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Social Media Account Verification: A Complete Guide



Ever notice the blue checkmark beside the names of people you idolize on social platforms?

That’s right, this one.

Twitter verified Lebron James

The checkmark might not look like much, but it means:

  • The account is authentic.
  • The account belongs to a celebrity or industry leader.

If you’re a business owner, getting that checkmark on your social media accounts can:

  • Make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Show your followers you’re influential in your industry.
  • Boost your self-confidence. 😉

A verified account on any social platform will give you the same result: a stronger online presence.

However, getting your account verified on each platform is different.

So, how do you get this coveted blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

How do you get Google’s blue shield or Pinterest’s red checkbox?

Read on to find out how to get your social media accounts verified.

How to Verify Your Facebook Account

The blue check on Facebook is called a verification badge.

Here’s how to get yours.

Make Sure You Meet the Criteria for Getting Verified

Before you get your badge, Facebook will look into your account to see if it meets their criteria for verification.

Here are four things Facebook will look for.

  • The authenticity of your account. They’ll want to make sure you’re using your real personal or business name.
  • Your account’s uniqueness. Your account should be interesting and specific (no general names like “cat memes” or “funny photos”).
  • A complete setup. Your account doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need a profile photo, an about section, and one post.
  • A noteworthy account. No, you can’t pay for a verification badge. You need to prove you qualify for a badge by showing that real people search for your account.
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Request a Verification Badge from Facebook

To apply for your badge, fill out Facebook’s contact form.

Facebook verification badge form

If you’re verifying a personal account, you’ll need to submit one government-issued ID.

This can be your driver’s license, passport, or national identification card.

If you’re verifying a business account, you’ll need:

  • Tax exemption documents.
  • Articles of incorporation.
  • A certificate of formation.
  • A copy of a utility or phone bill.
  • A written explanation detailing why your account should receive a verification badge.
  • URLs that prove your account’s notability.

As soon as you submit your request, it’ll take you anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days to get verification.

If your request is denied, you can apply again after 30 days.

How to Verify Your Instagram Account

Instagram and Facebook have similar methods for account verification. Here’s how to get started on Instagram.

Step 1: Log into the Instagram account you want to verify.

Step 2: Go to your profile and tap the options button at the rightmost corner of your screen.

access settings on Instagram

Step 3: Click on your Settings, then go to Account. You’ll see an option for Request Verification.

Step 4: Fill in your information and provide a government-issued ID.

Step 5: Wait for your verification badge. Like Facebook, you can request a badge again after 30 days if you get denied.

How to Verify Your Twitter Account

Twitter was the social platform that started it all.

It was the first to hand out blue badges to verify accounts.

Compared with Facebook and Instagram, getting verified on Twitter is simple.

All you need to do is make sure your account doesn’t lack any important information.

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Then, you can prove your brand’s worth by showcasing a few example URLs of your web properties.

The bad news is Twitter account verification is on hold for now.

Twitter verification on hold

According to Twitter, they’re working on a new verification program.

The good news is, if you already have a blue badge, it won’t be removed from your account.

How to Verify Your Google My Business Account

Even if you skip getting verified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, never skip verification on Google My Business.

This is super important because the blue verification shield you get will show up when users look for you on Search or Maps.

Here’s how to get verified on Google My Business.

  • Sign into your account on the platform.
  • Select Verify Now and request a verification postcard (on-screen prompts will make this super simple).
  • Once you receive your verification postcard, type the verification code into it.

That’s it!

You’ll receive the blue shield that tells people your website’s information is accurate and updated.

How to Verify Your Pinterest Account

Instead of a blue verification mark, Pinterest has an attractive red checkbox next to all verified account names.

Check it out.

verified account on Pinterest

The good news is getting this cool checkbox is super easy.

Just follow these three steps.

  • Log into your account and go to the Settings
  • Upload your business logo as a profile picture.
  • You’re verified!

Remember, you can only verify your account if you’ve already claimed your website on Pinterest.

How to Verify Your TikTok Account

TikTok is super popular today.

It’s where the young (and young at heart) gather to create buzz and have fun with creative photos and videos.

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With TikTok, however, verification isn’t in your hands.

There are two possible ways of getting verified:

  • Becoming a verified user. This means you’re a world-renown superstar like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian-West, or Rihanna.
  • Becoming a popular user. If you keep creating fun content people love, TikTok can select you as one of its popular users.

The Benefits of Verifying Your Account on Social Platforms

Standing out on social media is essential today.

With 3.8 billion users, it’s the perfect place to showcase your skills and market your brand.

But how can you show you’re a leader in your industry?

How can you prove you’re a well-known brand?

It’s simple. Get your social account verified.

When you do, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

You’ll show users you’re an industry leader.

And you’ll get that special boost of self-confidence every time you visit your profile page.

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Op-Ed: Education tipline launched by Virginia governor is a slap in the face to teachers



Op-Ed: Education tipline launched by Virginia governor is a slap in the face to teachers

The first order of business for newly sworn-in Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia was to rescind the mask mandate for public schools.
Source – Virginia Governor Glenn Younglin

A bland-looking email address launched by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin designed to allow parents to report incidents at Virginia schools where they feel their parental rights are being undermined has created quite a storm on social media.

Much like Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s making neighbors snitches if they think someone is having an abortion, Governor Youngkin is allowing people to go to a website he has created so they can snitch on a teacher, librarian, school board member, and I guess, even the custodian or your child’s bus driver.

The Governor’s Office launched [email protected] with the intent for parents to report violations of his first two Executive Orders, which allow parents to opt their students out of school masking requirements and bans the teaching of “inherently divisive topics” including critical race theory in schools.

It appears that Youngkin went on the John Fredericks Radio Show Monday,  and said during his interview that “… [It’s] for parents to send us any instances where they feel that their fundamental rights are being violated, where their children are not being respected, where there are inherently divisive practices in their schools.”

The backlash over the order and the tip-line began to build on social media, with celebrities like John Legend and comedian Patton Oswald sharing the address with their followers.

“Black parents need to flood these tip lines with complaints about our history being silenced,” Legend wrote on Twitter, referring to the critical race theory ban.

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7News spoke to Oveta Scott, a Prince William County middle school teacher who has spent more than a decade in the classroom.

We are human beings too. We are going through it too,” she said when asked about her reaction to the governor’s new email tip line. ‘Why are you vilifying us and attacking us? What are we doing? We’re trying to stay afloat. We have a shortage of substitutes. We have a shortage of bus drivers. Every day, I have to look for an email to see if I’m covering someone’s class. Every day.”

Nothing but a big distraction by an irresponsible public servant

State Senator Louise Lucas, a Democrat representing the 18th District in the southeast part of the state, said she does not expect the tip-line to lead to much of anything.

“Like a lot of other gimmicks that a lot of other governors have put forward, this one is going to fall flat like a led balloon,” she said, adding that most people she has spoken to see it as an “intimidation” tactic, reports

“I have never seen a Governor act in such an irresponsible way as to reach down to the parents and by step the teachers, by step the principal, the superintends of school, just to try to intimidate,” Lucas said. “There’s more than just one segment of parents in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Is he listening to Black parents, Hispanic parents, Asian-American parents? Which parents is he listening to? He needs to listen to all parents. Last I checked, parents in the Commonwealth of Virginia want their children to be safe in school.”

Senator Lucas is letting Governor Youngkin off easy. I personally think Youngkin is taking a page from Texas Governor Abbott’s playbook, because just last week, at the public charter school, Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville, Abbott told hundreds of parents “The essential role of parents is being threatened by government itself.”

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Abbott isn’t relying on a web address for snitches. He wants to change the Texas state constitution to make sure that “parents will be restored to their rightful place as the pre-eminent decision-makers for their children.”

The Governor also told the crowd he wants to toughen penalties against educators, including teachers and librarians who give students inappropriate books. “Texas will ensure that any education personnel who is convicted of providing minors with obscene content will lose their educational credentials and state licensing, forfeits their retirement benefits, and be placed on a do not hire list.”

It is time for all this craziness to come to an end. Good grief – I am getting too old to deal with all this “Bull S—” going on today.

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Instagram Adds Scheduled Live Display on User Profiles to Improve Discovery of Upcoming Streams



Instagram Adds Scheduled Live Display on User Profiles to Improve Discovery of Upcoming Streams

After previewing it as a coming feature within its announcement of the expansion of remixable videos on the platform last week, Instagram has now outlined its new display of scheduled live streams on creator profiles, providing another way to raise awareness of upcoming live broadcasts in the app.

As you can see in these screenshots, shared by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, the new display option will enable you to list your upcoming IG live streams on your profile, which, when tapped, will provide additional info in a pop-up prompt, where people can also sign-up for a reminder of when the stream is set to begin.

As explained by Mosseri:

“Creators have been able to schedule lives for a while now, but now, you can separate scheduling a live from creating a feed post, or even now a Story post, about that Live. You also get a little badge on your profile that’s lets followers know, or anybody know that goes to your profile, that there’s a Live coming up and they can subscribe to be reminded.”

Mosseri further notes that users can create as many scheduled lives as they like, with a side-scrolling list then added to your profile display.

It could be a handy addition for those who broadcast via IG Live, which could prompt more people to tune in, by raising more awareness about your broadcasts. Up till now, the only way to notify people about your upcoming streams in the app has been, as Mosseri notes, through posts and Stories, which limits the reach of those notifications to, generally, your existing followers. Now, anyone who comes by your profile will be able to see that you have a live broadcast coming up, which could bring in more viewers.

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IG Live has become a key connection surface in the app, particularly throughout the pandemic, and as Instagram looks to expand the option into eCommerce, facilitating more direct engagement between brands and fans, the capacity to map out a more effective IG Live strategy could be a big help in maximizing your on-platform efforts.

It may seem like a relatively small addition in the broader scheme, but it could be a big help in raising awareness, and getting more viewers to your upcoming broadcasts.

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LinkedIn Publishes New Report into Workplace Culture Shifts, and What They Mean for Employer Branding



LinkedIn Publishes New Report into Workplace Culture Shifts, and What They Mean for Employer Branding

LinkedIn has published a new report into the latest shifts in company and work culture, largely as a result of the pandemic, with many people’s approach to their career and professional development changing amid the ongoing re-shaping of the workforce and place.

As outlined by LinkedIn:

Because of the pandemic, employees are rethinking their priorities and their relationships with employers. They’re seeking flexible work arrangements and more work-life balance. They want to work for employers who value their physical and emotional well-being. And they’re ready to walk away from those who don’t.

LinkedIn’s 67-page ‘Reinvention of Company Culture’ report provides a detailed analysis of these changing attitudes and approaches, and how businesses can look to cater to employee needs, in order to build a better work environment.

The report looks at how people’s approach to their work is changing, particularly in regards to who they work for, and what they both represent and provide.

As you can see in this graphic, company culture is becoming a much bigger consideration, which is arguably because we now have more insight than ever into what each company represents, via social media posts and profiles. That underlines the importance of brands managing their external perception, and building a strong employer brand, which could also include empowering their employees to share relevant updates, reinforcing culture and ethos.

The report also looks at the changing approach to workplace flexibility, which is fast becoming a must-have for many organizations.

LinkedIn workplace trends report

The pandemic has shown that many companies can, in fact, operate remotely, and many employees have found that the freedom that can bring affords them many lifestyle benefits, which they’re not so willing to give up by returning to the office full-time.

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Of course, that varies. Some people like the structure and organization of the office environment, along with the social benefits, and there are strong arguments to be made for both approaches. But the stats here, and included in the report, point to the potential value of incorporating more flexible working arrangements.

Employee well-being is another point of focus, with interest in the topic on the rise:

LinkedIn workplace trends report

Which is another valuable element to this report – in addition to the overall notes on workplace shifts, LinkedIn has also incorporated data on key platform posting trends, which could help to inform your own strategy.

LinkedIn workplace trends report

Clearly, there is significant, and rising interest in these elements, and it’s worth considering how you can integrate such, both in terms of how you evolve your own workplace models to cater to such demand, and how you represent the same in your external posts and updates.

There are some valuable notes here, and some interesting points to consider in the coming post-pandemic shift. Because we’re not there just yet, with newer COVID variants still parking new waves of concern, and subsequent mitigation efforts. But as we progress towards the next stage, it is worth noting the broader impacts that the COVID shift has had on work, and how prospective employees are now looking at job postings and companies in their job search efforts.

Your social media presence can play a big role in this, and your LinkedIn presence in particular, and it’s worth taking in the various trends and considering what they could mean for your brand.

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You can read LinkedIn’s full ‘Reinvention of Company Culture’ report here.

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