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Top Google Searches (US & Worldwide)



Top Google Searches (US & Worldwide)

Are you wondering what people in the U.S. (and around the world) are searching for the most? Then you’re in luck!

We’ve pulled four lists from our database of 19.8 billion keywords:

Top 100 Google searches in the U.S.

# Keyword Search volume
1 facebook 160,000,000
2 youtube 151,000,000
3 amazon 121,000,000
4 weather 103,000,000
5 google 70,000,000
6 walmart 63,000,000
7 gmail 59,000,000
8 google translate 42,000,000
9 home depot 41,000,000
10 yahoo mail 39,000,000
11 yahoo 38,000,000
12 wordle 34,000,000
13 election results 33,000,000
14 fox news 32,000,000
15 december global holidays 28,000,000
16 ebay 28,000,000
17 food near me 28,000,000
18 instagram 26,000,000
19 costco 24,000,000
20 restaurants near me 24,000,000
21 nfl 24,000,000
22 nba 24,000,000
23 google maps 24,000,000
24 amazon prime 23,000,000
25 starbucks 23,000,000
26 weather tomorrow 23,000,000
27 best buy 22,000,000
28 cnn 22,000,000
29 walgreens 21,000,000
30 translate 20,000,000
31 espn 20,000,000
32 lowes 20,000,000
33 mcdonalds 19,000,000
34 craigslist 19,000,000
35 usps tracking 19,000,000
36 news 19,000,000
37 zillow 18,000,000
38 traductor 18,000,000
39 nfl scores 17,000,000
40 calculator 16,000,000
41 twitter 16,000,000
42 target 16,000,000
43 wells fargo 15,000,000
44 netflix 15,000,000
45 restaurants 15,000,000
46 bank of america 15,000,000
47 food 14,000,000
48 chick fil a 14,000,000
49 cvs 14,000,000
50 indeed 14,000,000
51 google docs 14,000,000
52 trump 14,000,000
53 macys 13,000,000
54 bba scores 13,000,000
55 etsy 12,000,000
56 kohls 12,000,000
57 msn 12,000,000
58 roblox 12,000,000
59 dominos 12,000,000
60 shein 11,000,000
61 hotmail 11,000,000
62 google classroom 11,000,000
63 bitcoin price 11,000,000
64 aol mail 10,000,000
65 ups tracking 10,000,000
66 pizza hut 10,000,000
67 facebook login 10,000,000
68 fedex tracking 10,000,000
69 walmart near me 9,900,000
70 autozone 9,700,000
71 taco bell 9,700,000
72 maps 9,600,000
73 usps 9,500,000
74 english to spanish 9,500,000
75 dollar tree 9,400,000
76 tiempo 9,300,000
77 gas station 9,300,000
78 gmail login 9,000,000
79 lakers 9,000,000
80 southwest airlines 8,700,000
81 google flights 8,600,000
82 dow jones 8,500,000
83 american airlines 8,500,000
84 restaurant 8,400,000
85 paypal 8,300,000
86 chipotle 8,300,000
87 old navy 8,300,000
88 ikea 8,200,000
89 airbnb 8,100,000
90 capital one 8,100,000
91 linkedin 8,000,000
92 speed test 8,000,000
93 google drive 7,900,000
94 spanish to english 7,800,000
95 amc stock 7,800,000
96 fedex 7,700,000
97 coffee 7,700,000
98 hobby lobby 7,500,000
99 gas 7,500,000
100 facebook marketplace 7,500,000


We removed all NSFW queries from this list. What you see above are the top 100 “clean” search queries. You can see the full list with NSFW keywords in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

Before we move on to the next list of trending keywords, it’s important to understand what search volume is and how it works.

Search volume

Search volume shows how many times a given keyword gets searched for in Google per month. And because the search demand for many keywords tends to fluctuate from month to month, the number that we give you is an annual average.

Top 100 Google searches globally

# Keyword Search volume
1 youtube 1,163,000,000
2 facebook 1,033,000,000
3 google 513,000,000
4 whatsapp web 490,000,000
5 weather 400,000,000
6 gmail 394,000,000
7 translate 367,000,000
8 amazon 348,000,000
9 google translate 332,000,000
10 instagram 301,000,000
11 traductor 235,000,000
12 hotmail 206,000,000
13 cricbuzz 196,000,000
14 tiempo 170,000,000
15 fb 146,000,000
16 satta king 123,000,000
17 yahoo mail 121,000,000
18 yahoo 119,000,000
19 weather tomorrow 110,000,000
20 google maps 108,000,000
21 погода 99,000,000
22 tradutor 89,000,000
23 sarkari result 86,000,000
24 переводчик 85,000,000
25 yandex 83,000,000
26 tiempo mañana 78,000,000
27 walmart 76,000,000
28 ebay 74,000,000
29 traduçoes 72,000,000
30 nba 72,000,000
31 flipkart 67,000,000
32 google traduction 65,000,000
33 çeviri 64,000,000
34 wordle 63,000,000
35 meteo 62,000,000
36 bbc news 61,000,000
37 satta 60,000,000
38 hava durumu 53,000,000
39 ютуб 52,000,000
40 dolar 51,000,000
41 home depot 50,000,000
42 вконтакте 48,000,000
43 dr 46,000,000
44 cowin 46,000,000
45 xsmb 46,000,000
46 amazon prime 45,000,000
47 snaptik 45,000,000
48 ipl 45,000,000
49 wetter 44,000,000
50 december global holidays 44,000,000
51 instagram login 43,000,000
52 previsão do tempo 42,000,000
53 e devlet 42,000,000
54 serie a 41,000,000
55 яндекс 41,000,000
56 เเปลภาษา 41,000,000
57 google tradutor 41,000,000
58 google dịch 39,000,000
59 setka matka 39,000,000
60 clima para amanhã 39,000,000
61 แปลภาษา 38,000,000
62 wp 38,000,000
63 lottery sambad 38,000,000
64 bild 37,000,000
65 traduttore 36,000,000
66 starbucks 36,000,000
67 election results 36,000,000
68 fox news 35,000,000
69 programme tv 35,000,000
70 nfl 34,000,000
71 le bon coin 34,000,000
72 costco 34,000,000
73 cuaca 33,000,000
74 marca 33,000,000
75 dpboss 33,000,000
76 matka 32,000,000
77 übersetzer 32,000,000
78 pogoda 32,000,000
79 flamengo 31,000,000
80 food near me 31,000,000
81 onet 31,000,000
82 globo 30,000,000
83 restaurants near me 30,000,000
84 seznam 29,000,000
85 uol 29,000,000
86 mercado livre 28,000,000
87 gg dịch 27,000,000
88 kalyan chart 27,000,000
89 mynet 27,000,000
90 zyrtec 25,000,000
91 xsmn 25,000,000
92 english to hindi 25,000,000
93 dịch 25,000,000
94 sxmb 25,000,000
95 xổ số miền nam 25,000,000
96 as 25,000,000
97 download video tiktok 24,000,000
98 네이버 24,000,000
99 天気 24,000,000
100 epfo 22,000,000

Top 100 most searched questions in the U.S.

# Keyword Search volume
1 what to watch 2,500,000
2 what dinosaur has 500 teeth 1,500,000
3 how i met your father cast 1,300,000
4 what time is it 1,300,000
5 how many ounces in a cup 1,000,000
6 where my refund 770,000
7 where am i 770,000
8 how many ounces in a gallon 690,000
9 how many weeks in a year 640,000
10 when is fathers day 560,000
11 when is mothers day 490,000
12 how many days until christmas 470,000
13 what space movie came out in 1992 460,000
14 how to screenshot on mac 450,000
15 what time is it in california 430,000
16 how many ounces in a pound 430,000
17 when is easter 2022 420,000
18 what song is this 410,000
19 how to 400,000
20 when is the super bowl 390,000
21 what is critical race theory 360,000
22 how i met your father 360,000
23 how many liters in a gallon 350,000
24 what time is the super bowl 340,000
25 what we do in the shadows 340,000
26 how to tie a tie 330,000
27 how to delete instagram account 330,000
28 how long to boil eggs 320,000
29 how many grams in an ounce 320,000
30 how i met your mother 310,000
31 what is 310,000
32 when is thanksgiving 310,000
33 when is easter 310,000
34 how to lose weight fast 310,000
35 why is russia invading ukraine 300,000
36 what time is it in hawaii 300,000
37 what is my ip 290,000
38 how many cups in a quart 280,000
39 how many oz in a gallon 270,000
40 when is daylight savings 270,000
41 how many quarts in a gallon 260,000
42 what is juneteenth 260,000
43 why women kill 260,000
44 when does the time change 250,000
45 when we were young festival 250,000
46 what is an nft 250,000
47 how late is the closest grocery store open 250,000
48 how many oz in a cup 240,000
49 how much house can i afford 240,000
50 where am i right now 230,000
51 what if 230,000
52 what time is the inauguration 230,000
53 what is bitcoin 220,000
54 how many days till christmas 220,000
55 how to train your dragon 220,000
56 what is pansexual 220,000
57 how many teaspoons in a tablespoon 220,000
58 who killed sara 210,000
59 how many people are in the world 210,000
60 how did bob saget die 210,000
61 where does vanilla flavoring come from 210,000
62 when is mother’s day 210,000
63 what time does walmart close 210,000
64 what time is it in australia 210,000
65 how many cups in a gallon 210,000
66 when is memorial day 210,000
67 when is the next full moon 200,000
68 how many feet in a mile 200,000
69 how to pronounce 200,000
70 how to write a check 200,000
71 why were chainsaws invented 200,000
72 what time is it in arizona 200,000
73 what is nft 200,000
74 how to screenshot on windows 190,000
75 what time is sunset 190,000
76 what space movie was made in 1992 190,000
77 where is xur 190,000
78 how to make french toast 190,000
79 when is the super bowl 2022 190,000
80 which wich 180,000
81 how many ounces in a quart 180,000
82 when is super bowl 2022 180,000
83 what is today 180,000
84 how many tablespoons in a cup 180,000
85 how old is queen elizabeth 180,000
86 how to delete apps 180,000
87 how to make banana bread 170,000
88 how to draw 170,000
89 when is labor day 170,000
90 how to delete facebook account 170,000
91 how many grams in a pound 170,000
92 what does let’s go brandon mean 170,000
93 how many steps in a mile 170,000
94 what does pushing p mean 170,000
95 what time is it in texas 170,000
96 where the crawdads sing 170,000
97 how to get rid of fruit flies 170,000
98 who is the richest person in the world 170,000
99 when is valentines day 160,000
100 what day is it 160,000

Top 100 most searched questions globally

# Keyword Search volume
1 how many ounces in a cup 6,400,000
2 what to watch 4,700,000
3 what dinosaur has 500 teeth 2,200,000
4 how late is the closest grocery store open 2,100,000
5 qué significa 1,900,000
6 how many centimeters is an inch 1,900,000
7 what time is it 1,800,000
8 cuando cobro 1,800,000
9 what is my ip 1,500,000
10 how i met your mother 1,500,000
11 where am i 1,400,000
12 how i met your father cast 1,400,000
13 what if 1,300,000
14 how to delete instagram account 1,200,000
15 how many weeks in a year 1,100,000
16 how to 983,000
17 какой сегодня праздник 982,000
18 how to make banana bread 979,000
19 when is fathers day 971,000
20 where does vanilla flavoring come from 965,000
21 when is mothers day 812,000
22 how i met your father 801,000
23 where my refund 773,000
24 how are you 761,000
25 que hora es 757,000
26 сколько миллилитров в стакане 745,000
27 when is easter 2022 739,000
28 где посылка 737,000
29 how many ounces in a gallon 711,000
30 how many days until christmas 711,000
31 que horas são 705,000
32 where is my train 697,000
33 how to screenshot on mac 690,000
34 what song is this 653,000
35 how to lose weight fast 639,000
36 what we do in the shadows 633,000
37 why women kill 632,000
38 how many liters in a gallon 615,000
39 cuando y donde cobro 615,000
40 how to train your dragon 597,000
41 what space movie came out in 1992 578,000
42 what time is it in california 572,000
43 how to tie a tie 527,000
44 cuando juega river 521,000
45 how many ounces in a pound 512,000
46 cuando juega boca 490,000
47 cuando juega argentina 487,000
48 who killed sara 485,000
49 what is the meaning of 481,000
50 how many grams in an ounce 473,000
51 when is easter 463,000
52 why is russia invading ukraine 456,000
53 que pasa salta 442,000
54 what is today in india 434,000
55 how many days till christmas 412,000
56 what is the factorial of hundred 408,000
57 how many millilitres in a cup 403,000
58 quem saiu do bbb 398,000
59 what is critical race theory 393,000
60 who called me 385,000
61 what is bitcoin 377,000
62 how long to boil eggs 375,000
63 when is thanksgiving 375,000
64 what is an nft 362,000
65 how many states in india 362,000
66 what is pansexual 362,000
67 what time is the super bowl 357,000
68 when is mother’s day 332,000
69 cuando cobro anses 332,000
70 where am i right now 320,000
71 what time is it in australia 318,000
72 how many calories are in an apple 316,000
73 what time is it in hawaii 313,000
74 when we were young festival 310,000
75 how many people are in the world 304,000
76 how many grams in a kilo 301,000
77 что посмотреть 298,000
78 quem sai do bbb 295,000
79 how many cups in a quart 292,000
80 when is daylight savings 287,000
81 how many oz in a gallon 283,000
82 when does the time change 281,000
83 when is the next full moon 276,000
84 what is juneteenth 274,000
85 how many quarts in a gallon 271,000
86 how many teaspoons in a tablespoon 257,000
87 how many oz in a cup 254,000
88 how much house can i afford 246,000
89 how did bob saget die 246,000
90 que dia é hoje 245,000
91 क्या आस-पास कोई पेट्रोल पंप है 241,000
92 cuando juega chile 241,000
93 cuando llega 239,000
94 what time is the inauguration 233,000
95 how many cups in a gallon 226,000
96 how many feet in a mile 223,000
97 que música é essa 223,000
98 what time does walmart close 215,000
99 when is memorial day 210,000
100 quem sai do bbb hoje 208,000

Top 100+ Google searches in 200+ countries

Looking to see more than the top 100 Google searches?

Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, choose Google as the search engine, leave the search field blank, then hit search. You’ll see every keyword in our database for your chosen country, sorted by monthly search volume in descending order.

~5 billion keywords in our US database

Need to see the most searched keywords in another country?

Hit the dropdown and choose one of the 200+ countries in our database.

How to select a country in Keywords Explorer

We also show SEO metrics like Traffic Potential (TP), Keyword Difficulty (KD), clicks, CPC, and Parent Topic for each keyword.

To see the current top-ranking pages for any query, hit the SERP button.

How to see the top-ranking pages for any keyword

Top 100+ Google searches in your niche

Did you know that you can use the keyword ideas reports in Keywords Explorer to find the most popular searches on any topic?

For example, if you search for “netflix” and go to the Matching terms report, there are over 2.9 million keyword ideas sorted by monthly search volume.

~2.9 million keyword ideas containing the term 'netflix'

How is this useful?

Imagine that you run a website about movie reviews. You can filter this report for queries containing the word “review” to find the most popular Netflix shows people want reviews for.

Using the Include filter to find review keywords

If you then add a KD filter into the mix, you can narrow down the report to find the easiest topics to rank for.

Filtering by Keyword Difficulty (KD) to find easy topics

Want to do keyword research for your site? Sign up for Keywords Explorer

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12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know



12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

There is no doubt that email marketing is effective. But how many times have you sat down to begin an email marketing project and immediately felt overwhelmed?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start, especially when working with a newer brand.

The good thing is that email marketing has never been easier, thanks to automation tools and innovative ways to deliver emails directly into subscribers’ inboxes.

If you don’t know where to begin or want to improve your current workflow, this article is for you.

So now, let’s look at some simple steps you can follow to ensure you’re using email marketing wisely.

Where To Begin With Email Marketing

So, you’re planning your email marketing strategy for your client. Where do you begin? Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Keep your emails short and sweet. People get tired of reading long emails, so keep yours between 60 to 200 words.
  • People love visuals, especially in email marketing, so include images of your products or services.
  • Social proof helps convince readers that your offer is legitimate and worth their time. This includes sharing links or information in your emails from experts in the industry, positive testimonials, or influencers using the brand.
  • People want to know where to go next after reading your content. And since emails are usually opened on mobile devices, you need to provide a clear CTA at the end of each email. Whether it’s to a product page or recent content produced on the website.
  • Email marketing works best when you send regular emails. But even once a week isn’t enough. Studies show that people respond better to frequent emails than infrequent ones.

Now, let’s discuss the top 12 email marketing components for your strategy:

1. Create Optimized Lead Magnets

So, how do you get people to actually subscribe to your email listing? An effective lead magnet.

A lead magnet is usually the first thing visitors see when they land on a brand’s website. It gets them to click through and read more about a brand, so it needs to be eye-catching and compelling.

And if you don’t optimize your lead magnets for conversion, a brand could lose out on potential leads.

So, how do you make sure your lead magnets convert?

Your lead magnet should grab visitors’ attention right away. That means making it interesting, unique, and relevant to the business.

For example, you can use an incentive like a freebie or discount code to entice people to take action. You could also give away a free report or ebook in exchange for their name and email address.

Your lead magnet could also be the first email they receive, which can be a part of your welcome series (which I’ll talk about briefly).

It entices the users to keep receiving emails, so they don’t immediately unsubscribe after they receive a discount code or something similar.

2. Segment Your Subscribers

You’ve probably heard the term “subscriber segmentation.” It refers to a way of grouping your subscribers into groups based on their interests and behavior so that you can send them more relevant content, offers, and other messages.

This is an integral part of email marketing because it allows you to target your audience with personalized emails.

You can also use this technique to create multiple versions of your emails, such as a welcome email, a thank you email, and a follow-up email.

Segmenting your subscribers can help build trust and long-term interest for a brand because it presents them with information or offers they actually want to receive.

3. Craft A Welcome Series 

Welcome emails are usually sent automatically to new subscribers when they sign up, purchase a product, or make an account.

When creating a welcome series, you need to consider where the customer is in their journey with a brand. So, it’s beneficial to space the emails out over a set period of time and create each one with a specific intention.

A welcome series is a great way to keep potential customers engaged after they sign up. Especially since they receive emails from companies almost daily.

Some examples include: “Welcome! We hope you like our product” or “Your account has been activated.”

You can also send welcome emails to existing customers who haven’t logged in for a while.

For example, if someone signs up and doesn’t use the service for three months, you could send an email saying, “Hey, we noticed that you signed up recently. Would you be interested in using our service?”

This type of marketing is very effective because it’s personalized and targeted. It shows that you’re not sending out mass emails but rather ones specifically tailored to specific customers.

These emails are also a great way to help build trust with your customers and get them used to receiving emails from you.

4. Implement Automation

So now, you’ve done the work to craft an email series. Next, it’s time to automate their delivery, so you don’t have to send them out each time you need to, according to your schedule.

Automation in email marketing is easy to do using tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Convertkit.

These types of programs allow you to create automated emails based on triggers, such as when someone opens your email, clicks on a link, or purchases something from you.

This way, you no longer need to manually send out those emails, which can alleviate some stress when you’re dealing with a multitude of different subscribers.

5. Design Mobile-Friendly Emails

As I mentioned earlier, most people use their phones to check their emails, so making them mobile-friendly is crucial.

The email should be optimized for mobile phones if it promotes sales or discounts. For example, any sales information or product pictures should be easily viewed on their mobile device.

And users should be able to click on the promotion, link, or image and give them the option to view the brand’s site in their preferred browser on their phone.

The key elements to consider when designing mobile-friendly emails include:

  • Placing important links at the top of the page rather than down below.
  • Keeping graphics small.
  • Using text only where appropriate.
  • Optimizing images.
  • And testing different sizes of fonts and margins.

6. Personalize Your Emails

Even though the average person receives numerous unsolicited emails daily, sending personalized messages to potential leads is proven to boost response rates.

Personalizing your emails makes them feel less like spam. Plus, it gives your subscribers a sense of connection to you.

The key to successful email marketing is knowing exactly who you want to send emails and which messages resonate best with each group of recipients.

Once you know what works and what doesn’t, you can tailor your messages specifically to your audience and keep them coming back for more.

First, choose a subject line that clearly states what you will say in your email. This will help readers decide whether or not to click through your email.

Next, include a call to action, such as asking subscribers to check out a new product or sign up for a free trial.

Finally, customize each individual message by adding links to pages on your site where interested parties can read more information.

Get creative and do your research for the industry. For example, does adding emojis help to personalize the email, or is that a no-no for that specific industry?

7. A/B Test Email Content

The A/B testing of email content is a great way to improve your open rate. It’s also an excellent way to get more people on board with a product or service.

But it can be challenging to figure out what works best for you and your audience.

A/B testing helps marketers decide what works best for their business. For example, when designing email campaigns, it’s often necessary to split-test different versions of emails to determine which one performs better.

You can also test different subject lines. Subject lines are one of the most important parts of any email. They’ll help determine whether someone opens your message or not. It’s what hooks the subscriber to learn more.

The best way to test different variations of emails is to use A/B email testing software. This allows you to compare two versions side by side while showing only one version to half of your users at any given moment so that they don’t realize they’re receiving two different messages.

Most email automation platforms can also conduct A/B testing for your emails. And A/B testing isn’t just beneficial for email. For example, it’s important to test copy and content on a brand’s website, so A/B testing will come in handy in more ways than one.

8. Find The Best Timing

The best time to send emails to customers depends on several factors – such as when they last visited your website, what action they took while on your site, whether they completed any transactions, and more.

One way to determine which times work best for email campaigns is by using Google Analytics. You can use the Goal conversion section to view bounce rate, exit pages, and other data related to goal completion.

You should also consider other factors and incorporate them when you send emails based on people’s schedules. For example, you can see lower open rates on holidays, late into the evening, as well as Monday morning and Friday evenings.

9. Scrub Your List Of Non-Opens

It’s essential to manage your subscriber list. When you click “send” on your newsletter, your list contains all subscribers who did not open the email. If you see that certain people are ignoring all your emails, you might want to delete them from your list.

To delete them from your list, you need to go to the unsubscribe page, then select remove and confirm. This process may be repeated until all your non-opens are removed.

You don’t want to overload people who have already purchased or are no longer interested in the brand, so you don’t create a negative relationship with them.

Incorporating one of the email management tools to help you eliminate the consistent non-opens can help you manage your subscribers and decrease time spent on this repetitive task.

10. Include A Real Reply Email Address

This is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back for more. Users may want to send any follow-up emails directly to their spam folder if you don’t include an actual reply address.

But when you put your email address in the footer, they know exactly where to go. If a person has questions, they can email the brand’s team.

Again, this also helps build trust with the brand. They know they are communicating with real people who selected these emails for them versus being spammed with nonrelevant or generic content for the masses.

11. Experiment With Lead Generation Ads

The goal of lead generation ads is to reach people who may be interested in buying from the brand.

They usually appear at the top of the page, where they are visible for longer periods of time than other types of ads.

This means people tend to click on them more often than ads below the fold. So, as long as you don’t use these ads too frequently, you should be able to generate leads.

12. Utilize Email Analytics To Improve Campaigns

One way to utilize email analytics to improve campaigns is to check the bounce rate, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes for your emails. Then use that information to enhance your current efforts.

This includes sending emails at different times throughout the week, testing subject lines, changing up the call to action, and testing creative variations.

If you’re still struggling, try experimenting with lead magnets, such as free ebooks, white papers, and webinars.

These allow you to capture leads from those interested in learning about new topics. In addition, measuring results lets you know which emails work and which ones don’t.

You should also compare these variables (such as open rates) to industry metrics. For example, what’s the percentage of bounce rates for the industry you’re working with?

If you aren’t measuring results, you won’t have much data to base future decisions for your next email marketing campaign.

Final Takeaways

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote your online store, build relationships with customers, and generate sales.

The final step in this process is to put all these pieces together into an effective strategy. This means coming up with creative and effective ways to construct emails and email series.

It also means being able to measure the results of each tactic so that you can continue to improve your efforts going forward.

Leveraging email metrics and incorporating A/B testing can help build relationships with subscribers by presenting them with the information they want to read.

With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can use email marketing to increase a brand’s sales and help create long-term customers.

More Resources:

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window.addEventListener( ‘load’, function() {
setTimeout(function(){ striggerEvent( ‘load2’ ); }, 2000);

window.addEventListener( ‘load2’, function() {

if( sopp != ‘yes’ && addtl_consent != ‘1~’ && !ss_u ){


if( typeof sopp !== “undefined” && sopp === ‘yes’ ){
fbq(‘dataProcessingOptions’, [‘LDU’], 1, 1000);
fbq(‘dataProcessingOptions’, []);

fbq(‘init’, ‘1321385257908563’);

fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’);

fbq(‘trackSingle’, ‘1321385257908563’, ‘ViewContent’, {
content_name: ‘powerful-email-marketing-tips’,
content_category: ‘digital seo

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