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How Custom iOS App Development Benefits Businesses



How Custom iOS App Development Benefits Businesses

Businesses in every industry are starting to see the value in custom application development. More and more, companies are looking for unique applications that can help them stay competitive and improve their workflow. While off-the-shelf software is an option, custom software is often a better choice because it’s specifically tailored to the needs of the company. In many different cases, this can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Custom application development can also be used to create unique customer experiences that set your business apart from the competition. If you are excited about exploring the benefits of custom software, then this article is just what you need to gain the competitive edge of custom iOS app development for your own business.

What do you know about custom iOS app development?

Custom iOS app development is the process of creating a unique application for use on Apple’s iOS platform. This can include developing an app from scratch or modifying an existing app to better suit the needs of the business.

Top 10 Tangible Benefits Businesses Can Reap from Custom iOS Application Development

There are many reasons to consider custom iOS application development. Perhaps your business needs a unique app that no one else has. Or maybe you need an app that can do something special, like connect with a particular piece of hardware or software. Whatever the reason, a custom iOS app can be a huge asset for your business. Not only will it make you more competitive, but it can also help you reach new customers and grow your profits. In the end, any business that comes to custom iOS application development would like to get all the advantages.

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There are many benefits to custom iOS app development, but the 10 of the most common ones include:

Tailored Functionality

One of the main benefits of custom iOS app development is that it allows you to create an application that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. When you work with a development team, they will take the time to understand your business goals and objectives. They will then create an app that is built around achieving those goals. This means that your app will have the specific functionality that you need in order to improve your workflow and increase efficiency.

Improved Customer Experience

Another benefit of custom iOS app development is that it can help you create a better customer experience. By working with a development team, you can create an app that is designed specifically for your target audience. This will ensure that your app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It will also allow you to add any custom feature that you feel will improve the customer experience.

Increased Competitive Edge

In today’s competitive business world, it’s important to find any edge that you can win against your competitors. Custom iOS app development can give you that edge by allowing you to create an application that is unique on the market. This can help you stand out from your competitors, attract new customers, and keep existing ones coming back for more.

Streamline Workflow

Custom iOS app development can also lead to a better workflow for your business. By having an app that is specifically designed for your company’s needs, you can streamline your processes and make it easier for your employees to get their work done. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, which can help your bottom line.

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Faster Time to Market

One of the biggest advantages of custom iOS app development is that it can help you get your product to market faster. When you work with a development team, they will be able to build an app more quickly and efficiently than your in-house team. This will allow you to get your app out to your customers as soon as possible.

Improved Security

Custom iOS app development can also provide improved security for your business. By working with a development team, you can ensure that your app is built with the latest security features. This will help protect your data and keep your customers’ information safe.

Greater Flexibility

Another advantage of custom iOS app development is that it offers greater flexibility than bespoken software. The development team will be able to tailor the app to meet your specific needs. This means you can make changes to the app at any time and add new features as your business grows.

Lower Development Costs

One of the misconceptions about custom iOS app development is that it is always more expensive than off-the-shelf software. However, this is not always the case. In many instances, custom development can actually be less expensive than purchasing an off-the-shelf product. This is because you are only paying for the features that you need and not for features that you will never use.

Better ROI

Last but not least, custom iOS app development can provide a better return on investment for your business. Because the app is specifically designed to meet your requirements and goals, it is more likely to be successful. This means that you will see a higher return on your investment than you would with an off-the-shelf product.

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In short, iOS app development is on the rise, with businesses taking notice of its potential to streamline their operations and reach more new customers. Therefore, a lot of businesses of different scales are allocating a good chunk of their resources toward building a dedicated iOS app. Custom iOS app development can offer businesses what they want and need while still enjoying the benefits that come with it. Now you already have an overview of what custom iOS app development can bring to your business. So, if you think your business could use a little boost in any of the areas we discussed, then custom iOS app development may be the right solution for you.

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What is Sales Acceleration?



What is Sales Acceleration?

We exist in a fast-paced world where everyone wants to get things done quickly. Businesses are expected to deliver products and services in the shortest time possible. They also have to reply to customer queries as soon as possible.

When it comes to sales operations, companies have to prioritize speed and efficiency. So most sales teams are always under pressure to meet targets. And it’s more difficult when dealing with outdated technology and inefficient processes.

What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration involves a set of strategies, processes, and software that help to automate and streamline the entire sales process. Such software enables sales teams to prospect, qualify leads, and close more deals in no time.

A sales CRM tool allows companies to easily manage their relationships with prospects or customers. Some CRMs provide acceleration features such as sales engagement tools, power dialers, forecasting tools, etc.

How can sales acceleration tools benefit businesses?

According to the stats, 40% of sales reps say prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process. When trying to convert prospects into customers, you should ensure that your sales funnel is well-optimized for success. Here are some benefits of using sales acceleration tools:

  • Increases connection and call-back rates

Sales acceleration empowers businesses with the ability to reach out to more prospects and customers. According to Intelliverse, sales reps average around 20 calls a day without sales acceleration software. This increases to around 40 calls a day with sales acceleration software. That equates to approximately 1200 more dials and 14 more appointments per month.

  • Increases efficiency in the overall sales process
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According to Crunchbase, sales reps spend an average of 6 hours per week researching sales prospects. With the help of sales acceleration, sales teams won’t have to perform lots of manual tasks. It can boost efficiency in sales prospecting and every other step of the sales journey, i.e. lead scoring, sales engagement, tracking sales activity, sales forecasting, etc.

  • Improves sales and revenue generation

Since sales acceleration is all about efficient processes and automation, sales teams will be able to reach their targets more quickly. 2 out of 3 sales teams saw a return on investment in the first 6 months of implementing sales acceleration software. Over half of businesses surveyed that implemented sales acceleration software reported double-digit revenue growth.

What are the features of sales acceleration software?

Sales acceleration software often provide many features that enable sales reps to optimize their sales operations. Below are features/tools that are included in a sales acceleration software:

Email tracking tools allow sales teams to track their email marketing efforts. They can easily access valuable data such as email open rates, clicks, and attachment downloads. This helps companies to create more compelling email copy and establish more effective schedules.

  • Inbound and outbound call tracking

Inbound call tracking helps to track the source of inbound sales calls and determine which campaigns are attracting leads and prospects. While outbound call tracking software allows sales reps to track outbound calls, automate voicemails, and analyze phone conversations.

Contact management software makes it easier to organize and manage the contact details of leads, prospects, and customers. With such a feature, sales teams would keep accurate lists of contacts and track interactions with them.

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After going through the process of generating and qualifying leads, sales reps have to figure out a way to manage these leads. But a sales acceleration software with a lead management feature will simplify the prospecting process.

Sales dialers are software that can dial phone numbers automatically. They help to eliminate the need for repetitive tasks such as dialing numbers and leaving voicemails or messages. With it, sales reps can focus on conversations.

Sales acceleration software often allows sales teams to predict future sales opportunities. This feature works by using prediction algorithms to analyze customer data and past performance. It helps to spot potential issues, determine favorable periods and estimate future revenue.

Salesforce automation involves using tools or software to automate the repetitive tasks that sales teams are required to do. SFA helps to reduce their workload so they can actually spend more time on selling and converting.

Sales acceleration software should include a feature for data analytics. This would help sales teams to make sense of complex data. It allows them to gain useful insights from their numerous prospects or customer data.


Sales acceleration is a good way to optimize your sales process and get more done quickly. It’s also a good idea to incorporate automation into your overall business strategy to improve efficiency and scale your business faster.

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