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Google Won’t Make Google Analytics 4 A Ranking Boost



Google Won't Make Google Analytics 4 A Ranking Boost

Sometimes when Google wants to encourage site owners to take action, they might give us a ranking boost for implementing it. They did add super light weight ranking boosts for mobile friendly design, page experience and many more.

But when it comes to encouraging folks to switching to Google Analytics 4, Google’s John Mueller said there won’t be any ranking boost in doing so. He was asked this and responses on Twitter saying “that’s not going to happen.”

Here are those tweets:

I joked prior to that and I think I caused some confusion – next time I need to remind myself to use emojis in these tweets:

I mean, the topic is not new, John Mueller had to say years ago that there is no ranking benefit to using Google Analytics.


So – this is not going to happen with Google Analytics, it won’t become a ranking factor of any direct kind.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Happy Fourth of July – Google Doodle



Happy Fourth of July - Google Doodle

Wishing you all a happy Happy Fourth of July, as you can see, this site is all dressed up for the day (on desktop) and Google has their special animated Doodle. I’d embed the Bing theme but I was once threatened with a lawsuit for doing that (not by Microsoft but one of those image legal companies).

I have a ton to post but I’ll hold it all for tomorrow and let you all rest.

Have a wonderful July 4th and speak to you all tomorrow, July 5th.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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