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Dragon Ball FighterZ Available to Play with PC Game Pass on February 24


Video For Dragon Ball FighterZ Available to Play with PC Game Pass on February 24

Raise your hands up and channel your energy! Dragon Ball FighterZ, one of the best 2D fighting games to date, is available with PC Game Pass on February 24!  

Dragon Ball FighterZ was born from what makes the Dragon Ball series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters. Partnering with Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ maximizes high end anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay to audiences worldwide.

Dragon Ball FighterZ boasts a dynamic 3vs3 tag/support system which lets you show off your own personal fighting style by mixing in tag team attacks! With a large roster of beloved characters, you can create your dream team with fan-favorite characters such as Goku, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, and so many more! Certain character combinations also have a special dialogue before a fight. You can even re-create iconic story moments by having certain characters fight and be rewarded with a faithfully reproduced special cut-scene!

If you want to get your feet wet before jumping into battle, check out the Practice modes that can be accessed from the Lobby.  There’s a myriad of tools there to help teach you fundamentals and advanced fighting techniques.

As a veteran fighter myself, I recommend you learn to use and defend against the Super Dash. This technique, useable by nearly all characters, will let you track, seek, and attack your opponent while being invincible to ki blasts (extremely powerful). But there’s a simple answer to defend against this attack: Crouch + Heavy Attack; otherwise known as 2H to the seasoned player. Time it properly and you’ll turn the tables on your opponent.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

There’s also a story mode featuring most of the cast. In this mode you recruit many characters in the game, level up, and battle bad guys. But for me, as a super fan, my favorite part was all the dialogue with the characters. Several characters that never had a chance to meet in the series do in this game and it just takes character enrichment to the next level.

Now PC Game Pass members can experience one of the best fighting games available today! Whether you’re a long-time Dragon Ball fan or a newcomer, Dragon Ball FighterZ has something for everyone. Hope to see you on the battlefield!



Rädda fotboll! – Xbox Wire


Save Soccer! - Xbox Wire

Hey everyone! It’s Pip here, marketing lead at publisher No More Robots, and if the World Cup has got you excited for some soccer (or football), I’m here to announce that you can pick up your ball, put on your shinpads and save soccer in our brand-new RPG Soccer Story! Get ready to take on the terrible Soccer, Inc. and restore the beautiful game to its rightful place at the top of the table Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and with Xbox Game Pass starting today!

A year ago, the top teams came together to compete in the world’s biggest tournament, but tragedy struck when a great calamity brought a halt to not only the competition but also soccer as a sport! Since then, no one outside of the very suspicious Soccer, Inc. and their referees has been allowed to play, and it’s up to you, the saviour of soccer, to head to the pitch and remind everyone why this wonderful sport deserves their support once more!

Play Through a World Full of Quirky Characters, Puzzles and Hidden Secrets

The open world of Soccer Story is full to the brim with soccer-adjacent sports to play, quirky characters to chat to, as well as puzzles and riddles to solve. Around every corner and in every building there are new ways to power up your team and take the fight to Soccer Inc., whether that be by collecting team upgrades to beat the top teams or by helping the locals reform their squads and take to the pitch – it’s up to you to get soccer back on top!

Each zone is being controlled by a different member of Soccer Inc., but with the help of your magical ball you’ll be able to drive away the terrible referees and clear up their mess. From spotting the hidden ninjas in the Zen Zone to destroying sandcastles and reforging the Shark Idol in the Beach Zone, each area has its own challenges and issues. Can you become the champion of the hurdles in the Athletic zone and conquer the tricks and traps of Fut Golf?


Build Your Soccer Career and Do Battle against the Fiercest Soccer Teams Like Literal Sharks, Toddlers, Old-Age Pensioners and Ninjas

If you want to take the fight all the way to the heady heights of the Apple Cup and defeat Soccer Inc. once and for all, you’ll have to gather your team and take on each region’s finest for the Regional Cups – each one guarded by teams weirder and wilder than the last. You’ll need to hold your nerve as you face down OAPs, ghosts and a team of literal sharks in order to make your way to the top, and none of them will go down easy.

As you progress though each cup, mighty animal captains will help you discover your true powers and harness the skills to make Soccer Inc. pay! Beating each in a 1v1 showdown will grant you abilities to really kick your enemies where it hurts, and the power to defeat whoever dares to stand in the way of a good, old-fashioned kick-about!


Once You’ve Saved the World, Grab Some Friends and Play Ball

Once the soccer bug has bitten you, (and who can blame you with the world cup really heating up too!) grab some friends and find out who really is the saviour of soccer by playing some local multiplayer matches! Run your own tournaments from the comfort of your own home or play co-operatively to take down the best teams Soccer Story has to offer! Choose your favourite team, whether that’s the hometown heroes of Soccer Town or one of the teams from around the world and head to one of our state-of-the-art stadiums and become top your own personal leagues!

Soccer Story is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Grab boots and head to the pitch, you’ve got a wide world to explore, bad guys to defeat and a magical ball to kick at every one and everything! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and you bring soccer home once and for all!

Xbox Live
Xbox Play Anywhere

Soccer Story

No More Robots





Xbox Game Pass

Det har gått ett år sedan The Calamity™ slet isär grunden för fotbollen som vi känner den, och sedan dess har Soccer Inc. säkerställt att inte en själ ens har fått titta på en fotboll, än mindre sparka. Det.

Fotboll kan ha varit förbjuden över hela världen... men nu finns det hopp! En magisk fotboll har valt dig, vår fotbollsräddare!

Soccer Story är ett fysikdrivet äventyrs-RPG, där alla problem kan lösas med din trogna magiska boll. Längs vägen måste du vara de bästa skurkarna i 1v1s, tävla i en rad olika sporter (med din fotboll förstås) och ibland använda din hjärna lika mycket som dina bollar

I en värld som länge har glömt The Beautiful Game, kan du påminna dem om varför fotboll är toppen av tabellen och bäst de mest formidabla lagen, inklusive de lokala småbarnen och en grupp hajar?

-Släpp din fotboll och spela var som helst! Världen är full av mål, pussel och hemligheter – det är upp till dig att hitta dem!
-Spela en berättelse för en spelare full av knäppa karaktärer, uppdrag, oseriösa domare och galna sporter i anslutning till fotboll
- Bygg upp din fotbollskarriär och kämpa mot de häftigaste fotbollslagen som bokstavliga hajar, småbarn, ålderspensionärer och ninjor
-Rädda fotboll och återställ fred och harmoni i världen
-Ta tag i en vän för ett lokalt matchläge för fyra spelare med flera spelare med en komplett lista med lag och djurkaptener

Ja, Soccer Story har flerspelarmatcher också!

Ta upp till 3 vänner och övertyga dem om att fotboll är den ultimata sporten genom att utmana dem till lokala multiplayer-matcher!

Med en mängd lag och kaptener att välja mellan, hitta din personliga spelstil och håll dina egna turneringar hemma på de många planerna, från hemmamatcher i Soccertown till den stora Soccer Inc Stadium!


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