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Mark Zuckerberg’s 20-Year Formula for Success Has Expired



Mark Zuckerberg’s 20-Year Formula for Success Has Expired

Meta can’t copy or acquire its way to another two decades of prosperity. Is the CEO up to it? The other day I did something I haven’t done for years. …

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Daily Search Forum Recap: February 20, 2024



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google adds support for product variant structured data. Google local pack is testing showing prices. Google Merchant Center now requires you to tag images as AI generated. Google Merchant Center updated its estimate delivery time calculations. Sites using the Google Indexing API incorrectly are often low quality and spammy says Google. Google Search can wait on hold for you for customer service to answer.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • New Google Search Support For Product Variant Structured Data

    Google announced this morning support for Product variant structured data. This new structured data supports three new properties; hasVariant, variesBy and productGroupID in order to handle most of the way e-commerce sites list product variants.

  • Google Merchant Center Requires Meta Labels On AI Generated Images

    Google has posted a new policy for Google Merchant Center around using AI-generated images. In short, you need to make sure those images have meta data that labels the image as generated by using AI.

  • Google Local Pack Tests Restaurant Price Ranges

    Google has always shown how expensive restaurants are by placing either one, two, or three dollar signs by the restaurant’s name in the local pack listings. Now Google is testing showing actual price ranges.

  • Google Merchant Center Updates Estimated Delivery Times Calculation

    Google will change how it estimates its delivery times through Google Merchant Center. Starting on April 9, Google will look at minimum [min_handling_time]and maximum [max_handling_time] attributes for processing time in your product data for Shopping ads and free listings.

  • Google: Sites Wrongfully Using The Google Indexing API Often Are Spammy & Low Quality

    John Mueller from Google once again addressed the topic of sites using the Google Indexing API when Google does not officially support those use cases. He said it is not supported first, and he added that these sites are often spammy and low quality – but he stated, “it’s great to see passionate people try to do more with it.”

  • Google Search Can Wait On Customer Service Hold For You

    Google Search is experimenting with a Pixel phone feature that will let you call a customer service line at a company and wait on hold until a real person answers the phone. This is currently a Search labs feature that will let you click a button in search to “request a call” from a “live representative.”

  • Google Search Central Team At Google Switzerland (Webmasterplatz)

    Last week I shared a photo of Danny Sullivan in the Google Switzerland with some of the folks the Search Central team. Well, last week, Daniel Waisberg who was based in Israel with the Search Console team officially moved to Switzerland and is now based at the Webmasterplatz.

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Salesforce unveils innovations to help utilities scale clean energy program adoption




Cloud Computing News

Salesforce has introduced its Clean Energy Program Management for Energy & Utilities Cloud.

The new solution streamlines the launch, management and oversight of energy efficiency, conservation, electrification and EV charging programs. Now program managers at electric, gas and water utilities can quickly and easily launch and manage new programs and increase customer participation.

In September 2023, the UK Government announced further changes to its Net Zero plans, pledging to help ease financial costs on families. In the context of an uncertain policy environment, the energy industry has the opportunity to lead the climate transition in a positive way by taking advantage of technological innovations to streamline and simplify sustainability programs, and in turn will make it easier for customers to find ways to save money.

Energy & Utilities Cloud uses the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360 and innovations like Data Cloud and the Einstein 1 Platform to drive efficiency and better, more personalized experiences for utility customers with real-time data, AI, and automation.

Clean Energy Program Management helps utilities securely and compliantly develop, launch, and manage new clean energy initiatives while enabling their customers to easily discover what offers are available to them, apply for programs, and quickly receive benefits.

  • Program Management Console makes it easy to set up residential, commercial, and industrial programs with targets for things like energy savings, water conservation, and number of homes served. From the console, program managers can track the number of applications submitted, see application status and details, monitor program performance and budget, and manage regulatory compliance. Companies can also:
    • Promote community programs, like EV charging station installations at a public parking garage, to drive customer awareness while ensuring everyone involved — from the property owner to the installer — is in sync on the project and able to address customer questions.
    • Identify customers who may qualify for or be interested in clean energy programs, and engage them with personalized outreach showing what offers are available, the benefits of relevant programs, and how they can sign up.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal makes it easy for customers to discover and learn about energy efficiency programs and offers. The portal provides an intuitive experience that taps Einstein AI to automatically surface all relevant programs, offers, and services so customers can easily search and access available rebates, incentives, new rates, and income qualified offers. Customers can then apply for programs, be matched with a trusted service provider, and even receive their benefits — right from their energy retailer or utility’s website.
  • Contractor Portal makes it easy for outside contractors to communicate and collaborate with utilities, providing a real-time hub to discover leads and upload work packages in bulk. AI and automation simplify the management of rebate applications and invoices, so contractors can get reimbursed faster, even as the volume of work grows.

Kelly James, GM and SVP, energy & utilities, Salesforce, said: “The energy and utilities sector has a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to guide their customers through the transition to a clean and sustainable energy future. With Clean Energy Program Management on Salesforce’s trusted AI, Data, and CRM platform, energy and utility companies can automate processes and create strong and lasting partnerships with their customers and communities, helping us all get to net zero faster.”

Check out the upcoming Cloud Transformation Conference, a free virtual event for business and technology leaders to explore the evolving landscape of cloud transformation. Book your free virtual ticket to deep dive into the practicalities and opportunities surrounding cloud adoption. Learn more here.

Tags: electric, energy, environment, Salesforce

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Best Digital Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe in 2024





Nearly every site on the internet asks you to sign up for an exclusive newsletter. But why should you volunteer your personal information in the first place? 

Actually, you are not alone at that point; every one of us is feeling adrift in a sea of digital marketing content. The industry is churning out information faster than ever, from blog posts to webinars to white papers. Let’s discover how to stay afloat and navigate the waves of knowledge effectively.

Bold Question: Why Should You Subscribe to a Digital Marketing Newsletter?

According to The Sprout Social Index™, 52% of marketers struggle to find relevant and actionable information. This information overload can lead to analysis paralysis, hindering decision-making and impacting campaign effectiveness. 

What’s more, we know from Hubspot’s recent research that 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters, and for good reason: they provide concise, expert-driven insights delivered straight to your inbox.

In addition to these numbers, there are numerous reasons as to why people consider signing up. Here are just a few of them:

  • This is your opportunity to get advice from the entire community of digital marketers. Content is specifically formulated for like-minded people. 
  • You can find all the news in one place and receive regular updates on behalf of the marketing world. From the latest tools to current SEO trends, finding relevant information couldn’t be easier. 

For more details about the latest topics, read Trending Topics Of Digital Marketing.

With knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll discover ways to improve your digital marketing techniques without having to invest a substantial amount of money. Plus, now it’s less time-consuming. 

  • Everyone has a hidden agenda. But just maybe you’ll find a great deal or a promotional offer that’s available for a limited time only. So consider how you could get access to exclusive offers through newsletter subscriptions.
  • Subscribing to newsletters can help you understand the potential behind the subscriber’s psychology. Moreover, you can get inspirational ideas from observing these newsletter examples. That way, you can learn how to do your job more effectively. So as a digital marketer, you can implement the same strategies to achieve higher growth elsewhere, whether it’s for your brand or your clients.

Best Digital Marketing Newsletters in 2024 

We’ve scoured the digital ocean to identify the top 10 newsletters for digital marketers in 2024. We’ve categorized them based on your specific needs, whether seeking SEO mastery, social media domination, or growth hacking expertise. 

So, let’s start. 

Which Marketing Newsletters are the Best to Subscribe to?

As they always say, learn from the best. So why not pick up some great newsletter ideas from some of the most influential names in the industry? Whether you’re planning on preparing your newsletter or simply want to get regular updates from the marketing world, the following are a few newsletter names that you should consider looking into.

MOZ Top 10

Category: Multifaceted Growth (SEO, content marketing, & more)

Frequency: Weekly

The weekly digest of the top 10 articles from across the SEO and online marketing world, is can be your best source for SEO and digital marketing news. This newsletter offers a curated selection of insights, best practices, and actionable tips on various aspects of digital marketing.

⭐️Saves your time by selecting the most valuable articles on various marketing topics.

⭐️Covers SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and more.

⭐️Gives tips and takeaways you can implement in your campaigns.

⭐️Suitable for marketers of all experience levels.

Ahref’s Digest 


Category: SEO & content marketing 

Frequency: Weekly

Ahrefs, another famous name in the SEO world, has a fantastic email marketing strategy. Every time a new blog post is published, Ahrefs sends a newsletter to subscribers who want to hear about it. These weekly newsletters cover interesting SEO topics. 

⭐️Combines content from the Ahrefs blog with curated articles from other leading SEO and content marketing thought leaders.

⭐️Focuses on technical SEO, keyword research, content strategy, and backlink analysis.

⭐️Provides practical takeaways and strategies you can apply to your website and content.

⭐️No paid subscription is required, making it an excellent resource for all levels of SEO enthusiasts.

Later’s Social Media Marketing


Category: Social media management & optimization

Frequency: Weekly

Looking for a helping hand in managing and optimizing your social media presence across various platforms? Later is here to assist you in finding valuable content & elevating your strategies and engaging your audience effectively.


⭐️Ensures you stay ahead of the curve with the latest social media trends and best practices – including meme marketing & trend videos. 

⭐️Offers takeaways &step-by-step guides you can implement in your social media campaigns.

⭐️Features guest posts from renowned social media experts and industry leaders.

⭐Provides in-house expertise in visual marketing while offering valuable insights on creating engaging images and videos for social media.

Content Marketing Institute


Category: Content marketing, social media marketing & optimization

Frequency: Daily/Weekly

Need some quick tips on how to produce high-content newsletters? CMI has you covered. Content marketers hop aboard. Here you’ll find answers to common questions as well as receive regular updates about current aspects of content marketing.

Simply select the frequency of these content marketing newsletters that suit your needs. Either opt for daily notifications on the latest content marketing news and insights or receive a summary of the week’s content marketing articles, news, current job listings, etc. It’s one of the best content marketing email newsletters.

⭐Features exclusive interviews with marketing leaders and case studies from successful brands.

⭐Offers exclusive content and discounts on CMI events and resources by subscribing to their newsletter.


Category: All-Round Digital Marketing Insights

Frequency: Weekly

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog newsletter has everything that a digital marketer may need. It has information about search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, and much more. When you stay up to date with tips and trends, you’ll have all the skills for success.

HubSpot generates several newsletters to serve different purposes, such as Marketing, Sales, Services, and Agencies. Moreover, you can decide which newsletters you want to receive and how often you want them. 

Also, read our article about email marketing effectiveness for more information about the topic.



Category: Landing page optimization & conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Unbounce’s newsletter, “The Conversion Corner,” discovers the world of landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Expect actionable tips, expert interviews, real-world case studies, and data-driven insights to help you create high-converting landing pages and boost your marketing ROI.

You can set the frequency of getting news and advice. Whether you get daily or weekly reports, there will inevitably be something available to boost your marketing campaigns.

⭐️Showcases real-world examples of successful landing pages and analyzes their winning elements.

⭐️Covers A/B testing strategies and best practices to optimize your landing pages for better results.

⭐️Offers free tools and resources, such as landing page templates and webinars directly from the newsletter.

Marketing Brew


Category: Daily dose of marketing news & trends

Frequency: Daily

Marketing Brew serves up a daily email digest of the news & trends related to the marketing and advertising world. Delivered with wit and brevity, their newsletter keeps you informed on crucial developments across SEO, social media, ad tech, branding, and more. The best part is that you can customize your subscription to receive updates on specific topics of interest.

⭐️Offers additional resources such as virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides, expanding their value beyond the newsletter.

⭐️Provides a mix of original articles and curated content from reputable sources.

⭐️Assists digital marketers of all levels – anyone interested in staying updated on the latest marketing news and trends.

Really Good Emails


Category: Email marketing strategy & optimization

Frequency: Weekly

Really Good Emails showcases the best email design and resources. They work diligently to provide people with examples to study and implement. And yes, RGE’s design and content will get you hooked from the get-go. Consider subscribing to their newsletter to get the latest ideas on appropriate email designs and links once a week.

⭐️Helps you equip yourself with the know-how to deliver campaigns that drive conversions.

⭐️Offers insights from renowned email marketing professionals and learn from real-world case studies.

But for a more detailed read on the topic, continue with the Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs You Should Definitely Follow.


Final thoughts

Newsletters can help you effectively achieve your marketing and communications goals. Acquiring adequate knowledge about crucial email marketing and best newsletter generation practices can remarkably boost your marketing campaigns. 

Subscribing to the best newsletters created by professionals in the industry will help take your brand to greater heights.

Remember, a good newsletter always keeps the audience in mind and offers information about current digital marketing trends.

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