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Google Says The Nofollow Is Not A Dampening Factor



Google Says The Nofollow Is Not A Dampening Factor

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that the “nofollow is not a dampening factor.” Meaning, when you put a nofollow attribute on a link, it does not dampen the value of the link, it totally does not give any credit or value to that link at all.

There have historically been some SEOs that believe a nofollowed link on a popular website is counted or counted on some level. John here is saying once again that no, it doesn’t matter where the link is, if the link has a nofollow attribute on it, Google won’t count it.

That means, a nofollow link on or or or any really popular site is worth as much as a nofollow link on this site or any spammy website. The nofollowed links are all worth nothing in terms of Google’s link signals, PageRank and anything else that flows from the link in Google’s alogorithm.

Here are those tweets:

In short, a nofollow link is worth zero in terms of Google’s link graph, so there is no dampening zero anymore.

You should of course read Google’s details on the nofollow attribute – it is from 2019 when Google made changes to nofollow.


Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Google Be Colorful Sign from Peter The Greeter



Google Be Colorful Backdrop

Here is a photo from Peter the Greeter at the GooglePlex in front of a “Be Colorful” sign that is super colorful with a lot of fun scenery around it. I assume this was for the Pride celebrations at the Google office.

He shared this on Instagram.

This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.


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