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Ride Alongside the Dark Horses of World of Tanks in Newest Season, The Independents



World of Tanks - New Independents Season Key Art

Get ready to ride alongside the dark horses of World of Tanks! The new season for World of Tanks Modern Armor, The Independents, is ready to test you with new vehicles, challenges, and the biggest faction expansion to hit Xbox Series X|S. Let’s dive into the details!

The new season gives you 100 levels loaded with rewards. Earn Premium tanks, Gold, Premium Time, Key Cards, and more throughout The Independents. You have three reward categories to conquer: Free, Season Pass, and Ultimate Season Pass Rewards.

The Free Rewards tier is open to everyone. In addition to a new 3D Commander, you can earn fan favorites such as the Absolution heavy tank, its associated Callahan 2D Commander, the Águila HWK 30 Light tank, and more.

Upgrading to a Season Pass will give you everything in the Free Rewards tier plus more vehicles, a super hard-hitting tank destroyer at level 100, more weekly Challenges, and rewards at every level.

And if you’re looking to get the most from your summer battles, the Ultimate Season Pass is the way to go!

You’ll immediately get the first British autoloading tank destroyer for World War II mode (which has the potential to knockout a vehicle of the same tier with a full clip), the fierce Lara “Last Stand” Levy 3D Premium Commander, 25 completed levels, and everything included in the Season Pass. All this will be yours when you acquire this Pass at an excellent price.

World of Tanks - New Independents Season Screenshot

And you can bet there’s more coming over the sandy hills with the new season.

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This June, the Independent faction is getting its first Tech Tree line! Eight new tanks will be available for you to research across all Cold War Eras. This is the biggest expansion to this faction since its introduction in 2021 and is definitely a line worth exploring in World of Tanks Modern Armor.

When the battlefield is constantly evolving, its vehicles must be, too. With the introduction of the new multi-turret tank mechanic on some tanks, you’ll be able to switch between your primary and secondary gun to easily keep your targets under constant fire. This new feature offers you many new strategies to try in battle and even the chance to finish damage-related Challenges more efficiently.

World of Tanks - New Independents Season Screenshot

And finally, no update is complete without a trip to space! Take command of the Lunar Chaffee and conquer extra-terrestrial battlefields for a limited time in Mars Mode, where battles are fought with special space-specific rounds on a low-gravity map. This event will be available for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

Enjoyed this little teaser? Can’t wait to see more? Then pick that controller up and check out what else is waiting for you in the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor!

Xbox Live

World of Tanks


World of Tanks is a global online multiplayer free-to-play game dedicated to tank warfare in the mid-20th century. Custom built for Xbox, World of Tanks features realistic vehicles and environments, enabling players to command history’s most powerful tanks and experience combat on Xbox like never before.

• Strategic, fast-paced 15 vs 15 online action.
• Over 700 authentic tanks to choose from among 12 nations.
• Battle across a variety of environments with varying terrain and weather effects
• Built-in support for Xbox One X pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity.
• Regular updates offer new content and frequent special events.

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Go Wild With Rabbids: Party of Legends Today



Rabbids: Party of Legends Key Art

Rabbids: Party of Legends is out now on Xbox One (and Xbox Series X|S through backward compatibility), delivering a brand-new multiplayer Rabbid party-game adventure packed with wacky games and chaotic fun. After a trip in their washing machine goes awry, the Rabbids find themselves in a mythological world inspired by the classic Chinese novel, “Journey to the West,” and they need your help to retrace their steps and find their way home again.

Developed by Ubisoft Chengdu, Rabbids: Party of Legends lets up to four players join locally for a 2v2 game, or face off in a free-for-all. Play Party Mode and compete across 50 zany minigames by striking silly poses, toppling opponents, scarfing chili peppers, showing off dance moves, and more. You can also create custom minigame playlists for a perfect party night.

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In Adventure Mode, Rabbid versions of the Monkey King and his cohorts journey through four chapters on an epic quest to send the Rabbids home again. Playing through this story will unlock new playable characters, minigames, and collectable items.

With customizable difficulty levels and intuitive controls, Rabbids: Party of Legends can fuel a fun night for the whole family. So get ready to dive into a colorful world of chaos, and experience the legend of the Monkey King as only the Rabbids can tell it.

Xbox Live

Rabbids®: Party of Legends




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– Jump into multiplayer mayhem with up to four players locally.
– Team up and face off across 50 fun mini-games.
– Build a custom playlist of your favorite mini-games.
– Anyone can get in on the action with customizable difficulty levels and intuitive controls.
– Discover a legendary story filled with colorful characters, played across four chapters.

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