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Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023



Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

Boom! You’ve caught wind of ChatGPT, and you’re fired up to join the AI revolution. Guess what? You’ve struck gold! Today, we’re delving deep into the “ChatGPT for beginners” topic.

I’ll break it down piece by piece, so even the greenest of ChatGPT neophytes can harness its potential.

So grab your gear, my friend, as I lead you on a quest to conquer ChatGPT and emerge a true whiz!

How to Create an Account with ChatGPT?

Getting started with ChatGPT is super easy! Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the ChatGPT starting page and look for the “Sign Up” button.

Enter your email address and create a strong password. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions.

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Check your email and confirm your account. 

And just like that, you’re all set to start exploring the world of ChatGPT!

ChatGPT Capabilities

ChatGPT, the advanced AI language model based on GPT-4, offers remarkable capabilities, such as:

  • Language understanding: ChatGPT will grasp context, sentiment, and nuance for sophisticated dialogues.
  • Top text generation: Creates high-quality, diverse content for various applications.
  • Multilingual skills: Bridges language gaps.
  • Zero-shot learning: Tackles new tasks without prior examples.
  • Integration: Works with other tech to enhance user experiences and streamline processes.
  • Text/image parsing: Understands both textual and visual inputs.

In other words, it’s smart as hell. It’s even passing GRE, US legal, and medical exams.

GPT-4 is even more advanced than its predecessor, GPT-3.5. 

While GPT-3.5 was already an impressive machine learning model that could pass the bar exam, it only scored in the bottom 10%. 

GPT-4 takes things to the next level by achieving a top 10% on the bar.

Read the full GPT-4 technical report.

ChatGP Limitations

Although ChatGPT is a powerhouse language model, now and then, it might hit a speed bump. 

ChatGPT sometimes “hallucinates” information, producing plausible but incorrect responses. These can occur when the AI doesn’t have enough accurate information to answer a question or misunderstands the context.

Open AI also implemented “guardrails” that prevent the AI from generating harmful or offensive content. As a result, ChatGPT will steer clear of any controversial or unsavory content.

Next, don’t forget about social biases. Since ChatGPT is trained on vast amounts of data from the internet, it inadvertently learns the social biases present in that data. 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman acknowledged some of these shortcomings:

What Types of ChatGPT Prompts Can You Use?

Looking to create compelling content with ChatGPT? You can use many types of prompts to inspire your writing, including prompts for:

  • Generating ideas
  • Solving problems
  • Crafting content
  • Creating outlines
  • Summarizing text
  • Reverse engineering text (into ChatGPT prompts)
  • Organizing data


Looking for fresh ideas? ChatGPT can generate topics for your SEO or tech blog posts.

Example: “Suggest topics related to mobile SEO best practices.”

ChatGPT might offer ideas like “The Importance of Mobile-First Indexing in SEO” or “Optimizing Page Load Speed for Better Mobile SEO Performance.”

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ChatGPT can help you tackle challenges. For example, I asked ChatGPT to solve one of the world’s most pressing challenges:

“How would you solve the massive challenge of natural resource depletion as the world’s population continues to grow, which puts a strain on resources and the environment?”

1679302713 276 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

Long-Form Content Creation

Generate comprehensive long-form content by providing context.

Instruct ChatGPT: “Write a 1000-word guide on implementing structured data for SEO.”

1679302713 160 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

One major issue is that when you ask ChatGPT for an extremely long output based on a short input, you give up control of the writing process. 

  • The quality of the output may vary 
  • It might contain inaccuracies
  • It lacks the personal touch that comes from writing something yourself.

So, always remember:

  • Consider the input-to-output ratio. 
  • If the inputs are vague, the outputs will be surface-level.

I’m not saying that Google penalizes generative ai content (they don’t!). But don’t take that as a free pass to churn out robotic articles that lack depth or personality. 

Remember, Google’s algorithms crave value, originality, and authenticity.

Bottom line: quality still reigns supreme. Use AI wisely, and you’ll strike gold with your content.


ChatGPT can create outlines for SEO or tech projects. (We also cover how to use ChatGPT for SEO).

Example: “Outline a blog post on cybersecurity best practices for small businesses.”

1679302713 515 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

ChatGPT will provide a clear structure with headers like “Understanding Cyber Threats” and “Implementing Cyber Security Best Practices.”

1679302713 154 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

Content Summary

ChatGPT can summarize lengthy documents for you.

Example: “Summarize the key points from this Al Jazeera article on GPT-4 [URL].”

1679302713 379 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

It will generate a concise summary highlighting the key points and findings.

Reverse Engineering Text

Have you ever encountered a piece of writing you wish to replicate? Reverse engineering text with ChatGPT involves breaking down the writing into a prompt that you can feed into the AI system. 

This prompt can include information about the writer’s style, tone, structure, and any other details you want to emulate.

“[Instructions] I want you to take this [URL] and break it down into a prompt formula I can use for ChatGPT. You should provide:

  • [context]
  • [specificity]
  • [tasks]
  • [tone]
  • [style]
  • [main objectives]

Take the variables above and craft a detailed and cohesive ChatGPT prompt I can use as context before I write my article.

Do you understand? Don’t write anything yet.”

Next, drop ChatGPT your URL.

1679302713 606 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

ChatGPT will provide an excellent starting point for writing your article.

1679302713 626 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

1679302713 125 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

Remember, inputting the prompt directly into ChatGPT might not produce the most original results.

To make sure your output is distinctive, consider these tips to modify your prompts:

  1. Introduce a twist: Change the prompt to encompass a unique angle or viewpoint. You could, for instance, concentrate on specific industries related to your topic.
  2. Personalize the experience: Tailor the prompt by incorporating your personal experiences or opinions. Share any wisdom or lessons you’ve gained along the way.
  3. Elaborate on tasks: Dissect the tasks into smaller components, adding concrete examples or case studies. This encourages ChatGPT to deliver more comprehensive and varied information.
  4. Pose questions: Embed questions within the prompt to stimulate thought and encourage further exploration. For example, ask, “Can you think of any unexpected ways ChatGPT might assist companies in boosting their email open rates?”


Impress your audience with AI-generated reports and tables. ChatGPT can process data and present it in a visually appealing, organized manner.

Provide the AI with the necessary data, such as:

“Create a table comparing the capabilities of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.”

1679302713 467 Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023

Boom! You’ll receive a neat table showcasing the key differences, perfect for your next presentation.


For customized responses, it’s crucial to provide ChatGPT with context beforehand. This could be a character’s backstory, project requirements, or a specific URL.

For instance, if you want ChatGPT to write a paragraph on how to improve website speed with a focus on a particular e-commerce platform, you could provide context like this: 

“Use the following as context: We’re discussing website speed optimization specifically for Shopify stores.” 

With this information, ChatGPT will generate a more targeted response that directly addresses Shopify optimization strategies.

Alternatively, if you have a webpage you’d like ChatGPT to use as context; you can simply provide the URL. 

Example: “Use this URL as context: [URL].”

By doing so, ChatGPT will incorporate the information from the given URL into its response, making the output more relevant and aligned with the source material.

How To Use ChatGPT Prompts?

Here are some tips to enhance your ChatGPT prompt writing experience:

  1. Be specific: Try to ask focused questions or provide specific details. The more precise you are, the better ChatGPT can address your needs.
  2. Limitations: Remember ChatGPT’s knowledge cutoff date. One way to overcome the knowledge cutoff date is to provide ChatGPT-specific text you want to draw from. If that text includes knowledge beyond 2021, you can bypass the limitation.
  3. Instructions: Give explicit instructions to ChatGPT about the format you’d like the answer in – bullet points, numbered lists, or even a brief summary.
  4. Multiple questions: If you have several questions, break them down into individual prompts or group them logically.
  5. Alternate Perspectives: Request ChatGPT to approach a topic from a unique or unexpected angle, such as “Explain the importance of cybersecurity from a hacker’s perspective.”
  6. Roleplay Scenarios: Encourage ChatGPT to assume a specific role or persona while answering a prompt, like “As an SEO expert from the year 2050, what advice would you give to today’s digital marketers?”
  7. Imagine and Explore: Begin your prompts with phrases like “Imagine…” or “What if…” to inspire ChatGPT to think beyond conventional ideas. For example, “Imagine a world where AI can predict user behavior. How would this change marketing strategies?”
  8. Design and Invent: Challenge ChatGPT to create something original using the phrase “Design a new…”. For instance, “Design a new SEO tool that revolutionizes keyword research.”
  9. Test different approaches: Try rephrasing your prompt. Sometimes, a slight tweak can make all the difference.

ChatGPT for Beginners – Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You are now well on your way to becoming a ChatGPT top gun.

We’ve explored the basics of ChatGPT, how to create an account, its capabilities and limitations, and how to use it to generate content for your blog or business.

As a final thought, I recommend signing up for GPT-4 and experiencing the power of this next-generation AI language model for yourself. While I’m not affiliated with OpenAI, I believe in this technology’s incredible potential to transform how we work, communicate, and solve problems.

If you enjoyed this piece, you could continue learning about ChatGPT in the following articles:

ChatGPT for Beginners FAQs

Here are the ChatGPT for beginners frequently asked questions.

Is ChatGPT Free to Use?

OpenAI offers both free and paid plans for using ChatGPT. The free plan allows for limited usage, while the paid plan offers higher accuracy and reasoning.

How Accurate is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a highly accurate language model trained on a vast dataset, enabling it to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. Open AI shows GPT-4 is 40% more accurate than GPT 3.5.

Can you use ChatGPT on Mobile?

Yes, ChatGPT is accessible via mobile devices, ensuring you can generate content.

How is ChatGPT Different from Traditional Machine Learning Models?

OpenAI’s website shows that ChatGPT (GPT-4) handles complex language tasks well because it can understand and analyze natural language data. However, the new version of ChatGPT is even more advanced than before – it can now handle up to 25,000 words at a time! Plus, it’s strong at following even the most subtle instructions.

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Stay Focused with These JBL Headphones for $25



Stay Focused with These JBL Headphones for $25

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These on-ear headphones also support Siri and Hey Google. With these tools, you can activate hands-free calling with a simple request and control sound settings and other functions with voice commands. They also offer a quick five-minute recharge feature that gives you two additional hours of music, which is great when you’re in a bind.

Busy entrepreneurs need the freedom to take calls while keeping their hands on their keyboards. Make your access to calls and meetings a lot better with these JBL Tune on-ear headphones.

During a special limited-time sale, these open-box JBL Tune 510BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones are on sale for only $24.99 (reg. $49).

StackSocial prices subject to change.

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Use This Code to Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for $120



Use This Code to Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for $120

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

Whether it’s important PDFs, presentations that you made for ongoing clients, or important contracts that would be detrimental to ongoing relationships if ever lost — there’s a lot of data your business needs to protect. That’s why it’s simply common practice for modern companies to have a number of verified and reliable cloud storage solutions.

If your team is in need of some space, here’s a great deal worth checking out. For a limited time only, you can get a lifetime subscription to 1TB of Koofr Cloud Storage for $119.97 (reg. $810) with code KOOFR. This single-payment deal features helpful access to a lot of space. A terabyte can hold roughly a quarter-million photos, 500 hours of HD video, and more than 6 million smaller file types like PDFs.

You can count on top-notch security when using Koofr because of advanced file encryption practices, the company says. They also have a zero-tracking policy, so you can rest assured that sensitive documents saved on Koofr will still remain private to your team or whoever you want to provide access to.

Koofr’s also great for companies because it’s compatible with other popular cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, so adding it to the mix should be easy.

For those who want a little more reassurance, just take a look at Koofr’s scores among the most reputable tech review sites out there, including a 4.6/5-star average on G2, Capterra, and GetApp.

Make sure to do your business a favor and secure this lifetime subscription to 1TB of Koofr Cloud Storage for $119.97 (reg. $810) with code KOOFR.

StackSocial prices subject to change.

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ChatGPT is Becoming More Human-Like. Here’s How The Tool is Getting Smarter at Replicating Your Voice, Brand and Personality.



ChatGPT is Becoming More Human-Like. Here's How The Tool is Getting Smarter at Replicating Your Voice, Brand and Personality.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Unless you’ve been living under that proverbial rock, you’ve heard of ChatGPT and its creator, OpenAI. Part of the generative AI explosion, ChatGPT is revolutionizing entire industries, including branding and brand positioning. But it’s not without its drawbacks.

Some of the milder criticisms include creating generic content, not supporting brand voice or tone and failing to connect with audiences. Those are pretty dramatic disadvantages for a technology that’s supposed to be such a game changer, and they’re stumbling blocks you’ve probably encountered in your own use of AI.

There’s good news. A custom GPT lets you take AI to the next level. You can say goodbye to generic, boring copy and hello to brand-aligned, customized content that engages from the start.

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What is a Custom GPT?

A custom GPT is the next step in AI evolution, at least for individuals and organizations looking to build their brand and enhance brand awareness with their audience. It’s a free option available for anyone who subscribes to ChatGPT Plus and essentially allows you to create a customized AI that knows everything about you and your business.

Rather than using conventional training materials, the OpenAI team uses your branding information to train the AI. The result? A customized version of ChatGPT that’s unique to your brand.

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The proof is in real-world experience

In the ever-evolving entrepreneurship landscape, I recently had the privilege of incorporating a custom ChatGPT into my toolkit. Created by a skilled team, this AI marvel was trained with insights from my articles and branding advice and attuned to my unique tone of voice. I was thrilled to discover that it could perfectly emulate my style (professional yet approachable and friendly) and provide branding advice that I would have given myself.

Why would I want to let AI replace me? Am I planning for my own obsolescence? Not in the least.

The goal here is to create an ally in sharing my expertise — an AI-powered alter ego capable of responding to questions, comments, and requests in the same way I would. It’s also an important tool for providing potential new clients with a preview of what working with me is like.

How did the experiment pan out? What benefits did I achieve, and how might you apply them to your own needs? Here’s a quick rundown of my experience.

Improved brand consistency

A custom GPT’s primary advantage is its ability to ensure brand consistency across different touchpoints. Whether people seek advice, ask questions or want to engage in another way, a custom GPT mirrors your brand’s unique voice and identity. These are not generic robots; they’re tailored allies designed to respond in the same tone of voice and style, aligning seamlessly with your brand. This not only strengthens your brand image but also cultivates a deeper connection with your audience.

Effortless communication

With my custom GPT taking care of everyday questions, I’ve gained valuable time to focus on the core aspects of my business. That’s something any business owner can appreciate. It has also become instrumental in smoothing out communication and enhancing overall efficiency.

When it comes to client relationships, the custom ChatGPT handles routine inquiries, allowing me to concentrate on building stronger connections. It’s not just about answering questions; it’s about providing a personal touch that goes beyond the basics, ensuring clients feel genuinely attended to.

Instant expertise at scale

Scaling my entrepreneurial efforts became seamless as my custom ChatGPT effortlessly shares branding advice derived from and consistent with my body of work across platforms. Whether interacting with one client or a hundred, the AI manages to deliver advice and guidance consistent with my goals in terms of professionalism and expertise. That’s good news for business owners, entrepreneurs and others trying to scale their brands without burning out.

Dynamic adaptability to trends

The world is evolving faster than ever. It feels impossible to keep up with trends and shifting market dynamics. However, my custom GPT can be retrained with new data and instructions so I can keep ahead of the curve. That’s an important benefit for anyone hoping to stay relevant today.

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Time-saving creative sparks

ChatGPT doesn’t just answer questions; it sparks creativity. Whether you’re stuck on a branding concept or seeking inspiration to name your new business venture, the AI’s unique insights and suggestions serve as a springboard for creative endeavors, accelerating the ideation process. This can be an important advantage when it comes to creating marketing collateral, content for your audience and even writing a business plan to get your idea off the ground.

The team you’ve been missing

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs often try to do it all. Chances are good that you handle your own marketing, market research, customer support, email correspondence, and more. That leaves little time to focus on other aspects, like spending time with family and friends. A custom GPT can become the team you’ve been missing and handle those tasks for you in many cases, saving you time, cutting costs and protecting your sanity.

In essence, a custom GPT acts as a force multiplier. It allows you to do more, from engaging with your audience to building a stronger brand without burning out. From streamlining communication to answering questions and providing guidance to interacting with leads at different touchpoints within your funnel, a custom GPT could be just what you need to jumpstart your success.

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A global solution for leaders in the spotlight

For prominent figures like business leaders and public figures, managing a constant influx of inquiries can be overwhelming. A prime example is MarcGPT, tailored for Marc Randolph, the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Drawing from his wealth of experience, this custom GPT delivers inspiring and actionable advice for entrepreneurs, showcasing its potency as a valuable tool for leaders. It extends mentorship and offers insights on a global scale, reaching a diverse audience without the limitations of time zones or physical presence. Since it incorporates information from various sources, including a copy of his book, interviews, podcast episodes and other writings, it becomes a versatile asset for sharing expertise on various topics.

Embracing the AI revolution with caution

While the benefits of custom GPTs are evident, it’s essential to approach AI integration cautiously. Human-to-human interaction is always the preferred option. And while AI continues to evolve, it should be seen as an ally working alongside you, not a replacement for you. Maintaining the human touch within your business remains vital.

My recommendation? Use a custom GPT to help you carve out more time to do what you do best and to provide much-needed human interaction at key touchpoints. Let your AI handle mundane but important tasks that would not be a wise use of your own time and expertise.

Ultimately, a custom GPT can provide critical automation, reduce costs, improve efficiency, save you time, improve your customer or client experience and increase the accuracy of interactions. Creating one tailored to your business is the first step toward building a stronger, more resilient brand and achieving a better balance in your own professional life.

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