they provide up-to-date more factual information.”

Sundar Pichai said that he “first spoke about Google being an AI-first company” more than “six years ago.” “We have been preparing for this moment since early last year, and you’re going to see a lot from us in the coming few months across three big areas of opportunity; first, large models. We published extensively about LaMDA and PoN, the industry’s largest, most sophisticated model plus extensive work at DeepMind,” he continued to say.

During the question and answer period, Sundar added “We’ll be launching — we’ll — more as labs products in certain cases, beta features in certain cases and just slowly scaling up from there. Obviously, we need to make sure we’re iterating in public, these models will keep getting better, so the field is fast changing. The serving costs will need to be improved.”

“So I view it as very, very early days, but we are committed to putting our experiences, both in terms of new products and experiences, actually bringing direct LLM experiences in Search, making APIs available for developers and enterprises and learn from there and iterate like we’ve always done. So I’m looking forward to it,” he added.

Sundar goes on to add, “In terms of Search too, now that we can integrate more direct LLM type experiences in Search, I think it will help us expand and serve new types of use cases, generative use cases. And so I think I see this as a chance to rethink and re-imagine and drive Search to solve more use cases for our users as well. So again, early days, you will see us be bold, put things out, get feedback and iterate and make things better.”

Here is the event live stream on Wednesday:

Everyone is so ChatGPT crazed!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Google Algorithm Update, Yandex Search Factors Leaked, ChatGPT Craze (Bing/Google), Bing Lastmod & More Yahoo Search



Google Algorithm Update, Yandex Search Factors Leaked, ChatGPT Craze (Bing/Google), Bing Lastmod & More Yahoo Search

In this week’s recap, I covered the unconfirmed Google update that seemed to impact product review sites but maybe more on January 26th. Yandex had a huge leak, and SEOs and marketers dug through the search engine’s source code. Google’s answer to ChatGPT might be Apprentice Bard using LAMDA Sundar Pichai of Google basically confirmed this. Google’s John Mueller blasted some links sellers. Google Search Console updated the video indexing report. Google said to try to nofollow site credit links in your footer. Google said spammy links from porn sites should not be a priority. Google said if you redesign your site, the rankings make go “nuts.” Google Search Console verification does not impact your rankings. Google said firewalls and CDNs are the biggest reason for why your site is blocking crawling. Google updated its canonicalization docs in a big way. Google said don’t use relative paths in your canonicals. I posted the big Google webmaster report for Friday. Microsoft Bing said the lastmod field in your sitemap file is critical. The new BingBot might go 100% today. Google Ads announcements and news seemed to have slowed since late last year. Google reported earnings that showed their ad revenue was down 3.6% year over year. Yahoo Search is really going to be making a comeback, I have more evidence. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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