2020 Continuing Ed Goals for Social Media Pros

In our latest SMT audience poll, we put the call out to our community to get their insights into the key digital marketing topic of focus for them in 2020. 

We provided four options, which, ostensibly, will help us better guide our content decisions throughout the year, but also provides some interesting insights into the key trends and shifts getting the most attention among digital marketers as we move into the new decade.

Here were the results of our reader poll:

Interesting to note that influencer marketing, which has been a key buzz topic in recent times, was actually saw the least response, while paid social and targeting is the big one that marketers are looking to get better at.

And definitely, that should be a focus – marketers now have access to more audience insights and information than they ever have before, but actually understanding what that means, and how to utilize such in your approach, is a whole different thing.

We’ve taken note of these responses, and we’ll be looking to provide more content looking at tools and targeting strategies to help improve your approach throughout the year. We’ll also be looking to get more expert insights – ideally from the platforms themselves – into how brands can make better use of their ad targeting and creative tools.

For now, because the majority or readers shared an interest in learning more about “paid social and targeting,” we’ve made this the topic of discussion for our next #SMTLive Twitter chat on January 28th at 12pm ET. Please RSVP if you’d like to take part in this conversation. 

#SMTLive Twitter chat RSVP: Managing Paid Social & Audience Targeting in 2020

We look forward to learning more about social media marketing with you in 2020. 


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