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Googlebot Did Not Stop Crawling Some Shopify Websites



Googlebot Did Not Stop Crawling Some Shopify Websites

Last week, we saw reports that some Shopify sites were showing massive declines in crawling activity from Google’s Googlebot. John Mueller of Google responded this morning that this was “temporary drop in how we calculate how much we can crawl” adding these sites are in a “good state” and there is nothing to worry about.

John Mueller wrote on Twitter “we looked into the sites that were mentioned and for all of them it was a temporary drop in how we calculate how much we can crawl. This happens from time to time, and catches up after a few days usually.” “As far as the engineers are concerned, these are in a good state, crawling will speed up again, and there’s not something that needs to be done. It’s kinda confusing from the outside though,” he added.

And yes, as of this morning, Shopify site owners and webmasters are reporting normal crawling again.

Tim Dennis flagged me about this last week on Twitter and I’ve been watching it since but there is still no clear answer on what is the issue yet. He did share charts from a few Shopify sites he runs showing the flatlining of Googlebot activity as reported in Google Search Console’s crawl stats report:

click for full size

Here is a video he recorded showing this:

It is not just Tim who noticed this, others are reporting this as well.


Like I said both Shopify and Google are looking into it. John Mueller from Google said he passed it on to the teams at Google to look at it:

And Kevin_Indig from Shopify also said he is looking into it:

Here are the tweets from John Mueller of Google this morning about what the issue was and was not:

Here is the update from an SEO who has some Shopify sites saying Googlebot is back to normal again for some of the sites, not all:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: This may have impacted sites beyond just the Shopify platform:

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Aurora Morales Recording Again in A Real Google Studio



Aurora Morales Recording Again in A Real Google Studio

Aurora Morales of Google has done a nice number of videos for Google, specifically on the publisher monetization front. She did a nice number of those while at home since COVID. She now said she is back for the first time in a real Google studio recording.

She wrote on Twitter “Filming at an actual studio again (and not remotely from my apartment) has felt truly amazing. More policy video content coming.”

This is good to see – I was in one of these studios and they are the real deal.

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