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How Three Companies Grew Revenue With Social Media Shopping Tools [New Data + Case Studies]



How Three Companies Grew Revenue With Social Media Shopping Tools [New Data + Case Studies]

Shopping on social media has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

In fact, 57% of consumers report social media as their preferred method for discovering new products — over television ads (56%), YouTube ads (49%), and retail stores (42%), and only surpassed by “searching on the internet” (58%).

And as someone who now purchases the majority of her skincare products from “Swipe Up to Buy” links, I can attest: Social media shopping tools are effective.

Here, let’s explore how three companies have grown their revenue using shopping tools from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

How people prefer to discover new products

1. Facebook Shops and Pink Tag Boutique

According to HubSpot Blog Research, Facebook is the most popular social site for purchasing products, with 36% of consumers reporting they’d purchased a product directly from the platform.


In 2020, Facebook launched Facebook Shops, a free ecommerce tool designed to “create a mobile shopping experience for their audiences.” Essentially, it’s an online store that enables you to highlight products or specific collections of items, and customize fonts and colors to ensure it matches your brand.

Pink Tag Boutique, a Kentucky-based clothing and accessories boutique, saw immense growth on the platform. In fact, they attribute $44,448 in incremental sales from Facebook Shops, and have seen 66% greater average order value from buyers on Facebook Shops compared to those who bought directly from the website.

Pink Tag Boutique Facebook Shops Case Study

Beyond Facebook Shops, Pink Tag Boutique has also tested out Live Shopping events, which is a live broadcast in which people can learn more about your products and interact directly with you.

Facebook Shops could be a good opportunity for your brand to create its own digital storefront. Rather than requiring users to click-through to your website to purchase products, Facebook Shops allows you to make the process easier by enabling consumers to purchase directly from the platform.

2. Instagram Reels & Headway

HubSpot Blog Research found 44% of consumers prefer to discover new products on social media through ads or sponsored content — followed by 34% who prefer to discover new products via a feed post, and 32% who prefer social media marketplaces (like Facebook Marketplace), and 28% who prefer social media shops where purchases happen in-app (like Instagram Shop).

how people prefer to discover new products on social media

Additionally, 26% of consumers prefer discovering new products via short-form videos like Instagram Reels. As video continues to dominate in terms of most popular content format, it makes sense to test out leveraging video ads or Reels to engage with consumers.

For instance, Headway, an educational technology app that provides personal growth content, saw a 15% decrease in cost-per-acquisition with Reels ads, a 10% increase in video views with Reels ads, and a 10% increase in trials with Reels ads.

As Headway’s Head of Marketing, Vlad Strykun, told Instagram, “The Reels placement gave us the opportunity to expand our audience and reach new customers with new types of ad content—video explainers. The fall in cost per acquisition and the rise in conversions are convincing enough for us to continue working in this promising Reels area.”


Reels ads, which are full-screen and vertical, appear in-between content creators’ Reels within the app. The videos can be up to 30-seconds long, and people can comment, like, view, save, and share these videos.

It’s equally important to note — There are plenty of other Instagram ecommerce opportunities if Reels doesn’t seem like the best fit for your brand. The most popular tools leveraged by marketers include Instagram Shops (47%), Instagram Live Shopping (44%), Instagram Feed Post Shopping (40%), and Instagram Guides Shopping (39%).

3. TikTok and Abbott Lyon

With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is an undeniably powerful platform for reaching large audiences. Additionally, TikTok is used the most by Gen Z (26%), followed by Instagram (23%) and YouTube (22%) — so if your brand’s target audience is Gen Zers, it makes sense to test out TikTok’s ad capabilities.

Which social media app does Gen Z use most?

Abbott Lyon, a fashion accessories brand, tested out TikTok’s Value-Based Optimization (VBO) bidding strategy, which allows brands to deliver ads to users who have the potential to become high-value customers. Additionally, the brand used In-Feed Ads and SparkAds.

The campaign was a major success for the brand, resulting in an increased return-on-ad-spend by 31%, and an increased order value by 13%. Abbott Lyon also reduced cost-per-acquisition by 20%.

Ultimately, the Shopping Tools you consider using will depend upon which platforms your target audience prefers, and which tools make the most sense for your business goals. But social media shopping isn’t going anywhere, so now’s a good time to test out all the social media shopping tools at your disposal to determine which makes the most sense for your company.

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Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance with Coworking



Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance with Coworking

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? If you’re like many small business owners, you keep telling yourself that the money you save from not renting a separate office is justification enough to let your office take over your living space. Is it the best option to work from home given your small business enables it? Many small business owners prefer to work from home, but does it provide you with the work-life balance you require? You may discover that it has certain disadvantages.

Work-life balance is more complicated than you would assume. It can result in a loss of productivity, extreme burnout, nervousness, stress, insomnia, and more. Unfortunately, traditional offices and the work-from-home strategy do not allow employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. On the other hand, shared offices can make a significant difference in this area. Let’s look at how coworking office spaces can help you strike a work-life balance.

To Improve, Get Social and Get To Work.

Many smaller businesses have discovered that coworking has helped them avoid the problems that come with having a home-based firm. Coworking allows you to communicate with others while avoiding the isolation that comes with working from home.

Coworking provides an ideal environment for networking, business growth, and simply socializing. A coworking space can assist freelancers, entrepreneurs, persons in the creative sectors, and others. It provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to both inspire and be motivated by people around you.

If you currently work from home and find it difficult to strike a work-life balance, consider joining a coworking space. Almost every big city has a number of coworking places where you can work for little or no money.


One of the most important aspects that helps business owners combine personal and professional life of employees is flexibility. Many studies show that allowing employees to work at their leisure and at their preferred location improves employee satisfaction and reduces stress levels.

One of the most significant benefits of coworking spaces is that they allow for flexible work arrangements. Employees that operate from a shared office have more influence over their schedule. For example, based on their most efficient work hours and schedules, individuals can start right away or work late. Flexi plans are available from all major coworking office providers, allowing members to take advantage of flexible work hours.


Productive Workplace Environment

There is, in fact, a strong link between your workplace and your work-life balance. You will be unable to complete your job if you work from an office or home office that lacks all of the necessary amenities. Unfinished tasks accumulate, sabotaging your work-life balance by eating into your personal time and weekends.

Because of the variety of amenities and distraction-free work environment, coworking spaces make it easier to achieve a work-life balance. From well-equipped desks to comfortable furniture to specialized meeting rooms, entertainment areas, community spaces, and cafeterias, shared offices have everything you could want to boost productivity. As a result, you complete more tasks, freeing you more time for your private lives.

The Importance of Motivation

Another important component that impacts your work-life balance is motivation. Your productivity rises by many notches when you are inspired. It assists in allocating time between personal and professional lives. However, staying motivated while working at home or in regular office spaces, especially as a freelancer or entrepreneur, is difficult.

Because of its community-inspired structure and nature, coworking office spaces might help you achieve a better work-life balance. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and have the chance to meet and network with mentors. To put it another way, help is available when you need it. All of this contributes to achieving a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.


Coworking spaces can help you strike the perfect work-life balance by giving you the opportunity to separate your professional and personal life. With so many different options for coworking, it’s easy to find one that meets your specific needs. Whether you need a quiet space to focus or a place to collaborate with other professionals, there’s a coworking option out there for you. Let us help you find the right space for you! Have you found a great coworking space that has helped you achieve better work-life balance? The benefits of coworking spaces are totally up to you. You may not be eligible for all of the benefits, but the ability to tailor them to your business needs is the most valuable bonus of all.

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