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Snapchat Shares New Insights into How Users are Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month



With Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month now underway, Snapchat has shared some new research into how its users are planning to mark the event, and also, what they expect from brands and other organizations in regards to showing their support for API communities.

The API community has been subjected to increased tension in recent months, with race-based violence on the rise. That makes the event this year even more important, and Snapchatters are looking to use it as a prompt to increase their understanding of the key issues at play.

As explained by Snapchat:

“We found from many Snapchatters a desire to educate themselves about API communities, and see brands commit to fighting racial discrimination publicly. Nearly 3 in 5 Snapchatters say brands have a responsibility to condemn racism, hate, and discrimination.”

Snapchat API month

The brand element here is significant, and is obviously an important note for businesses that are active in the app.

Indeed, Snapchatters expect that brands will be looking to use their voice to show solidarity with API communities.

“According to Snapchatters in Canada (46%) and the US (39%), the most important step brands can take during Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month is to speak out against anti-Asian hate crimes. Snapchatters value kindness and inclusivity, and they’d like to see the same from brands.”

Snapchat API month

This aligns with previous research which shows that younger audiences are looking to align themselves with social causes and movements, and are more willing to support brands that look to do the same.

But more than just this month, Snapchatters also want to see more brands taking action beyond this period in showing their support for marginalized communities.

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“Nearly 3 out of 5 North American Snapchatters want to see brands continue to take action in support of API communities beyond the month of May. Almost half of Snapchatters in Canada (48%) and the US (45%) said they want brands to publicly commit to supporting diversity, and they would like to see more external campaigns to raise awareness.”

Snapchat API month

There are some important notes here, not only from the perspective of showing support for API communities, but also in regards to social good initiatives more broadly. As noted, previous research has already indicated that younger audiences are looking to align themselves, and their spending, with organizations that are looking to have a positive impact, in various ways, and showing support for relevant causes and movements can be a key part of this.

But right now, in the midst of rising attacks against the API community, the focus is on showing support, and taking a stand, and it’s important that we all do what we can to ensure all people feel included, and valued, by demonstrating that wherever possible.

It’s not just good from a business perspective, it’s better for society, and while some businesses have been hesitant to support social movements in the past, for fear of alienating potential customers, now, increasingly, this is becoming an expectation for young consumers.

You can read Snapchat’s full API Heritage Month report here.


How TikTok Creators Redefined Influence [Infographic]



How TikTok Creators Redefined Influence [Infographic]

Facilitating interaction and individual contribution to trends is a key element of TikTok’s success, and within that, organic, creative content has become a central focus, which has also changed the way that brands need to approach the platform.

Traditional, disruptive ads are just that on TikTok, a distraction, and users will quickly skim by as they look for something fresh and creative in-stream. As such, the brands that are seeing the most success are those that create messaging that aligns with platform trends, which makes partnering with creators a more valuable consideration.

That’s what this new overview from TikTok is all about. Illustrating the way that content is created and consumed on the platform, and what that means for brands, TikTok has outlined a range of options for marketers, and how they can team up with creative talent.

Some interesting stats, worth considering in your approach.  

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